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линии наски геоглифы на платоLines in desert of Nazca – Flight map over planet Earth, in these simple words, with very high probability, the answer lies on more than century-old riddle of geoglyphs in Nazca desert. The idea, that Nazca Lines can be a map, expressed by many researchers, but reality turned out more fantastic the boldest speculation.

So, what is a flight map? This is map of the Earth's surface, on which with help of angles and distances is traced the route of aircraft from one point to another. If you compare lines on modern flight maps, they even visually look like lines in Nazca desert.

Such apparent similarity arises from the fact that in both cases the lines indicate angles - azimuths i.e. directions of flight from one point to another.

When you are going to get from one point to another, you do not think how to do it. How to choose the direction to determine the azimuth, route, etc. You just type in a search, for example, "letenky Praha Kazan" and buy tickets from Prague to Kazan. But for the pilot who will fly the aircraft, these are very important issues. They were also important for the ancient pilots.
Now let us talk about lines in Nazca desert in more detail, but first we will make a small digression, which is essential for understanding of main question, the appointment of geoglyphs. Speech will go about navigation, i.e. about orientation in space. This question we already discussed partially in the article «UNIVERSAL NAVIGATION SYSTEM», here let us talk about this in principle..

ЛИНИИ НАСКИ – ПОЛЁТНАЯ КАРТАToday, all supporters of alternative version of history claim, that in ancient times there were various aircrafts (Vimana, etc.), on which Gods moved above Earth. They write books, articles, make films resulting in strong evidence about this. But, no one ever thought about how the ancient pilots oriented in space and laid necessary course. Everybody take it for granted and do not see any problems. But, in fact, this is a problem, and quite large. To verify this, try on a satellite map without names and other landmarks find your city. Is it difficult? And if you need to find a small building or other specific point? If there are coordinates, then no problem. And if they do not, then the task becomes almost insoluble.

The matter is that to move from one point to another it is necessary, at least, to be in any frame of reference and know your exact position in it, as well as the exact position of end point, in which you need to be. Without this, even the Gods cannot do, even if they have a "machine of movement." As it is known you cannot just push a button, it is necessary to know what contact to press. See. "Kin-Dza-Dza".

Of course, you can fly by map, by visual references, but this method is suitable only for short distances and again you need a map, i.e.  system of reference. Over the ocean, for example, this method is useless. Therefore, conclusion is simple if you want to fly without system of orientation you cannot do it, another matter how to organize it.

We, on basis of our capabilities and logic, to every point on the planet named three-dimensional coordinates latitude, longitude and altitude. For us such a system is clear and to move from one point to another we first determine our exact location in coordinate system, then find coordinates of end point and plot a route.

джи пи эсBut, if they want to fly over the Earth, for example as alien who apparently are not rare guests here, for precise movements over the planet, they will have to use their navigation system as they cannot use our one. Especially because our system exist a little more than a hundred years.

All our today's navigation needs in constant supply of energy and constant maintenance. If suddenly, for any reason, for example, due to global cataclysm, such as change of magnetic poles or abnormal solar activity, suddenly disappears electricity for a long time, or will break down all appliances, civilization in its present form will cease to exist. We will not be able to fly, fight, communications, television, internet will disappear. Satellites will fall with time.

Such a situation certainly does not suit for those who need a navigation system, which does not dependent of anything, which is not afraid of ages centuries, the millennium. In addition, such a system should be universal, i.e. clear to all users.

ЛИНИИ НАСКИ – ПОЛЁТНАЯ КАРТАOur system of coordinates is subjective it is understandable only to us. We need to know where passes zero meridian, which systems of measurements we have and much more that is known only to us. Also the Earth is globe and everything is differently on the globe, much harder.

At the same time, under certain conditions, it is possible to create another system, in which will not be any coordinates, where all points will be built according to laws of spherical geometry and each one will define location of another. If you start to create a planetary navigation system from zero, marked on the surface starting point then, using a certain principle, for example, ratios of regular polygons or their angles you can create following reference points for a given algorithm. In this case, watching any points of system you can determine where are all the others.

ЛИНИИ НАСКИ разгадка тайны геоглифов в пустыне Наска, nazca lines, рисунки, азимут, навигация, azimuth, азимут, направление, карта, навигация, ПОЛЁТНАЯ КАРТА.Moreover, if in points themselves (objects) using layout, orientation and certain location of structures to encode the necessary information then watching object can read it visually. (See. «THE ANCIENT NAVIGATION KOMPLEXES»).

This is similar to as if on the surface of Earth we placed by certain scheme modern "bar codes", making them, for example, of concrete. Watching such sign from height, you can determine your location relatively to Earth and pass further route. Even if such constructions will be buried sand or soil, they will be visible, because even our technologies already allow read microrelief. Thus, recently were discovered many unknown buildings in Angkor. It turned out that it was a megapolis.

