Publications  HISTORY ON-LINE 20.03.2012. Alien Bodies Found In Jungle


Alien Graveyard In RwandaAnthropologists working deep in the jungle of Kigali in Rwanda Central Africa have found a strange burial site with what they think are alien bodies inside.

The scientists say the creatures are 7-feet tall, their heads were huge and they had no eyes, mouth or nose.

"The graves lie about 200 bodies. Surprisingly, they are remarkably preserved. Now scientists are trying to find out where they came to Earth, and that they are destroyed - said in a November 2009 press conference in the city of Kigali, Rwanda, the Swiss anthropologist, Dr. Hugo Children. "

The team of anthropologists has found a mysterious cemetery in the study of Rwandan jungle - reports Weekly World News. At first, scientists speculated that stumbled upon the remains of ancient settlements, but excavations have shown that people and their way of life here and "do not smell."

"All the graves were" fraternal ": in each of them there were five bodies. Growth in essence becomes a pretty decent - about 7 feet, - shared information Children. - The heads are disproportionately large and complete absence of the mouth, nose and eyes! I assume that they communicated with each other telepathically and moved to areas like bats, with the help of some biological radar. "

The anthropologist also suggested that the newcomers were part of an alien landing, which, after landing on Earth, faced with the deadly virus. Apparently, the aliens were not immune to earthly diseases and could even die from ordinary OCR.

"However, some of them were to survive and fly away, because we did not find any in the vicinity of the spacecraft, nor even its wreckage - adds Dr. children. - Of course, our excavations are still ongoing, and what surprises lie ahead - do not know.

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