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Parthenon – is the main temple in ancient Athens, the most known monument of antique architecture located on the Athenian Acropolis, devoted to the patroness of this city and all Attica, the goddess to Athena-virgin was constructed in 447-438 BC by architect Kallikratom under the project of Iktin and decorated in 438-431 years BC under the direction of Fidij at ruling of Perikl. Now it is in dilapidated condition, the restoration works are carried out . But temple orientation has perfectly remained and shows to Tiuanako the distance to which is 11332 km. It approximately 102 degrees of arch or 2/7 from all big circle length.


The city based in honour of the goddess of Aphrodite love has arisen in the beginning of II century BC and has gradually expanded having occupied territory in 520 hectares. The temple of Aphrodite from which today remained only 14 columns and majestic doors of temple has been constructed on artificial hill and orientated to Tiuanako. The distance to Tiuanako is equal to 11760 km that makes 105.7 degrees or approximately 7/12 from half of orthodromy length.


In the publication about the laws which have been found in arrangement of some historical objects, it was said that the point of Tiuanako is equidistant from the Great pyramid and the North Pole. The average line of the triangle formed with these points passes through St.-Petersburg. The Egyptian gate decorating town Pushkin, is located in 20 km. from Petersburg and is orientated practically along the sides of the world. As orthodromy of Tiuanako - St.-Petersburg reaches maximum latitude around St.-Petersburg, it crosses the meridian of the Great pyramid practically at right angle. For this reason all objects which are near to crossing of the the Great pyramid meridian with 60th latitude and orientated along the sides the world will designate directions to Greate pyramid and Tiuanako. The axis of the Egyptian gate is a little displaced from the direction West - East and precisely enough shows to Tiuanako ,the distance to which is equal to 12088 km. It is 108.6 degrees of arch or 3/5 from half of of the big circle length.


Practically on the Tiwanaku - St.-Petersburg line located Newgrange accordingly also equidistant from the North Pole and the Great pyramid. Moreover Newgrange has orientation to Tiuanako which line passes through barrows of Newgrange and Newgrange -Dout. The distance to Tiuanako is 9767 km. or 87.8 degrees.


Probably, the most remarkable feature of portrait barrows is that to examine them is possible only from the sky. Approximately 1500 years ago the tribe хоупвелл from Georgia has collected tons of boulders for erection of a huge barrow in the form of a bird which wingspan is 36,5 m. Wings of the bird is orientation to Tiuanako, the distance to which is 5747 km or 51.6 degrees. It approximately 1/7 all the circle length.


Ellora represents itself 34 monasteries and a temples stretched on the distance more than 2 km. Temples are cut one after another in the wall of high basalt steep not fer from the city of Aurangabada in state of Maharashtra, India. The biggest temple has orientation west-east and, nevertheless, it is orientated to Tiuanako. It means that orthodromy of the temple orientation to Tiuanako, reaches the maximum latitude in this point. In other words, the orientation line crosses the meridian of Ellora at right angle. The distance to Tiuanako is 16200 km, or 145, 6 degrees of arch.


Samaipata is the huge rock towering over surrounding area it all is cut up by ancient masons back and forward . The object is the unique sample of pre-spanish traditions and has no analogues in America. On rock top there is the ancient construction, setting two orientations one of which to Tiwanaku. The distance is 546 km or 4,9 degrees. It is approximately 1/36 from half of a circle length.


Yaxchilan – is a city of the Maya civilization, located on the Usumacinta River in the modern state of Chiapas in Mexico. Yaxchilan was an important city of the Maya civilization in the classical period and dominated in the Usumacinta region, subjugating the cities of Bonampak. The town reached the maximum influence during the reign of King Shield by name Jaguar II, who died at the age of 90 in 742. The most known temple of Yaxchilan is oriented to the Tiwanaku, the distance to which is 4434 km. It is exactly 40 degrees of arc or 1/9 of the entire circumference of great circle. In Yaxchilan there are two pyramidal temples, located a little south-west, which also have orientation to the Tiwanaku. The third temple, which is in this place, is orientated to Teotihuacan the distance to which is 889 kilometers or exactly 8 degrees. The line Yaxchilan - Tiwanaku, passes quite accurately, with deviation of 7 km, through the intersection of Teotihuacan meridianwith latitude of Easter Island.



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