In the previous part the correct triangles which form key points in the "western" hemisphere were considered. These triangles are called - "Western", they work for both America (Teotihuacan, Tiwanaku), part of the Pacific Ocean (Easter Island) and thanks to the Stonehenge to the north Atlantic.

In this part we will consider very interesting triangles which are formed round the central geodetic sign of Earth – the Great Pyramid (GP) on a plateau Giza. These triangles we will called – Triangles of Giza.

It is possible to tell that the Western triangles and Triangles of Giza are two separate, but the interconnected systems which thanks to the general points, form the uniform, closed system of the correct triangles, covering all globe.

system of pyramidsBut about everything one after another. In the article "Some Features of Distances …" it was said that distances from the Stonehenge to GP, and from GP to Mohenjo-Daro are equal and make 3600 km. These lines are basic and set all system of Triangles of Giza.
system of pyramidsThe corner on a sphere, between these lines allows to construct two adjacent equilateral triangles, with the second general top around Perm, near the Perm abnormal zone. New point we will call – Perm.

system of pyramidsNow, in a clockwise direction from Mohenjo-Daro postpone two more of the same triangle, and from Stonehenge, counterclockwise - another triangle. Three new points called, respectively, GIZA 1, GIZA 2, GIZA 3. All five of the triangles are equilateral, with sides of length, with small errors close to 3600 km.

In this combination line GIZA 1 - GIZA 2, perpendicular to the meridian of the GP, which bisects it.

system of pyramidsWe continue to build. The ancient fortress Great Zimbabwe is actually on the meridian of the GP, it forms with points GIZA 1, GIZA 2 isosceles triangle in which the base GIZA 1 - GIZA 2 is 3600 km and 2950 km on the side. At that point G.Zimbabve, GIZA 1, Mohenjo-Daro are collinear.

system of pyramids

Let us turn to the point GIZA 3, which, as it turned out, lies on the meridian of Stonehenge, and, accordingly, the whole side of the triangle belongs to this meridian. Now you can draw a triangle, the triangle is identical GIZA 1 - GIZA 2 - G.Zimbabwe, but with a base STONEHENGE - PERM. New point G.Zimbabwe ^ also lies on the meridian of Stonehenge. In fact, this point is a vertex of the large equilateral triangle with a base GIZA 3 - Mohenjo-Daro.

On the basis of the revealed laws, at this stage we can talk about the legality of the construction of any additional points.

system of pyramidsNext point GIZA 3, brings together the system, creating an isosceles triangle with a base GP - GIZA 3 and the apex in the Great Zimbabwe (shown in purple). Length of the sides in this triangle is equal to 5580 km, and it is exactly 50 degrees of arc of the globe.
system of pyramidsNow it is necessary to build another isosceles triangle belonging to this system. Apex of the triangle is the antipode of Uluru, and the base line GIZA 3 - Stonehenge.

Here is the entire system of Triangles Giza shown with center lines of adjacent triangles, which once again confirms the correctness of the constructions.

system of pyramids

system of pyramidsIn addition, the point of GIZA 3 and Stonehenge is another form an isosceles triangle, this time with the antipode of Nan Madol. This point also belongs to the West triangles and is shared between the two systems. The height of the triangle, with a small margin of error is a line of Antipode Uluru - GIZA 3. As discussed in the first part, the distance between the antipode of Nan Madol and Stonehenge, i.e. length of the base of the triangle is 6704 km. or equal to 60 degrees of arc on the surface of the globe.

Now let's see how Triangles Giza interacts with Western triangles. The image below is centered on the meridian of Stonehenge and shows the relationship between the two systems of triangles. Here is another great moment. It turned out that the point G.Zimbabve ^ is the pinnacle of an equilateral triangle with a base of Stonehenge - Tiwanaku ^ that combines both systems.

system of pyramids

system of pyramidsBut that's not all. If we extend the height of the triangle Uluru - Tiwanaku - A-Nan Madol (white line), it will pass through the center of the equilateral triangle STONEHENGE - GIZA 3 - Giza. Therefore, this point is the apex for base of A-Uluru - A-Nan Madol and forms with it an isosceles triangle. The parties in this triangle are also equal to about 50 degrees of the circle (50.5* and 51*).

The image below shows how the system looks on the back side of the planet, where antipodes - is not abstract points, and the real objects. It is noteworthy that in this hemisphere, the point GIZA 3 is also a real object - the islands of Fiji.

system of pyramids

Two systems of triangles have some very interesting interactions, confirming the legality of construction of additional points and what we really are dealing with a planetary system of pyramids and other ancient monumental structures.

system of pyramidsIf you look at the eastern part of the Triangles of Giza can be seen that with the Western triangles they have one point in common in the south - Great Zimbabwe. In the east, the antipode of Easter Island is located near Mohenjo-Daro, but it is separated from it by 250 km to the east. Of course, if the two points coincide, and Mohenjo-Daro was a precise antithesis of. Easter, we would have a complete coincidence systems. Even considered the hypothesis that such a shift could be due to movement of the continental plates. But it turned out differently, and in their places.

