PART 1. SYSTEM OF Teotihuacan and Tiwanaku TRIANGLES 

In an article on the golden ratio , which forms Baalbek with Teotihuacan and Tiwanaku formed an equilateral triangle Teotihuacan - Tiwanaku - antipode of Uluru. This triangle is one of the heights is a line of Baalbek - Uluru (image left). Since the triangle is equilateral it has two heights, which intersect at the center. One of the lines, which is directly connected with the golden ratio is a line of Teotihuacan - Stonehenge. Now if we continue one of the heights of an equilateral triangle to the intersection with this line, we see that this point is equidistant from Teotihuacan and antipode Uluru. And, interestingly, it was precisely at this point is the town of Washington - a "Modern Atlantis".

When the site for Washington D.C. was chosen to be the national capital of the United States, it was an undeveloped area. Now in this city Limuzine service more than a taxi, but before that it was a swampy area.


And, if you build an equilateral triangle, balanced source, Washington will be in the center of the triangle, on the line of Teotihuacan - Stonehenge. It turns out, knew the old George , where lay his capital. New high relative to the symmetrical Tiwanaku Teotihuacan - anti Uluru and called Tiwanaku ^. This artificially constructed point, located in the far north of Canada, has amazing properties, and as we shall see below, it has the right to exist.

Becomes even more interesting. It turns out that a new point of Tiwanaku ^ forms an equilateral triangle with the point antipode of Stonehenge and Uluru, and with very high accuracy. The discrepancy between the parties is only 50 km. Given that the point of Tiwanaku ^ we have built yourself a very good result, with a side length of 4850 and 4900 km. The height of the triangle lies on the line as Teotihuacan - Stonehenge.

More miracles continue. The new point of Tiwanaku ^ forms another equilateral triangle, this time with the antipode of Great Zimbabwe, which is one of the key points of SDMS . This equilateral triangle as the base line stands Antipodes B.ZIMBABVE - Tiwanaku ^, and the parties are lines Teotihuacan - A G.ZIMBABVE and Teotihuacan - Tiwanaku ^. The length of the base in this case is 6652 km, and it is exactly 60 (59.8) degrees on the arc of the globe. All these amazing "coincidences" reaffirm the legitimacy of building a new point symmetrical Tiwanaku.

Furthermore, antipode Great Zimbabwe in turn forms another, the same isosceles triangle, with the apex at Teotihuacan, only now with Easter Island. Length of the base Antipodes GREAT ZIMBABVE - EASTER ISLAND of 6764 km, it is 60.8 degrees of arc.

Now we have to connect with Easter Island with Tiwanaku, also equidistant from Teotihuacan and make him another equilateral triangle. Thus, the closed system of regular triangles around the pyramids of Mexico, and with reference to Stonehenge.

Teotihuacan and Tiwanaku, studies show that the two closely related subject. They even have a name very similar. This pair has a key role in the golden ratio Baalbek and it sets itself. Construct a point symmetrical Tiwanaku, it would be logical to build the same and Teotihuacan. Especially because now we have an axis of symmetry - the basis o.Paskhi - Tiwanaku, with a corner just in Teotihuacan. Construct a symmetrical triangle, the apex of which will be a new point - ^ Teotihuacan, which falls on the coast of the Antarctic Peninsula.

The new point of Teotihuacan ^ forms an equilateral triangle with the antipode of Nan Madol. This triangle is almost identical in size to the first two large triangle formed antipode of Great Zimbabwe. Interestingly, the length of the base of the triangle, ie segment Teotihuacan ^ - A-Nan Madol is 7200 km, and this is exactly two distances between Baalbek and Stonehenge, which are directly related to this system.

Now you just close the system of regular triangles around Tiwanaku, combining antipodes Uluru and Nan Madol, which also form an equilateral triangle with the apex at Tiwanaku.

To close the system of triangles around the antipode of Uluru, connect antipode Nan Madol and Stonehenge. Formed a large triangle is not equilateral, but visually it is almost negligible. Its sides differ by 272 km, and thus the height of the triangle will not show. But the length of the base of the irregular triangle, antipode of Nan Madol - Stonehenge is the base length of two large adjacent triangles formed antipode Great Zimbabwe. The distance between the antipode of Nan Madol and Stonehenge is 6704 km or 60.2 degrees.

If you look at the whole system of triangles at once, we will see that it covers the entire western hemisphere and is inscribed in the diameter of the Earth. In the center is an equilateral triangle of Tiwanaku - Teotihuacan - A Uluru, which is derived from the golden ratio of Baalbek, surrounded by other right triangles.

As in the western hemisphere for the constructions we used, as real objects, and the antipodes, on the reverse side of the earth, they are exchanged. Antipodes become real objects, and real antipode antipodes. On the antipode side of the planet system of triangles as follows.

The construction of the system of regular triangles made ??possible by the fact that the distance between key objects are almost identical and are close to the length of the base segment Teotihuacan - Tiwanaku = 5200 km. The exact distance (km) between the system are given in the table below.

Teotihuacan Tiwanaku A Uluru A G.Zimbabve EASTER ISL A Nan Madol
Teotihuacan 5200 5141 5235 5298
Tiwanaku 5200 5104 5223

Constructed system of equilateral triangles is no different from a modern network triangulation and meets all its requirements. To minimize measurement errors requires that the interior angles of triangles network was close to 60 degrees, which is actually what we see in our system.

In order to determine its position in space is sufficient to observe only two points of the network at the same time, so that in this case it depends on the altitude. In this sense, the point is particularly important in Canada - symmetric Tiwanaku. Remains of ancient buildings there is unlikely to be found, but the point falls on a small peninsula that is easy to find even with a very high altitude and bearings.

Obviously, such an arrangement of seven well-known ancient structures can not be accidental, and means only one thing - ancient structures were built according to a single plan in the exact locations. Whom, when and for what purpose, it remains a mystery. Although it is possible that something about it is known in Washington.

This system of triangles has a number of interesting features, which we will cover in the second part.

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