Europe: Megalits Брох Гёрнесс / Broch of Gurness

PHOTO: wyrddan 59° 5'46.27"С 3° 3'44.49"З

Брох Гёрнесс на северо-западе Mainland Orkney в Шотландия. Остаток центральной башни достигает высоты 3.6 метров с каменными стенами до 4.1 метров толщиной. Broch вероятно имел коническую или слабо гиперболичную верхнюю часть.



Broch of Gurness was probably the residence of the principal family of the community. It also provided the last defensive resort. Within its massively thick walls the broch originally had a single central hearth, a ring of stone-built cupboards around the wall, and a sunken water feature traditionally interpreted as a well. A spiral stair led up to upper levels in the tower and to the wall-head. When the broch began to collapse, this arrangement was altered. The ‘well’ was filled in and the interior refitted with new partitions. Most of what the visitor sees today dates from this secondary phase.

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