If we continue the line of Teotihuacan - Fr. Easter (blue line), it will pass exactly through the point B.Zimbabve ^. And the opposite of. Easter is equidistant from the Great Zimbabwe and B.Zimbabve ^, and is the top of another, a large isosceles triangle. The parties in this triangle are equal to 6667 km and 6764 km, respectively, which is very close to 60 degrees of arc of the globe (59.9* and 60.8*). Length of the base of the triangle Great Zimbabwe - B.Zimbabve ^ (yellow line) is equal to 11,097 km or 99.8 degrees of arc. Thus, we have an equilateral triangle with sides 60, 60 and the base 100 degrees.

system of pyramids

Next, we consider two more very interesting line also connects the Western triangles with Triangles Giza.

The first line of Teotihuacan - Stonehenge, which is the height of the two adjacent triangles in the Western Hemisphere from the prime meridian EP. The continuation of this line passes through the center of the third triangle (VP - Mohenjo-Daro - GIZA 1), which is located on the Arabian Peninsula.

The second line of Teotihuacan - Uluru, which was party to the base of the Western triangle of the Teotihuacan - Tiwanaku - A.Uluru in its sequel, also passes through the intersection of the other two diagonals of Triangles Giza. This point is located in the central part of Africa (second shaded circle).

system of pyramidsThis illustration shows a line of Stonehenge - Uluru, which is the same side of the triangle and passes through the center of symmetry of the two adjacent triangles formed about. Easter, Tiwanaku, and the point of Teotihuacan Teotihuacan^. On this side of the world triangles are formed antipodes of these points.
system of pyramidsThe next line, which we consider is the height of a triangle formed by the Western antipodes Easter isl. and Teotihuacan and the Great Zimbabwe. If we continue this line (shown in blue), it will pass through the intersection of the meridian of Stonehenge with the center line of adjacent triangles - GP - Uluru. Also, this line passes through the intersection of the base of the triangle (the yellow line) with a side of the triangle GIZA - GIZA 2.

system of pyramids

Now consider another combination of lines, which, thanks to the point of Nan Madol close the two systems of triangles.

As already mentioned, Mohenjo-Daro is located 250 km to the west of the antipode Easter island. But if you extend the side of the triangle. Easter - Tiwanaku, the line will pass exactly through the Mohenjo-Daro. Thus, all three sites are on the same line Great circle.

In addition, this line passes through the point of intersection of the other two, is not connected lines - Uluru - Great Zimbabwe and Nan Madol - STONEHENGE. In the illustration, circle 1.

Another line of Tiwanaku - Nan Madol also intersects with the line of Uluru - Great Zimbabwe, but on the meridian of Stonehenge. In the illustration, circle 2.

Thus, if we draw a line of Nan Madol - GREAT ZIMBABWE we get another pair of adjacent triangles. The basis for these triangles will be a line antipode of Nan Madol - GIZA 3, 3600 km in length, and tops - Antipodean Uluru and the Great Zimbabwe. The resulting triangles are not correct, their sides are not equal and differ by about 300 km. But this fact does not prevent the lines intersect strictly at certain points.

system of pyramidsThis illustration shows how the interaction of two systems of triangles in the Western hemisphere from the Meridian of the great pyramid, which, undoubtedly, is the ancient Prime Meridian, and the pyramid itself - Central sign of our planet.

There is another very interesting point, also linking the two systems triangles, this time mathematically. If the underlying distance to Triangles Giza - 3600 km, i.e. the distance between the Giza and Stonehenge, multiplied by the height of the great pyramid of hundred metres, i.e. at 1.45, we get the base distance for Western triangles - 5220 km, i.e. the distance between the Tiwanaku and Теотиуаканом and other objects.

Thus, using a total of 9 basis points, managed to build a single system composed of right triangles, and covering the entire globe. In this study, there is no adjustments. Everyone can build System yourself by downloading the file HISTORICAL OBJECTS. In fact, the most ambitious constructions of the ancient times simply connected between the lines, and additional points and the antipodes, reveal the patterns of system, make it visible and logical.

It is obvious that such a mutual arrangement of the most famous and significant ancient structures can not be random and can only mean one thing - the PYRAMIDS AND OTHER MONUMENTAL facilities WERE BUILT ON the GLOBAL PROJECT IN STRICTLY CERTAIN PLACES. This brilliant project started thousands of years ago, with built the Sphinx and the pyramids at Giza, most likely never stayed and, it seems, continues to this day. All the centres, both ancient and modern civilizations, their capital, are located next to the basic objects, on the lines connecting them or in other key points of the system. Recent examples of 300 year-old St. Petersburg and Washington. In the first case, according to legend, Tsar Peter saw the location of the new capital in the maze on Solovki, in the second George Washington, guided by its own reasons, also personally chose the place for the construction of its capital Washington - modern Atlantis.

System owned and other famous ancient buildings, such as the Temple of Solomon, Baalbek, Rome, Mecca, Delhi, Angkor, Nazca, Newgrange, Lalibela and many, many other objects. We can say that our entire civilization evolved and continues to evolve according to a strictly defined plan that began thousands of years ago. It is unknown who implements this plan and for what purpose.

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I cant read this language. Is it possible that the tips of the pyramids were quartz crystal prisms? Piezoelectricity, Electromagnetism, light polarization. If stonehenge was reflective could it carry light to each pyramid using obelisks too?