If such constructions build in a certain way, turning them into low-frequency resonators, then under the influence of wind and natural microvibrations of surface they will radiate in the infrasonic range thereby designating themselves. See. Article of Russian radiophysicist  Vladimir Yashkardin – «INFRASONIC VIBROACOUSTIC BROADCAST INTERFACE SCIROCCO». You can only tune into desired frequency and you can fly over planet as in computer simulator aircraft.

The only disadvantage of such system is gigantic volume of construction works and sometimes in very remote places. Indeed, in this case the choice of location depends on not from convenience, but from already known position of point in system. But, if technologies allow you can cover the whole planet with network of navigation objects placing them by a certain principle. Such system will operate for thousands of years not depending of anything. Besides, it is possible to build a certain number of monumental reference points and the rest ones simply attach to them observing the general algorithm.

ЛИНИИ НАСКИ разгадка тайны геоглифов в пустыне Наска, nazca lines, рисунки, азимут, навигация, azimuth, азимут, направление, карта, навигация, ПОЛЁТНАЯ КАРТА.Such navigation system (SAMC), in which the zero point is Great Pyramid (GP) in Giza was created on Earth many centuries ago. As reference points in it are the most famous megalithic structures on Earth Stonehenge, Teotihuacan, Tiwanaku, Angkor, Easter Island and many others. Herein lies the clue to their monumentality and destination. Majority of the most mysterious and unexplained buildings on Earth, with very big probability, are navigational landmarks, in which is encrypted information using planning.

Navigation version explains the purpose of ancient temples, megaliths, dolmens and other huge structures built in the most unexpected places. All of this suggests that recently on Earth attended a powerful, global civilization, which left huge volumes of construction. They were truly great masons. What happened with this civilization and where it disappeared is until the puzzle.

If we assume that our planet is visited, for example, by different aliens from different places of universe or long intervals it would be logical to sketch this navigation system and to save just in case. If suddenly some point becomes useless it is always possible to find it and restore. Also on such map you can designate the location of objects which are not intended for a wide range of users relatively to opened constructions. For example, underground bases, portals, warehouses, spaceports, etc.

Exactly such a map on which is drawn navigation system for flying over Earth is Nazca and neighboring Palpa plateau. All giant lines and figures are linked with a certain logic and are the whole. In fact, the Nazca lines are huge "barcode" of Earth in which is encrypted all the necessary information. It is very comfortable. Arriving for the first time on our planet, on 30th latitude they can find GP then Nazca. Read this code and forward.

ЛИНИИ НАСКИ разгадка тайны геоглифов в пустыне Наска, nazca lines, рисунки, азимут, навигация, azimuth, азимут, направление, карта, навигация, ПОЛЁТНАЯ КАРТА.A few pictures likely represent main types of flora and fauna, which inhabit Earth. Flower - grass, tree - trees, the fish - fishes, the whale - marine mammals, monkey - primates, birds, insects, etc. And, of course, the primitive man, who probably so well is drawn.
ЛИНИИ НАСКИ разгадка тайны геоглифов в пустыне Наска, nazca lines, рисунки, азимут, навигация, azimuth, азимут, направление, карта, навигация, ПОЛЁТНАЯ КАРТА.In the article «NAZCA LINES AS A SINGLE SYSTEM» we told about the fact that the set of Nazca lines is a single, clearly interconnected system. In the desert there are many purpose-built and well-marked centers which interact with each other both with many kilometers of lines and without them.

For example, very often a line or side of trapezoid are precisely oriented to center, remote from it for tens of kilometers. Wherein, as you know, the line marking this orientation in reality does not exist. Besides, the centers themselves lay often on the same line, which is given with real geoglyph. See. Interactive map at the end of the page. Looking ahead we can say that these centers, marked points are the most important in Nazca.

Another moment connected with the same angles between lines also indicates to that all Nazca Lines are uniform system based on certain principles. Quite often, there are cases when angles between some lines, with very high accuracy (a few hundredths of a degree), correspond to angles between the other lines, the remote for many kilometers or to angles of correct figures, for example, 20, 30, 45 or 60 degrees.

When measuring distances revealed another, also we can say characteristic pattern. It was found, that length of segment (line) is often multiple to length of whole distance up to the point to which it is oriented. Thus, due to the proportional relations length of segment, for example, length of a certain element side can encode all distance up to desired point indicating direction to it.

Another very interesting feature of distances between elements of Nazca, confirming that orientation of the segment takes place exactly to a certain point is their multiplicity is 100, 500 or even 1,000 meters. There are distances equal to 8000, 10000, 20500, 26800, 31300 and even 41000 m.

невозможность создания такого феномена как геоглифы НаскиListed laws are already quite enough to understand obvious impossibility of creating such a phenomenon as Nazca lines by ancient people without geodesic instruments. Moreover, its creation is impossible today even with tools, though, if for no other reason that without technique we still cannot cope, and technique will break the desert. The construction "in the tracks" we have not yet invented. Therefore, radiophysicist Alla Belokon, is right, of course, - lines and drawings possibly have been made with energy beam from a certain height and carry certain information, which is read from height.

In the next section, we will consider laws in Nazca lines connected with the correct geometric figures.

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