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Verification of layout and orientations of the buildings of the Fort for compliance with the corners of regular geometric shapes gave amazing results and identified regularities, which cannot be accidental.
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-The Taj Mahal is one of the great buildings of Eastern architecture, located in the famous Agra. The complex is designed according to the pentagram, which can be used to determine the direction of the most famous buildings of antiquity.
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  The Church of the Intercession on the Nerl near Vladimir, is one of the most perfect temples, created in Russia that can serve as a navigation landmark, allowing to determine the direction of the most monumental buildings of antiquity – the key points SAMS.
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Today everyone has heard about the mysterious cities of the Maya, which is famous for its pyramids. But few realize them. Almost every month we to announce the opening of the next city of the Mayan civilization. So how many were there? Is not tens, not hundreds, but thousands. The density of the development, quite comparable with modern. Moreover, with all infrastructure, roads, canals, etc.
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The vast majority of ancient buildings, regardless of the continent, culture and other circumstances oriented, and often designed, according to the angles and proportions of a regular geometric polygons.


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The location of Saint Petersburg partly explains his Egyptian mysticism, Peter desire to found or is likely to revive the city and it was in this place, and many others not related at first glance facts....

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This article discusses the subsystem regular triangles Mount Kailash which forms together with the key objects, and its interaction with the main System....
Regularities in the distribution of world civilizations capitals.


On materials of huge work of Olegovoy Fedosyey the interactive map of the main objects of the most ancient complex of Tiuanako is made (RUS).


The map shows an arrangement of historical objects on mother Earth.

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The map displays some interesting moments connected with an arrangement of well-known historical constructions – the Great pyramid, the Easter Island, Angkor, Nazca etc.


The map shows interaction of separate elements in system of geoglyphs of Nazca and Palpa.


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The map displays an arrangement of geoglyphs in the central part of a plateau of Nazca.

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The map shows an arrangement of historical objects on mother Earth, and also latitudes and meridians of the most known constructions.

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The map shows an arrangement of some historical objects rather, latitudes and longitudes of the Great pyramid and a Stonehendge.

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The map displays a pentagram and hexagram Washington D.C., and also other laws in a city lay-out.


The map displays an arrangement of pyramids in China.