South America: Natural objects ФИТС РОЙ / FITZ ROY

PHOTO: 49°17'8.45"Ю 73° 1'40.14"З

Гора Фитц Рой, являясь центральным пиком зубчатого массива, пронзающим небо, как впившийся в добычу гранитный акулий зуб, гора — самый высокий шпиль региона, царит над неровной, продуваемой ветрами Южной Патагонией. Возвышаясь над несколькими ледниками, эффектный шпиль вонзается в воздух щеголяя постоянно клубящимся нимбом из облаков и распыленного снега, который вдохновил местные народы дать горе название Эль Чальтен, т.е. «дымящаяся гора». Гора Фитц Рой сегодня излюбленное место профессиональных альпинистов.



Cerro Torre is one of the mountains of the Southern Patagonian Ice Field in South America. It is located in a region which is disputed between Argentina and Chile, west of Cerro Chalten (also known as Fitz Roy). The peak is the highest in a four mountain chain: the other peaks are Torre Egger (2,685 m), Punta Herron, and Cerro Stanhardt. The top of the mountain often has a mushroom of rime ice, formed by the constant strong winds, increasing the difficulty of reaching the actual summit. Cesare Maestri claimed in 1959 that he and Toni Egger had reached the summit and that Egger had been swept to his death by an avalanche while they were descending. Inconsistencies in Maestri's account, and the lack of bolts, pitons or fixed ropes on the route, has led most mountaineers to doubt Maestri's claim. In 2005, Ermanno Salvaterra, Rolando Garibotti and Alessandro Beltrami, after many attempts by world-class Alpinists, put up a confirmed route on the face that Maestri claimed to have climbed.

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