South America: Rocky villages САМАЙПАТА / Fort Samaipata

PHOTO: mrbitter 18°10'42.15"Ю 63°49'10.18"З

Археологический участок Самайпата состоит из церемониального центра древнего города (XIV-XVI в.в.) и административного и жилого квартала, расположенных на холме. Огромная скульптурная скала, возвышающаяся над городом, является уникальным образцом доиспанских традиций и верований, не имеющим аналогов в Америке.



El Fuerte de Samaipata (English: Fort Samaipata), also known simply as 'El Fuerte', is an archaeological site and UNESCO World Heritage Site located in the Santa Cruz Department, Florida Province, Bolivia. It is situated in the eastern foothills of the Bolivian Andes, and is a popular tourist destination for Bolivians and foreigners alike. It is served by the nearby town of Samaipata. It is not actually a military fortification but it is generally considered a pre-Columbian religious site, built by the Chanes, a pre-Inca culture of Arawak origin. There are also ruins of an Inca city built near the temple; the city was built during the Inca expansion to the southeast. Both Incas and Chanes suffered several raids from Guarani warriors that invaded the region from time to time. Eventually, the Guarani warriors conquered the plains and valleys of Santa Cruz and destroyed Samaipata. The Guaranis dominated the region well into the Spanish colonial period.

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