Europe: Temples, Palaces Гера Самосская / Heraion of Samos

PHOTO: Kiloukiotis Yiannis … 37°40'18.97"С 26°53'9.90"В

На острове Самос был широко распространен культ богини Геры, а ее святилище очень почитаемо. Руины Герайона – храма Геры, одного из самых больших в Греции, находятся в 9 км от Пифагореи. На Ионических островах он стал образцом для других. Возведенный в 8 веке до н. э., храм Геры был почти полностью разрушен землетрясением, сохранилась только одна колонна.



Samos was the leading maritime and mercantile power in the Greek world in the 6th century BC, and this importance is reflected in the extent and richness of the archaeological remains, which are largely untouched by subsequent developmentThe site is an area on the north-east coast of the island that is clearly defined by the surrounding mountains. It consists of the ancient city (Pythagoreion) and the classical Temple of Hera ( Heraion). Pythagoreion is a classic site from the period of Greek colonization, situated round a good natural harbour on a peninsula that is protected by steep mountains behind it. It also had the advantage of being very close to the mainland of Asia Minor. The earliest finds are pre-classical; dating back to the 4th or 3rd millennium BC, but the main settlement began in the 16th century BC, when it was colonized by Minoans from Crete, later to be supplanted by Mycenaeans.

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