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Geoglyph. It is proved!

Geoglyph. It is proved!

Correspondent of  "MK-Ural" has thrust in archaeological expedition which should confirm/deny the information about  unique object on the  territory of the Chelyabinsk area  earlier not known geoglyph (see insert) before top of the Zjuratkulsky ridge. We declare with all responsibility: the new bright page is  entered henceforth in the history of  archaeological science  geoglyph really exists and it is artificial object.

Carrying out of archaeological investigation on  September, 10-11th in Zjuratkulsky national park has allowed to prove the  presence in the Chelyabinsk area geoglyph. The first not only in Russia, but also as a whole on the territory of huge Euroasian continent (!). The nearest analogues are  the Uffingtonsky horse in England and images on  terrestrial surface on  Naska plateau in Peru.

 It is necessary to notice at once that  geoglyphs  in England and geoglyphs in  Perus strongly concede in sizes to the Zjuratkulsky elk (to its image on the terrace before the Zjuratkulsky ridge). The figure of a huge elk which is accurately looked through in pictures from space, impresses: to 218 metres in  length, 270 - by  diagonal! We will repeat, this archaeological object  today is the first and the only  known on the territory of all Eurasia, nothing similar met to experts   till now.

Not won bet

As soon as Alexey Shestakov who the first on Googles pictures has noticed something "such" and has drawn attention both  experts, and the public to geoglyph , events began to develop promptly. Certainly, how  it happens in such cases, opinions were instantly divided on polar corners. Some  enthusiasts certainly and blindly immediately  have believed in geoglyph that it  is  such  one  as in Naska. Others sceptically grinned and tried to deny, apparently, the  obvious thing - space pictures with the accurate image. The main word  as always had  to say  scientists therefore the employee of the State scientific production   centre  on protection of the  cultural heritage of Chelyabinsk area Nikolay Menshenin and the candidate of historical sciences Stanislav Grigoriev (by the way, he  is more known as the head of scientific researches on Belief island) left for  this place  and your obedient servant   with them.

It is an amusing episode, directly before our sortie one acquaintance  proved hardly  not with foam at his  mouth to the author absurdity of geoglyph existence  on Zjuratkule. «They are  tropes ! Tropes!!! Get on the  ridge and look attentively downwards,  you will understand yourself.  There is no any geoglyph !»,  such was  the course of his proof.  He added that he was some times  himself on the  place, many times  there were other people there   and nobody has noticed anything. From here, by his  opinion smoothly followed  that «it cannot be, because it  can be never».

To argue  with him we   did not become (my position - I will return, I will tell what and  how. - the author ) though  in the first day of excavation already that is on Saturday of  September  10th.  our small group has cleared away a small piece (fragment) of elk  foot.  As have calculated later my companions  Nikolay Mihajlovich and Stanislav Arkadevich   seven-metre on metre excavation   has given the  picture approximately in 0,05 percent from all image. But even it has sufficed to understand - it is man-made object, moreover, the big stones along the edges of foot border( from elk) were organically supplemented with  laying from smaller stones in the centre.

«To imagine  that collapsing and creeping downwards  rocks themselves  for millenia have developed in the  figure of elk  is impossible», - Stanislav Grigoriev ascertained. To Nikolay Menshenin and the author of these lines remained  nothing but to agree. And the main thing, the plot  opened by  us precisely correlated with the  picture. Probably, with  mathematical method it is possible to calculate probability of how under influence only the natural reasons stones and boulders could develop as if the  puzzle in an elk. It seems  the probability of this event will aspire to million parts..

They  even have playfully blamed then: here is  say, you could to win also cognac with bet...

How  does all it  understand?

So,  we have agreed on the  excavation  to consider as the author of sensational discovery of  inhabitant of Satka Alexey Shestakov. Honour of  geogliph discovery legally  belongs to him. Then the first researchers of this object, those which in practice   have confirmed that it  is  just the man-made archaeological object which does not have yet of analogues on the territory of the country, certainly, it is necessary to consider  of N. M.Menshenin and S.A.Grigoriev. And it is for ever.

