MYSTERIOUS CAVEIn the book Hans-Ulrich Krants «Anenerbe. « The heritage of ancestors ». Hitler's confidential project», is told about communications of a Nazi guidance with occult forces, about the scientific researches, carried out by criminal regime and the reached improbable results.

"Anenerbe" planned  carried out  the researches on Caucasus  - regional specialists from  Kabardino-Balkaria Republic Maria and Victor Kotljarovy, authors more than fifty books on history  ethnology, orography of Caucasus have informed sk-news.ru. We publish article and the photos given sk-news.ru by authors.

Mystical organization "Anenerbe" (German Ahnenerbe - «the Heritage of ancestors») was created in Germany in the early thirties the last century. Its full name - «the German society on studying of ancient German history and a heritage of ancestors», its   aim was the proof of the theory of the racial superiority of Germen: «researches in the field of spirit localization, acts, and inheritances of Indo-German race».

In 1935 Henry Himmler, after two years integrating "Anenerbe" in structure of SS becomes the president and the representative of the organization «Heritage of ancestors». In 1941 the society was included in the personal staff of reichfuerer of SS, and his activity was reoriented exclusively on military needs. The Nuremberg international tribunal recognized «the Heritage of ancestors» as the criminal organization and its head Zivers was sentenced to the death penalty.



MYSTERIOUS CAVE… Complex Caucasian expedition of "Anenerbe" for which preparation Hilarities  worked hard, did not take place , in the beginning, owing to many reasons  was postponed  and then  it appeared late - with  great feat and heavy victims the Soviet armies  stopped fascist aggressors, and then went  to the offensive, driving them from Caucasus.

But representatives of omnipotent "Anenerbe", being engaged in expedition preparation, visited however Kabardino-Balkaria Republic. They were among the Alpine riflemen entering into the well-known division "Edelweiss". To confirm it with confidence gives  right that fact that one of the German groups, settling down in Baksansky gorge  showed the big interest in research of some places visited many prongs and natural boundaries, rose on dominating plateaus, where  it is not so simply to reach. Somehow it is not so believed that the pedestrian (by no means  not one-day) excursions  the Alpine riflemen made with aim  of their mental  outlook  expansion  studying sights of gorges and a plateau of Tyzyl, Urdy, Kanzhol.

Today we know, in what is concrete settlement and even the house the Hitlerite group lived ,how  long they  were here, how many (approximately)  persons included it. Moreover, the place is known (nowadays it is territory of a private home ownership) where one of group members, the high-ranking officer of wehrmacht was buried, found the death (unfortunately, old residents of settlement do not remember its circumstance) and the last haven in the earth, which secrets he so aspired to learn. The official reinterment will allow defining its person - fascists in this question were ultra scrupulous: the name tag, undoubtedly, is in the burial place. And it can throw light on much.

About which   concrete places of Baksansky gorge Hilarities visited, the left labels testify them: a swastika and date. One of them on October, 28th, 1942.

MYSTERIOUS CAVEHowever, concerning heights dominating over settlement it is possible to explain occurrence of the marked reference point’s not mystical, but ordinary realities finding in these parts concrete military divisions of aggressors: from the end of summer to the autumn of 1942 the hardest fights took place here. Military operations in the place interesting for us (vicinities of Zajukovo) began on August, 23rd. More than two months soldiers of 37th army kept boundaries on coast of Baksana while in the end of October with improbable efforts Hilarities broke our defense.

That is date on October, 28th on one of tops which is  by left-hand side of  Baksan river  is quite logical both by  time  and by  place. And the next ones found considerably above in gorges Urdy, Tyzyl? For today such inscriptions are revealed four. What is the sense of these drawings? Whether they cannot  together with others ones which  were not found yet  owing to different reasons destroyed to be mark according to old residents of nearby settlements how  hated symbol of presence on the native earth of conquerors?

It is exactly with this question set local resident Arthur Zhemuhov who has thoroughly studied routes of stay of Hilarities in Kabardino-Balkaria, found out and other signs left them. He came to the conclusion: researches of Hitlerite occultists if they were conducted in Kabardino-Balkaria Republic did not come to the end with success.  They could not come to the end because in initial data available for them there was some error, reference points shown together and even with an exception some of them did not become reference point for detection something unusual.

But lasting many days, improbably heavy searches (Arthur proceeded up and down Baksansky gorge, climbed all tops in upper reaches  of settlements Zajukovo, Zhanhoteko) have brought surprising result: approximately from one of the swastikas put on stones he has found in one and  half kilometers strange, amazing imagination  with its mysteriousness and inexplicability object …



MYSTERIOUS CAVEIt is mine with the extent about eighty meters and consisting of several knees with chambers-transitions from one to another. The first of them, coming to outside is two integral stone plates put in parallel with sides lay   with accurate small stones. The sizes 134 х 43 sm; far not everyone can squeeze there.

Further there is a ledge and other square mine already more extents - 16 meters.  There are two more passages and the ten-meter mine which is coming to the huge (36 meters!)  Hall. One of its walls is laid of stone blocks: where with appreciable seams between them and where driven so densely that backlashes practically are not visible, the impression is made that blocks as though merged, flowed one to another. It is ground not only a wall, but also the arch outwardly resembling a huge hanging parabola. The opposite wall of the hall is natural; its width is insignificant, from three and a half to four meters.

