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Hopeless attempts continue somehow to explain the fact of existence of Giza pyramids complex without involving extraterrestrial reason, and being based only on human race possibilities, but the more attempts of substantiation of such point of view are the more noticeable principle impossibility of similar building by forces of people, never mind slaves of Pharaohs or mythical atlantes The Greek historian Gerodot informed that this pyramid of Cheops was under construction for 20 years, and in its building 100.000 persons who were replaced each three months were busy. As soon as a new Pharaoh ascended to the throne... he started to prepare at once to death. That is, to build the doleful dwelling - a pyramid. They found a place for pyramid. Then in mountains started to prepare stone blocks. From above in stone apertures along perimeter of the future block were drilled and wooden bars were driven in into them. Bars were watered every day, the tree inflated, and the stone cracked along the necessary perimeter. Then the block for long time was very carefully processed, and then it was transported to the place of the pyramid construction .Only the people pulled it on special wooden runners on the laid road. When the first stones were delivered to the place, first row was laid together from them. Then it was filed up with sand so that on the surface there was a top of the first row. Then on the sandy embankment the second row of blocks was delivered. So, with each number the sandy embankment became higher and longer. Stone blocks were installed with the big accuracy. Between them it was impossible even to push a knife blade. As soon as the pyramid was ready, it covered with granite plates and cleaned a sandy embankment. The modern Egyptology explains technological successes of an early Egyptian civilization with simple mechanical use of large quantity of cheap labor. Building of the Great pyramid, according to the scientists, has been carried out thanks to attraction of hundreds thousand slaves, copper tools, wooden adaptations and the most severe organization of work. However the facts which to surprise the official science does not want to recognize, say about the use of technology in some cases inaccessible to modern one.
Pieces of granite and diorite show the same traces which remain at processing of firm magmatic breeds with modern machineries. It amazes that the researches of these fragments carried out yet by Petri, did not attract to them proper attention, but they give incontestable evidences of machine methods of processing. Possibly, many people will be surprised, having learnt that the evidences confirming that ancient Egyptians used tools of straight and circular saws type and even the milling equipment, were received more than centuries ago. The lathe is original "father" of all machine equipment existing nowadays. Petry has shown the proofs which make it clear that ancient Egyptians used not only the milling equipment, but also solved problems which, according today's standards would be considered impossible without advanced technologies and specialized methods - type of milling of concave and convex spherical surfaces without cutting bar to pieces .
Reading work of Petri, it is possible to conclude that he has carried out very careful research of tools which were used in processing of firm stone. But, despite of everything, some Egyptologists continue to believe persistently that the granite used in the Great pyramid, was processed by copper chisel.
It is possible, of course, to "harden ", copper, repeatedly striking or even deforming it. However after achievement of certain hardness copper will start to split and scatter to pieces. Therefore work with copper for some long period of time it is necessary to burn or soften periodically for maintenance of its integrity. But even after strengthening in such way copper is completely not capable to process granite. The firmest copper alloy existing today is beryllium-copper one. Even if Egyptians possessed tools from this alloy it would not approach us to understanding of process as this firmest alloy is insufficiently firm for granite processing.

Meanwhile, there is a large quantity of ancient Egyptian artifacts testifying about machining processing in industrial scale. It is incredible, but, it seems that saw cut of basalt, was in ancient Egypt not very labor-intensive business. Traces of saw cut on granite and basalt with disk or tape saws are accurate and parallel. Quality of this work testifies that prosaws were made with ideally steady blade, without any signs of initial "roving" of blade.

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The Egyptian artifacts showing tubular drilling are the most amazing and impressing evidence showing level of knowledge and the technology, reached by people in period of prehistory. Ancient drills created narrowed apertures with the spiral deepening’s which more deeply have been cut in firmer elements of granite. These drilled channels in different produces of Ancient Egypt vary in limits from 0, 63 sm to 45 sm in diameter. The smallest aperture made in granite, is about 5 sm in diameter. Drilling of apertures in granite is rather difficult action. Tubular drilling of granite is specialized enough method. These apertures demonstrate the high technological level developed by Egyptians.


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 Opening of the new data will invariably put us before new questions. It is quite natural to ask in this case: «Where are these machineries? » This question can be asked as much as necessary and to everybody, and especially to those people who believes that any other methods were used. Truth concludes in that for explanation of any theory about construction of pyramids or creations of granite boxes none suitable tools were not found at all. More than eighty pyramids were revealed in Egypt, and tools with which them built, have been never found. One only the Great pyramid, according to estimations, consists of 2.300.000 calcareous and granite stone blocks weighing from 2 to 70 tons each. Why it was required to build temples from not lifting 200-ton blocks when it would be much easier (and not worse in any way aesthetically) to use smaller blocks, say, in 2-3 tons? There are only two variants of the answer. Either those people which projected these constructions, possessed the technical knowledge allowing easily extracting, bringing and placing huge blocks, or their way of thinking strikingly differed from ours. These blocks are mountain of artifacts; there are no any tools, capable to explain their creation.

