Publications  ONWARD TO THE PAST 07.10.2013. Ishi no Hoden the Mystery Object

Ishi no HodenIshi no Hoden the Mystery Object.

A mysterious dug-out cube monument in a quarry. Known as one of 3 greatest enigmas in Japan. Now worshiped as the god of the ?shiko jinja shinto shrine. Although the structure of the top is concealed by pine trees, they suspect that there may be 2 holes like Masada-no-Iwafune and Kengoshizuka-kofun. The name of the nearest station is named after this site "Houden".

This is a mysterious boulder called “Ishi no Hoden”.Size: Width 6.45m, Height 5.7m, Depth 5.45mLiterally translated, “ishi” means “rock”, “no” means “of”, “hoden” means “heirloom”.

The rock is box-shaped, has an outshoot on the back, and has a pond under it. In short, this object looks like an old CRT-based television floating on a pond. You are seeing the front side of the rock.Nothing about this object is clear. That is why they built a shrine to worship this huge cube. Ishi no Hoden first appeared in the literature in 8th century.

Even the people in that age did not know who made this huge cube for what purpose. A research team investigated the rock with ultrasound devices and measured the object with laser scanners only to find nothing.

The German doctor Philipp Franz von Siebold (1796-1866), who enterd isolated Japan disguising as a Dutchman, later presented his drawing of Ishi-no-H?den in volume 1 of his books "NIPPON" (1832).

Ishi no Hoden a Mystery Object 1

Ishi no Hoden a Mystery Object 2

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