North America: Pyramids Алтун-Ха / Altun Ha

PHOTO: Yory 17°45'51.28"С 88°20'51.44"З

Алтун-Ха – руины древнего города индейцев майя в Белизе, примерно в 30 милях к северу от города Белиз и в 6 милях от побережья Карибского моря. Название руины получили от близлежащей деревни Рокстоун-Понд – в переводе на язык юкатекских майя название деревни звучало бы именно так.



Archaeologists generally believe that the ancient Maya settled in the Altun Ha area as far back as 200 BC. Most of the city's construction probably took place between 200 and 900 AD. This period corresponds with what is referred to as the Maya Classic Era. As many as 10,000 people may have lived at or near the Altun Ha Maya site during its heyday, and due to the significant amounts of excavated obsidian and jade here, it must have been a pretty important economic center. Today, two large pyramid-temples and a few smaller mounds give insight into how life must have once been like, and strolling the large, central plazas while you reflect allows the imagination to go wild. The Temple of the Masonry Altars is one of the 2 main pyramids found at the Altun Ha Mayan ruins, and it is the larger of the two topping out at around 54 feet. The bulk of the city's religious rituals and ceremonies probably took place at the Temple of the Masonry Altars, and you'll find an interesting altar at the top of the single stairway. Upon excavations, archaeologists at the Altun Ha ruins discovered remains of high priests inside this pyramid, as well as a large jade sculpture of the Mayan sun god's head.

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