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Once on a place where now there is St. Peter's cathedral, gardens of Neron circus disposed from which an obelisk from Heliopolis, remained standing on the square till now. The first basilica has been constructed in 324, during the ruling of the first Christian emperor Konstantin. The cathedral altar has been placed over a tomb, since the second century of the St. Peter considered as a burial place who accepted in 66 martyr death in Neron circus . A cathedral is orientated to Easter island, and the line passes precisely through the obelisk. The distance from Vatican to Easter island is 14540 km. In degrees it will be 130.7 and in a proportion in relation to half of a circle length approximately 13/18.



Tsarskoje Selo ensemble is a creation of three women, three empresses - Catherine I, Elizabeth, Catherine II whose tastes and desires have been embodied by outstanding masters of the time. Probably they also knew about existence of Easter island and consequently orientated to it all complex.



Sacred city of the people Itza known today as Chichen-Itza is the political and cultural centre of Maya in the north of the peninsula Yucatan, based, possibly, in VII century DC. The basic pyramid of all complex has orientation to Easter island. The line passes through so-called "Observatory" which is focused on island too. The distance from the pyramid to Easter island in degrees is 51.6, it approximately 1/7 of all the circles length (orthodroms).


Mohenjo-daro is the city of Indusvalley civilisation arisen about 2600 BC It is the largest ancient city of Indus valley and one of the first cities in the history of Southern Asia, the contemporary of Ancient Egypt and Entre Rios civilisation. Mohenjo-Daro is orientated to Easter island also is located in 250 kilometres from its antipode.


San Andrés is one of the largest centres pre-Columbian cultures in El Salvador. By estimations of the scientists, in late-classical period of Maya (650-900 d.C.) when the city reached of its prosperity, here lived about 12 thousand peoples and it was the capital of Sapotitan fertile valley. All complex is orientated to Easter island and the centres of two basic pyramids and facade of the third one give the necessary direction. Moreover, the distance from San Andrés to Easter island is 5010 km., it is equal to 45*of arches or 1/4 from half of orthodromy length.


Tula is ancient capital of the Toltecs, one of the main pre-Columbian cultures of Mesoamerica. In Х century AD Tula united big enough territories of the central Mexico under its power. Possibly, the new state aspired to restoration of former Teotiuacan, glory because Toltecs during the latest times were perceived as carriers of high ancient culture. One of Tula pyramids has orientation to Easter island. The distance from the pyramid to the island centre is 5330 km. or 47.9 degrees. It is 2/15 of all circles length.


The ancient city of Segesta based, according to the legend stated by Vergily, Akest , the son of river god Krimnis and Troyn-woman Egesty, was one of the largest centres of setting of elyms, the nationality of mysterious origin somehow concerning Trojans. A temple in Segeste, having staid two and a half thousand years has tremendous safety. 36 columns of the temple look as if builders have just finished work and went to smoke. A temple isorientated to Easter island.


Paestum originally Posidonija was based in the first years of VI century BC. Paestum endured its highest prosperity in 540 BC and decades following that. City walls have up to six metres in width, and five kilometres in perimetre. The most ancient part of a city has planning orientated to Easter island.


Hartha is a large strengthened city as a part of Parthian empire and capital of the first Arabian state. More 2000 years ago from big hewn stones admirers of god Shamasha - god of the Sun, have erected here a majestic temple which shows greatness there is no time civilisation existing here. The temple and round shaft of walls surrounding it have orientation to Easter island.


Newgrange is one of the most ancient constructions of the Europe. Newgrange represents the whole complex from various barrows as it is considered burial places. The biggest of them Newgrange which represents a huge stone hemispherical construction over which an earthen hill is sprinkled. Its diameter is about 90 m, and height is about 15 m. On the top there is platform in width about 37 m. There are in all in this place about seventeen similar barrows, but the most known are three: actually Newgrange, Newgrange Nout and Newgrange Dout. Constructions of Newgrange give some orientations to known objects, including to Easter island, distance to which is 13222 km. In degrees it is 118.8* or approximately 1/3 all the circles length. The direction is set with barrow of Newgrange Dout and a small barrow near Newgrange Nout.


On a hill near Averbythere is an impressing tomb, which age is about five thousand years. Longitudinal west kenneth barrow is an embankment in length of 100 m, in width 20 m and in height 2,5 m. The barrow is orientated on Easter island.


In the city of Guimar on the southeast coast of the island Tenerife entering into Canary Islands are located six stepped pyramids. In 1991 the pyramid of Gujmar known traveller Tur Hejerdal has studied. According to his theory Canary Islands in the ancient time were as staging post on the way between America and the Mediterranean. But he could not define neither age of the pyramids, nor persons involved in their construction. Pyramids of Guimar also have the interesting orientation connected with Easter island. The matter is that they are orientated not to island, but to the point symmetric to it relatively equator. Distance to this point is 11130 km. That makes exactly 100 degrees or 5/9 from half of the big circle length.


Vaishali was capital Likchavi and confederations Vajihian approximately with 400 on 750 гг AD . Buddha some times visited this place and passed the last doctrine before going to Kushinagar. Later, approximately 100 years later after parinirvana Buddhas, in Vaishali there was the second Buddhist council . Also, in this place, near to Vaishali, reached nirvanas Anand. In Vaishali there is a Pagoda of the World or Vishva Shanti a Mortar constructed by Japanese Buddhist sect. A small part of the Buddha relics found in Vaishali, have been placed in the basis and chatra of mortars. The mortar has orientation to Easter island, and orthodromy Vaishali - Easter island is tangent to latitude island of Easter island . In other words the orientation line reaches its maximum latitude at latitude of Easter island. The distance from Vaishali to Easter island is 18585 km or 176.3 degrees. It is approximately 14/15 from half of circle length.



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