Publications  HISTORY ON-LINE 15.02.2019. Sensational! Tens of thousands of unknown geoglyphs have been found in the Sahara.


Sensational! Tens of thousands of unknown geoglyphs have been found in the Sahara.

The Sahara Geoglyphs are a unique phenomenon and an archaeological sensation of today. This grand phenomenon has yet to be reconsidered and studied in detail. But even now we can speak with confidence about another riddle of the past, of a scale no less than the mystery of the Nazca Plateau geoglyphs and many other similar mysteries. It can be said that the Sahara geoglyphs are the African Nazca desert, but considerably larger.

There are no lines and drawings here, but there are tens of thousands of grand objects laid out of heavy boulders. They are located on a huge area and occupy almost the entire central part of the Sahara.

The work on the creation of geoglyphs is striking in its colossal scale and, most importantly, in the absence of an acceptable reason that prompted it to be done. Therefore, to explain the origin of this phenomenon in the academic version of history will be very difficult, but most likely – impossible.

At the moment, this is what can be said about the Sahara geoglyphs:
1. They are surely geoglyphs. I.e., they surely are artificially created objects on the surface of the Earth in the form of images of certain symbols, which can only be fully viewed from a height.

2. Their number is huge. To date, as part of the GeoLines.ru project, over 20,000 individual characters have been exactly located. And it looks like it is only the beginning.

3. Geoglyphs occupy a huge area, more than 2 million square kilometers. The distance between the individual elements is more than 2000 km in the latitudinal direction, and more than 1000 km in the meridional direction.

4. The sizes of geoglyphs range from a few meters to several hundred meters. The perimeter of some images is more than 1 km. But the bulk of geoglyphs has dimensions of about 30 to 60 meters.

5. In most cases, images of symbols on the surface of the desert are laid out with stones, most likely collected in the area. The exact origin of the material from which the geoglyphs are made can only be determined after studying it at the site.

6. All geoglyphs, with a very high probability, are an integral system, and are interrelated, both between themselves and with other objects of the System of Ancient Monumental Structures (SAMS).

7. In the arrangement of symbols relative to each other, the same principles are observed as in the arrangement of other objects of the SAMS. Due to this, the Sahara geoglyphs make it possible to determine very accurately cardinal directions and the direction to some of the key points of the System.

On the pages of our website you can get the most complete information about the geoglyphs of the Sahara, at the moment.

In the section "The Sahara geoglyphs" published the book of the same name, which provides General information about the geoglyphs. Describes the types, location, dimensions, construction methods, and relative position of some regularities linking the Nazca Sahara with the most mysterious buildings of antiquity. Feel free to click on the banner ads. This will support and accelerate the further development of our project.

The electronic version of the book can be purchased on the page of the publishing house "Ridero" or in other online bookstores.

In the "Photos" section you can see real photos of the Sahara geoglyphs on the ground. Here are selected more than 2000 images of the most interesting geoglyphs, which are structured by type.

In the "Files" section you can download the file for the program "Google Earth" in kmz format., which contains the exact location of the Sahara geoglyphs. All geoglyphs in the file are numbered from 1 to 20***. The only difference is the abbreviation before the number, which indicates the type of geoglyph.

At the moment the file contains about 5000 objects. But, as ready, it will be constantly updated and supplemented with new objects. This process will not be long, as more than 20350 geoglyphs have been found, and will take about a month. After that, everyone can continue to search for new geoglyphs, which are still very much. In this case, it is better to wait a bit, so as not to "open" already discovered geoglyphs.

The coordinates of all objects found at the moment, with the exception of atypical symbols, are placed in the database – "Geoglyphs of the Sahara", in which each individual geoglyph can be viewed on the map. If you have problems with the map, you can copy the coordinates of the object and see it on any other map.

You can share your impressions about the new geoglyphs and discuss this material on our forum.


  The Sahara Geoglyphs

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martialpax 25.05.2020 20:54:45
These are corrals. ~10kya the Sahara was verdant, lush, and immensely populated. Beginning ~8kya the climate changed dramatically, and the desert we know now began replacing the rivers, lakes, and woodlands that had fed and supported agriculture for perhaps 100k years previously.

The people there did not simply up and move away when this change began. They adjusted their agricultural practices to keep their lands productive as long as they could.

In some of the images are visible trackways and trails, revealing these places were well traveled. These are like inns where travelers with herds can sojourn for a season, where enough moisture allows feed for their animals - until the progression of desertification ended their utility and they were abandoned.

In other images you can see the remnants of square buildings, perhaps earlier constructions and small civic centers dating back to when better fodder was available than when the kraals were built.

This is a record of pastoralist response to desertification over millenia.