Certainly, during investigation (so our actions are called in official archaeological language), we could not  keep from enumeration  of versions, begining from that to whom in general   it could come into the head to built  such  huge thing on foothill terrace before Zjuratkule  and finishing the  question, when and how  all this has been executed. The author of these lines, carrying out his  direct duty and without tear  off  from routine archaeological work, as far as it is  possible tried to receive as much as possible information from scientists which , by the way, not always agreed with each other. That is as a whole and basically they agreed that  unique object is found, in general, they have agreed at once  to date  it  at this stage  in very wide borders - VI-II a millenium B.C. And further  hypotheses and guesses begin which   nowadays toda  explain a little.  It is not enough we know now about the object, expensive analyses are necessary (for example, sporo-pollen one that will allow to calculate approximately date of the monument creation ), researches, complex work of archeologists, geologists, geophysicists and  many other experts.

The main and, probably, the most exciting question is  and for what to the ancient people in the  literal sense of word struggling sometimes  for  survival, it was required to fence the huge image of  elk in foothills? Today is impossible to calculate, how many people and expenditures of labour was required   so that geoglyph  has been created all the same and in centuries and a millenium  was visible from space, the further excavations are  necessary. It is clear only that on construction of this sign not  one ten persons and not one day and even month were busy.  Any absurd versions concerning newcomers or that  builders did any signs to aliens, we will agree at once - we reject aside them  because of idiocy. We will leave these games for those who is especially advanced in the astral plan and directly that communicates either with space,  or with  civilisation on the Alpha  Centaur.

Geoglyph  for us in the form of  elk is  purely terrestrial object, object, most likely sacral, the mountains themselves  in this area  are of white colour, in opinion both  Menshenin, and Grigoriev, could be perceived also in the  ancient society as a sacred place. But, again  what for?!

Under the general laughter on excavation  Stanislav Arkadevich retells popularly one scientific theory very originally explaining the  origin and appointment of similar objects. So, according to one western researcher, building of such huge constructions in the times of  neolith and eneolithic  helped … to regulate birth rate. To tell the truth, having heard such,  Nikolay Mihajlovich and we  could not come to the senses and think for a long time  what  such a way building of geogliph , moving to the  huge distance of heavy boulders, removal of  considerable quantity of soil could influence on  demography. Grigoriev eventually has explained: the people occupied supposedly on building were tired  strongly and consequently  did the  children  not  so actively.The general Homeric laughter was the comment to this hypothesis …   Laughter, but such  theory  really exists.

Later, at night during the  supper, Arkadich who specially and seriously interested in the  subject, tells one more original and already own version. In ihis  opinion, the new population standing at higher step of development  than aboriginal has come to  these earth   (that is a modern northwest corner of the Chelyabinsk area) in some  period.   «Then building of geoglyph  can be perceived as demonstration of their power, and it was under construction, probably, joint forces of newcomers and local», - Grigoriev says. And what,  it is probably  logically, speaking with primitive language newcomers in such a way (by means of technologies and building of huge objects) at once  clearly let know, who is,  as they say, the main owner in the house

It is  interested, and what was  then? «And then the  time ran, distinctions between two societies smoothed out and at some  stage they simply disappeared. "But at first was so", - Grigoriev adds. By the way, in his  opinion both  geoglyph  and those megalithic complexes which he  investigated throughout "2000" years on Belief island, can be the phenomena of one order. And even to start with one centre in the Near East. Unfortunately, today the science cannot draw the unequivocal conclusion, and whether it  was so actually. We will repeat the systematic  material accumulation  are necessary  and  it is not excluded  long researches,

I say that in the Chelyabinsk area the archeology  literally for last three decades has made a huge step forward, monuments of world level archeology were  opened ,unique without false modesty. Arkaim, megalits of Belief island  (including parking of paleolith times  ), now the unique  geoglyph in Eurasia  Whether still will it  be?

