Europe: Barrows, Ziggurats Голоринг / Goloring

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Голоринг — древнее земляное сооружение вблизи Кобленца на западе Германии. Создан в эпоху бронзового века культурой полей погребальных урн (1200—800 гг. до н.э). В это время в центральной Европе, по-видимому, был широко распространён солнечный культ. Находится на территории бывшей военной тренировочной базы для собак и в настоящее время недоступен для посетителей, хотя планируется открытие исторического парка.



The Goloring is a cultural, spiritual, legal, and social monument of iron age era, which dates back to theUrnfield culture (1200-800 B.C.). During this time a widespread solar cult existed in Central Europe. The name "Golo"-ring dates back to the Genovefa Legend, which was first written down in 1472 but probably dates back to the time of the Crusades. The Goloring consists of a circular ditch of 175 meters of diameter with an outside embankment extending to 190 meters. The outside embankment is approx. 7 meters wide and 80 cm high. The ditch has an upper width of 5-6 meters and is approx. 80 cm deep. In the interior one can find a roughly round earth platform, which rises 1 - 1.5 meters high. It was stacked up and has a diameter of 95 meters. In the middle of this earth platform remnants of a 50 cm thick wooden posts were excavated, which is thought to have been about 8 - 12 meter high. The Goloring is thought to be one of the most significant Celtic cultural relics in central Europe. It is often compared to Stonehenge in England. Interestingly, its diametric proportions are quite similar to that of the famous Stonehenge monument.

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