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The complex of pyramids in Giza is the greatest of the world miracles Till now, no one of construction cannot be compared with it in the world. A great pyramid is the silent proof of existence of an unknown civilisation which has left certificates of the power to us. The distance from Giza to Stonehendge is exactly 3600 km. It is 32.4 degrees of arch or 9/50 from half of circle. The line of orientation to Stonehendge passes through the head of the Sphinx and the northwest corner of the Great pyramid.


In the city of Guimar on the island Tenerife are located six stepped pyramids. According to Tur Hejerdal theory Canary Islands in the ancient time were the staging post on the way between America and the Mediterranean. Pyramids of Guimar have orientation to Stonehendge which is set with cross-section of the pyramid borders. Distance to Stonehendge is 2817 km that makes 25.3 degrees or 7/50 from half of the orthodromy length.


Hattusa is the capital of the Hettsky kingdom was known from the second half of III thousand BC Hattusa is erected on the crossing of two ancient trading ways and at the fortieth latitude which exact passage is designated with construction of pyramidal type. The city was enclosed with cyclopean walls put from enormous stones (in length up to 2 metres) the wrong (polygonal) form, adjoining to each other without building solution. Originally all constructions in the city were grouped round the big ancient temple, which is orientated to Stonehendge. The distance is 3062 km, these are 27.5 degrees or approximately 1/13of all the orthodromy length.


Anundshog is the biggest sepulchral hill in Sweden (in height 9, diameter 64), is dated with X century. Near a hill five stone "boats" made of large stones are located. Two of these "boats", are joined with each other and orientated to the hill. It also is an exact direction to Stonehendge. The distance is 1493 km, or 13.4 degrees of orthodromy arch. Number 13.4 is a root from 180.


The complex has been constructed about 1250 BC by the tsar of Elam Untash-Napirish in honour of great god Ishushinak. Big ziggurat in the internal city, devoted to the main deity, has been constructed on a place of the ancient square. It is orientated to Stonehendge, the distance to which is 4591 km.


The city is located at east coast of Sicily in an environment of the delightful landscape formed with picturesque harbour. In 287 BC in Sirakuzah Archimedes was born. Syracuse it is the city where Platon created. Here is a grandiose Greek theatre the second-large in the world. The symmetry axis of the given construction, is the direction to Stonehendge the distance to which is 2070 km.



The Ushtogay square represents itself the geometrical figure consisting of 101 embankments in the form of barrows. Side length of the square is 287 metres! Approximately on the distance 112 m from the northwest corner along diagonal are located three rings in diameter each 19 metres . The line passing through the centres of the rings, is orientation to the Por - Bazhyn, and the side of square is the exact direction to Stonehendge, the distance to which is 4543 km, or 40.8 degrees. The distance from the Ushtogajsky square to the Por-Bazhin is 2246 km, it is half of distance to Stonehendge.


Newgrange is one of three greatest barrows of the complex in Newgrange. Entrance orientation to the internal chamber of the barrow is the direction to Stonehendge. The line passes through the centre of a small barrow located behind Newgrange and is confirmed with one more small barrow which is located on the field to the south of big Newgrange.


The ancient city of Sukhothai located in northern part of Thailand is a historical monument with many temples, a capital of medieval city-kingdom of Sukhotaj XIII-XIV centuries. On the territory in 70 km ² it is revealed about 200 of historical objects. The city, as well as ,Newgrange has some orientations to the known historical objects in which number is Stonehendge. The direction to it is set with huge mortars of two temples in the central part of park and passes through their centres. The distance to Stonehendge is 9330 km, it is equal to 84 degrees or 21/45 from half of orthodromy length .




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