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Effective ways to improve our healthEffective ways to improve health.

Fortunately, these little problems can easily be eliminated with the help of these effective ways to improve our health.

The pictures are shown 5 quick and effective cure for such disorders. There are some problems that are a serious threat to our health, but our inconvenience.

1. Honey hangover. There are many effective and natural ways to fight off the symptoms of a hangover. Apply a piece of bread or a few crackers with honey and eat them. Fructose helps the body to speed up the processing of alcohol and honey has a high concentration of sugar. Besides honey, fructose and contain cherries, grapes and tomatoes.

2. Vinegar for cuts and insect bites. If you cut, wash the wound with water (if you worked meat, use soap and water). Then place a little vinegar and press. The bleeding will stop, and the vinegar will prevent infections. Use vinegar and insect bites.

3. Cold water against sweating of the hands. After you finish the physical activity of his brain needed more time to understand that you have completed the activity and will probably continue to sweat intensively in the next half hour. To prevent this, dip your hands and joints in cold water. Keep ten seconds into the water, then pull them out. Repeat this 2-3 times and achieve success.

5 QUICK AND EFFECTIVE CURE 4. Green tea against bad breath. Drinking green tea is an effective way to eliminate bad breath. Before swallowing hold some time in the mouth. Green tea kills bacteria and neutralize substances that cause odors.

5. Espresso against migraine. People who suffer from migraines know that there are some signs that give a sign that migraine occurs (need chocolate, excessive yawning or frequent urination). During this period (before the migraine appear in full force), you can help yourself by drinking espresso.

The idea is to increase the flow of blood to the brain. So charge with a big cup of espresso and a large glass of water.