The strange impression leaves hung between hall walls (resting in them) a huge stone: if it fallen off it is not clear whence, the arch is absolutely even, continuous without splits and cracks. All the more under the stone there is passage in height of eighty centimeters under which it is possible to climb through.

And some more, the mine does not end with the hall at all there are passes to one and to other its sides; undoubtedly, there is   access to which block stone barricade. The matter is that Arthur who was clearing away descent downwards, remained nothing how to throw down the fallen off of tufa pieces. And time has made the business many blocks have crackled, crumbled; their way was only one to the bottom.

About that the mine has continuation, inflow of fresh air  testifies also, sensation  that it comes not from above but   from somewhere of  sides; moreover, air movement  is noticeably visible-  flame  tip of  lighter   does  not find in rest for a second  deviating almost horizontal at the  both ends of the  hall. 



 MYSTERIOUS CAVEArthur who found out mine last year, climbed down in it repeatedly (times fifteen not less). Climbed  down, neglecting with  rules of elementary safety: above he was insured only by one person (cousin Arcady); climbed  down, using rather primitive means , for example, the  simple  rope because   he  simply did not have means for real alpinist one. And it was necessary much from the special techniques and the equipment plus the gasoline, constantly demanding (because of the absence of roads) repair and replacement of spare parts for car "Niva". And the help which rendered the head of the republican Ministry of extraordinary situations Sergey Ivanovich Shagin could not compensate all expenses, especially carrying out of the real research works.
Photos, Zhemuhov made a great number of them did not leave doubts that the object demanding the most intent   attention is before us. But that it is artificial construction, they wanted to convince themselves: one business is to look and absolutely another one to see. The real expedition (with techniques, experts) it was possible to organize only in the middle of August.

 On a large scale the mine is located close enough from the automobile line which are passing along Baksansky gorge, any nine hundred meters shown the video camera viewfinder   but it was necessary to rise on road which was called as mountain one (it, most probably, put in order at the Soviet power last time), and further to rise on grassy slopes in general. And consequently eight kilometers (in the other direction - twelve) are accessible only   for   old car"Niva." equipped with tyre chains, and for   GAZ car not familiar with concept of passenger comfort.

 Arthur climbed down the mine.  First as the trailblazer, behind him Alexey, the professional rescuer. Arthur reached the bottom where he remained; Alexey reached up to deflector hanging over the hall where he hammered jumper and returned. After that Jeanne the photographer climbed down and other rescuer Murat and again Alexey.



MYSTERIOUS CAVE Since ten o'clock in the afternoon we who remained above - two drivers and authors of these lines, were waiting for a long time. At the beginning it flew absolutely imperceptibly. We having examined vicinities, literally in ten meters from the first mine, but already on the right side   found the second one filled up. Will tell more truly, the stones making one of opposite walls, collapsed from time and were displaced to each other. Nevertheless between them there was a hole passing downwards and deep enough: the stone thrown downwards, flied, touching walls, some seconds. Hence, depth here was at least 25-30 meters.

 Further it is needed to investigate, for what it is necessary to clean the fallen off stones but it is impossible without technical means. But by it’s the parameters and appearance this mine is similar passed by Arthur. But where does it lead if in the hall arch (and it settles down just under it) there are no apertures?

To the left side from the basic entrance (on the same distance, as well as the second mine) - a heap of stones not clearly from where appeared as if they made earlier some kind of a canopy over something and were brought down forcibly.  There is sensation that under them one more entrance exists. But to check up it is impossible, the stones one of which sides is even as if it is processed are very heavy.

The mountain itself  in which there are mines  is some kind of the pyramid made of huge tuff blocks with here and there  absolutely even, as if cut off, edges. Such impression that it is combined from stone cubes and adits   did not punch in the rock but spread out as in the construction set. But it is, of course, not so: the imagination at meetings with not clear things will prompt not such.

Exactly the imagination became the reason of our subsequent excitement:  an hour passed, the second and the third ones, there was no sound from the adit    . The matter is that  the  mobile communication  does not penetrate  the  many-meters stone thickness, and wire phone which was available, we did not get down , being assured that men  will be one from another on the voice distance.

Two three, four, five hours… Calmness has left us,  the pictures of stone blockages, liberation of the deadly gases, imagined with  associations with the Egyptian pyramids, more truly, thrillers about them, replaced one another ones , pushing to unreasonable actions.

 Two groups of rescuers hurried  for the  aid to us  for  which we  had to send  one of cars,  it  with improbable efforts reached the  road , then below we  heard muffled voices of rising expedition members which spent below who six, and who and all eight hours …



MYSTERIOUS CAVEBut at the beginning some words about the reason by which our researchers are late so. The matter is that the descent and especially the ascent are so inconvenient that they are by forces only for well prepared sportsmen. It testifies, in the first place, that the marked aperture had an applied character it did not intend for passage as that, namely it served for realization of purely functional purpose, being as air line (ventilating mine).

