Russia: Natural objects Сугомакская пещера / Sugomak Cave

PHOTO: K-D-A 55.714101° 60.460373°

Сугомакская пещера – единственная пещера Урала, образовавшаяся в мраморной породе. Да и на всей России таких пещер в известняках всего лишь несколько. Этот памятник природы находится около города Кыштым Челябинской области. Длина Сугомакской пещеры – 123 метра. Сугомакская пещера состоит из трех гротов, которые соединены узкими ходами.



Sugomak Cave is named after Mount Sugomak, where it is located on the eastern slope. The mountain overlooks Ozero Sugomak (Sugomak Lake) and the city of Kyshtym behind. The cave is formed in marble which is rather exceptional for the Ural. The cave is the main sight in the area, probably because of its location close to a big city and to a nice outlook. Unfortunately this caused some vandalizm of the cave, like the graffitty at the entrance. The cave is rather small, with three subsequent chamber, the last of which is partly filled with water.

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