Surface of all four sides of the Great Pyramid with total square in 8,9 hectares was covered of mirror smooth facing from 115 thousand polished blocks in the thickness to 2,4 meters with weight about 16 tons. Powerful earthquake which has devastated vicinities of Cairo in 1301 of B.C has brought down the facing. Till XIV century in all Arabian comments it was told about the Great pyramid as about the architectural miracle which facing sparkled under a shining sun of Egypt, and «blocks were so are densely driven to each other that it could seem, as if from the top to the bottom everything was made of one piece». Investigating them in 1881, sir U. M.Flinders-Petri has noticed with surprise that «the average width of gaps was 0,5 millimeters; and, accordingly, curvature of surface stone and deviation of the block form from a square does not exceed 0,25 millimeters along the length 1,9 meters this accuracy is comparable with accuracy of the majority of modern optical systems». All these stones as it was found out have been fastened among themselves with thin layer of very strong cement. This cement has been put with equal layer on the surface of stones in a total area 21 acre (8, 9 hectares). «Even if simply to lay these plates, precisely joining them with each other, huge work was required but if ,besides, it was necessary to spread seams with cement it seems almost impossible: it can be compared only with exact jeweler work."(U.F.Petri's)"

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  Facing of the Great pyramid has been executed from firm white limestone. At present the facing rest does not cover completely even the first, the lowest row of the pyramid. And the most part of which remained on the place has undergone to very strong erosion. So that the erosion has reached such degree, a wind with sand should "sharpen" it very substantial time. On a Hefren pyramid calcareous facing has remained only at very big height. The wind here though exists, but sand is essentially less and consequently appreciable traces of wind-sand erosion there are no. And the facing which has remained here and there of the lowest row is granite. The granite is much hardier to similar influence. The entrance of Hefren pyramid is at the proper height and is reverted with granite. On the remained part of Hefren pyramid facing it is visible that it leveled on the pyramid and works had not been finished. If alignment of calcareous laying on inclined plane represents a serious problem even for our modern level of industrial building, alignment on inclined plane with observable accuracy of granite faces for the modern techniques in general business inconceivable. Facing of pyramids demanded additional enormous expenses of work especially in lifting of blocks about 16 tons to the height. It seemed, it was possible to manage without facing. Almost all pyramids have stood without facing millennium and, probably, will surprise and admire people for centuries. And if to count expenses of work for transportation, lifting of plates in 6 times heavier by weight of usual blocks, on their exact installation and alignment it is possible to tell that facing work expenses is almost comparable with the general expenses on manufacturing and installations of cubic calcareous blocks.


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To know about volume of works which was executed by Egyptians together with Nibirijts at building of Cheops pyramid, we will imagine that Europe has received the task, to erect a pyramid copy somewhere in a deserted place near the fresh water source, we will admit on Sinai where there was an Ekur pyramid. All actions of civil engineering firms are financed from the budget of the European Union. That is firms do not have any financial difficulties throughout all building. The task is to construct a full copy of a pyramid for 20 years, at that the General contractor has unlimited possibilities in use of human resources, qualified personnel and the modern building techniques. The General contractor starts project realization since the moment of start. The staff first of all is created, and geodesists go to that place for carrying out of metering. According to the metering project institutes prepare drawings, taking into account specificity of district, passage of underground waters and hardness of breeds. Simultaneously road builders who should lay for supersize cars road from stone quarries to the pyramid join. Probably that granite plates should be cut somewhere in mountains, whence 60-70 ton plates should be transported to the pyramid. Ancient Egyptians had to extract granite blocks in Aswan and there from transport those on ships across Nile, overload in the port constructed for this purpose, and further carry to the pyramid of 700-800 more meters. Besides, electricians and experts in water supply and the water drain join to the project. They should count up requirements of techniques and people in the energy, in water and connect the place of building with the nearest power station and a fresh water source. We will consider that at station, and also in lake or the river there are unlimited reserve capacities. At best for all complexes of the listed works will spend not less than two years, probably more. Many factors are not defined, but we will consider that conditions on the chosen place are the same which were for Egyptians in a valley of Giza. So, energy and water are brought, the project is ready, it is possible to bring and collect techniques and to start the work. As appears from calculations, the pyramid is collected from 2, 3 million calcareous blocks in weight about 2, 5 tons and from 115 thousand smooth plates in weight about 16 tons. For installation of plates it is required not less than 3 years (3*365*24*60/115000=13, 7 minutes). Civil engineering firms should construct for 15 years - 2, 3 million cubic blocks, that is 15 years/2, 3 *106 = 15*365*24*60/2, 3 *106 = 3, 42 minutes or 3 minutes and 25 seconds. Now the task before builders is led to that each 3 minutes and 25 seconds on pyramid one block or 17, 5 blocks at an hour is installed. Attracting the modern techniques: tractors with manipulators, tower and self-propelled cranes, stone-cutting machineries apparently the problem is not so difficult.