«According to my calculations  this figure, by the way, now wanders from  report to  report, on territory of our area is inspected  only 10 % of lands. Do you imagine how many objects can be revealed?», - Nikolay Mihajlovich continues discussion. «We while investigated the  fragment of geoglyph in 0.05 % ,certainly, it is not enough  to draw any conclusions. Well, besides, that it exists», - he adds.

According to  words both Grigoriev, and Menshenin, now after the carried out  investigation the report about made will leave  for  Moscow,  in the Institute of Archeology of Russia then, probably, Stanislav Arkadevich will request on his name the open sheet (the document granting the right to conduct investigation and archaeological researches) . In this official document, but the report is a document, for the first time experts will draw a conclusion that in Southern Ural Mountains has been opened geoglyph. They  will ask a  permission for  its further studying.

Sight from skies

It is necessary to warn, probably, all wishing to admire with geoglyph. A terrace (or a plateau?) before a ridge of Zjuratkul where actually is   an image of the stylised elk, has grown  with high up to belt and even the breast to the person  grass and low forest . The  construction  itself  and it we saw  with  eyes and cleared away with own hands is tightened with  turf. So simple travel on this terrace along  so-called ecological track of national park will not give  results . An elk  is not visible neither from the earth, nor from mountain in  what we convinced ourselves  having gone to the  forehead to storm a  top. So to idle about there late  has no any   meaning   you "will not feel" the geoglyph with you feet.

The situation on the  terrace at the moment of geoglyph building , by the way, was absolutely other. The layer of humus  which now is  powerful enough, in those days (a few  thousand years ago), practically was absent and this   Menshenin and Grigoriev have precisely fixed in ours excavation.

Most likely, it was pure, almost equal platform with a small bias towards the lake Zjuratkul. Because of it  this platfom  has been chosen by builders as an ideal place on the  landscape for the image which was perfectly looked through from the  mountain. Somewhere there the ancient should have the  observant platform from  which, probably, works were corrected on  establishment of  elk contours on the  district . Perhaps, this platform was at the top stone outlier in the highest point of mountain, maybe, somewhere in  the other place as since then the mountain continuously collapsed under the influence of elements. The answer to this question, probably, will be never received.

How did geoglyph build? While researchers can give only the most approximate answer and it sounds as follows. Probably (but not obligatory!) some  big stones lying on the earth, could be used by ancient people as dots from which they started  during  erection of construction. Probably, with the greatest boulders are made the borders of imagery as on the plot  which we investigated . We will remind that there two big stones were borders of  5-metre strip of stones  and in the centre it reminded more all the stone laying  poured then with  the soil and crushed stone. In short it is possible to argue tup to  the point of exhaustion and to tell everything you like, excavations are  necessary. Systematic and methodical ones.

«From mountain the elk on the terrace  was perfectly looked through  in those days all construction was the new and this geoglyph  was distinctly read from above», - Menshenin summarises.

And really  from top the of Zjuratkule the fine sights to four  corners of the world  opens . The naked eye of the person is capable to see mountains or spurs of mountains on the distance in tens kilometres. Directly under us there is  the  platform with geoglyph  but it, certainly, we do not see. The time has made its  business and now it is necessary to pull out from under the earth this monument of our far ancestors.

Having finished a mountain sortie, we  restore in rate the construction  broken during the  research and we go to base camp. It is time to go home, to the beginning of working week, everyone has his  duties.

It is possible to be assured precisely the next : within the next few days both to Nikolay Menshenin, and Stanislav Grigoriev it is necessary to communicate with representatives of the Russian and western mass-media . And still they  will wait with impatience the  estimation of professional community which very conservatively approaches to such opening. Not out of place it will be  notice that ten years ago very few people from scientists believed that island of Belief in the middle of lake Turgojak megalithic constructions  are found.  Today it is proved and does not cause objections.

So it will turn out with a geoglyph of Zjuratkule.

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