Europe: Dolmens, Seids Дольмен Менга / Cueva de Menga

PHOTO: Vancedel 37° 1'28.47"С 4°32'46.74"З

Менга - крупнейший в Европе дольмен глубиной 25 м. Представляет собой гробницу-курган, сделанный из 32 блоков камня. Расположен курган в Андалусии, в окрестностях города Антекера.



The Cueva de Menga is famous for being one of the largest dolmens in Europe, if not the world. Largest stones estimated at 180 Tons. The tombs have been cleared out by tomb raiders long ago, and the few remains are now on display in the Museo Arqueológico (Archaeological Museum) in Málaga. The museum is located in the Alcazaba, the maurean residence. The oldest is said to have been built around 3,700 BC.

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