As soon as  the mine was  reactivated (only to  the top, open its part precipitations  got, that is why the  walls grown with the  moss, but further the aperture was closed with  the stone block densely enough entering into groove-wall, which Arthur threw downwards), the microclimate  changed in it. If at the first descents the temperature below was  constant , about 16 degrees  and the  walls were  absolutely dry, without the slightest presence of  moisture on stones about what photos testify  the temperature began to fall with time  and moisture began to accumulate on the  walls.   In the day of descent the temperature was about 6-8 degrees (steam appeared from the breath) and the walls were covered with water film literally. For this reason ascent from the hall turned out prolonged, having take some hours. Nevertheless enthusiasm those who visited adit prevail over the feeling of extreme weariness and the endured burdens.

Alexey's opinion that saw much for his rescue career is that: «The object has no analogues among such sort of cave complexes; the sensation of the purposeful application of hands human» is created.

Alexey's colleague, Murat, also is assured that the aperture in the mountain with a big degree of probability is intended for ventilation, but of what and for what he finds it difficult to answer.

The photographer Jeanne is more careful in the estimations, she does not exclude of natural version, but at the same time she cannot offer an explanation to many details, characteristic for object and testifying about artificiality of its origin.

Arthur's opinions do not need to give, probably. He is more excited not who has built mine in the mountain over Zajukovo, but for what purpose and   mainly where does it lead?



MYSTERIOUS CAVETufa, we will remind, is the rock formed of volcanic ashes at volcanoes eruption. Whether  is it  possible that found in vicinities of Zajukovo   mine leading to depth in tens  meters is created by  nature, that  tufa  has lain down not simply with  layers and  accurately has laid out  rectangular aperture at that of  ideal configuration?

Whether is it more truly to assume that people used created by the nature in any purposes known only for them, having built air lines (we will consider, failing at present moment of other assumption that functional destination of mines is such), having built them, having led them to the surface.  While only half of tufa rock if not less, making one of anonymous tops of the mountain   interesting for us massif is passed.

Another question: how was it possible for them, with what possibilities to make such things if we living in the XXI-st century cannot represent ones similar as real? Did they cut blocks from tufa? But by means of what was it? And how, with what mechanisms did they deliver blocks downwards? All the more sensation does not leave that blocks are not cut and as if they are cast according to the ready forms.

On a popular Internet site «Laboratory of alternative history» many versions of technologies of the Inca cities building are put forward, they are well-known Oljantajtambo and Machu Picchu. Many participants of discussion deny machining as such  and  making  start from the form of stones they are convinced   that it was  executed from concrete  and  the blocks themselves  were cast with use of plastic forms with their subsequent laying in the wooden (panel board) falsework .

There are a lot of supporters and at so-called "plasticine" technology at which the stone by means of the unknown nowadays energy operating on a certain frequency was softened (got jelly condition), and after installation it hardened.

MYSTERIOUS CAVEThese versions are caused by that at manual machining of the stone, not allowing to receive ideally even  surfaces, it is impossible to carry out a qualitative laying, that is backlashes as such ones  should be  remained. In our case (on the hall walls) they are absent. But if the age of the wall is many thousand years, the stone, owing to the certain plasticity inherent to any firm materials could fill joints, having filled backlashes with time.

Hence, if the mine over settlement Zajukovo has an artificial origin people  built it , possessed  with technologies of stone   unknown for  us (about what was  told above) and with  mechanisms (and faster, besides with  technologies and most likely gravitational) of  delivery and installations of stone blocks.

We showed photos of mine to many geologists, including the foreign ones.  The majority of them tend to the version of its artificial origin because of blocks orthogonality, the presence of the solution in seams between them, the absence of slanting cracks, characteristic for tufa. All were uniform - similar they yet did not see. Did not meet anything similar and the chief of the plot  of the Kabardino-Balkaria geology-prospecting expedition Vera Davidenko, but she is a  realist and believes that  everything  is  in forces of nature . Therefore we will not ignore also her  conclusion  which is  in  following:« The tufa of this plot  represents the  congestion of  emission products  of the  volcano - ashes,  of lava, scraps, of   volcanic glass and in a small degree of rock fragments composing  the walls of the  crater. The emission material at accumulation was hot and consequently under hardening separateness cracks were formed that is all tuff massif has appeared like broken into blocks. The deepening which was found around settlement Zajukovo represents itself one of such cracks of the gravitational separation for which even surfaces of contact are characteristic.

In a word, «anything surprising that surfaces of the found deepening are ideally even there is no» and therefore this phenomenon is not a mine but a crack. Well, then we should  agree with that according to probability theory  one thousand monkeys for one thousand years can write the novel "War and peace". To check up it in practice is impossible. But  to study « Zajukovo  crack» (let it sounds even so)  is necessary and  we invite to take part in these researches everybody  for  whom told story  seemed interesting and  who can help really and actively.


CAVE'S PHOTOS by Victor Kotljarov.


Source: sk-news.ru

Author:  GeoLines


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Under the mountain there is an ancient underground city, which the military and special services do not allow to explore.
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There are still ancient tombs