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Let's look at each operation separately. We will begin from the end, from lifting and installation of blocks. We use the most productive for our problem tower cranes. This spring German company "Wilbert" has deserved a rank of the biggest crane manufacturer with a variable length of the arrow, made in Europe, having presented new WT1905L. The maximum tonnage of WT1905L is 80 tons in radius of 25 meters. At 78 meter radius tonnage is equal 19 tons. The crane offers on 50 % higher tonnage at average and long radiuses, than its European competitors. The elevating mechanism of the crane can lift 32 tons with the maximum speed of 185 meters per minute. Autonomous height can vary from 70 to 140 meters, depending on tower system and length of arrow.
For cargoes in weight to 8 tons manufacturers offer the additional mobile cart and 5-metre traveler Cargoes up to 8 tons can be moved with crane with arrow length up to 83 meters. In the crane the principle of modularity is used: the main arrow has length of 36 meters, and is moved out with six-meter sections for convenience of work. So that stationary tower cranes could install blocks on all area of the basis of the pyramid 230 х 230 meters, it is necessary to put 9 cranes: 4 - in the middle of side, 4 - at the corners and 1 - in the centre. Tower cranes along the pyramid sides move on rails, at achievement of certain height they become added (lean on the ground and on a skeleton of building construction pyramid). The crane in the centre is self-elevating, (leans on the constructed part of construction and moves vertically in process of pyramid growth). Cranes traveler should be made so that it, coping from a tower, grasped from four sides the block with crabs claws (to have for safety eight cogs, as at grab cranes for scrap metal is better). Time for block taking, its moving along the arrow, lifting and installation can fluctuate from 3 till 20 minutes depending on height lifting. That is one crane can install from 20 to 3 blocks in an hour depending on remoteness of place and height. The crane in the centre can function, if lateral cranes provide it’s with field of operations. That is the general time for installation of blocks with cranes will depend on crane work in the centre, and it cannot be more than 20 blocks at an hour.

СHEOPS PYRAMID IS BUILT BY EUROPE.Facing blocks up to 16 tons the crane can install at the distance not more than 90 meters (starting from its characteristic). The remaining dead zone for two cranes is equal to 40 meters should be blocked by the additional self-propelled cranes, not less than one type on each side Liebherr LTM 1090-4.1. Liebherr LTM 1090-4.1. Granite blocks for overlapping «chambers of the tsar»in weight about 60-70 tons should be lifted and install by means of group Mantiwoc crane Grove GTK1100. GTK1100 has a 76, 5-metre vertical tower in which top part there is a five-section 60-metre telescopic arrow. According to Mantiwoc, the crane is capable to lift cargoes in weight more than 70 tons on height more than 120 meters. For the first time the operating car has been presented at the exhibition Bauma in Germany in April, 2007. The choice of crane GTK 1100 is explained with its main advantage, its huge tonnage at very big height. The first telescopic crane Grove GTK1100 has executed the first series of elevating works - installation 2-kilowatt wind turbine on power station Repower Systems in Ilshofene (a federal land Baden-Wurtemberg in the south of Germany) in 2008. Installation took five stages. At first the crane with three stages has lifted mast sections in weight 62, 53 and 45 tons. Then the heaviest element a 70-ton gondola has followed. And, at last, by means of the crane on the earth the screw with three 8-ton blades and gross weight in 42 tons has been collected and lifted. It is important to note one more detail. At achievement of arising height construction about 120 meters (at the angle of pyramid rib to the basis in 52 degree) stationary tower cranes cannot give further blocks on a platform as the side of building platform will be removed on 80 meters {[147 - (115-80) * ctg 52] =147 - 35*0,78 = 120}. They should be dismantled.

СHEOPS PYRAMID IS BUILT BY EUROPE.The last 27 meters of pyramid height should be erected by means of self-propelled cranes and the self-elevating crane in the platform centre. The lifting height of such crane should be not less than 150 meters, and lengths of arrow from the earth to the platform 147/cos 52 = 147/0,62 = 237 meters. A German firm Liebherr offers the following last achievements in this area: Liebherr LTM 1500-8.1. Possesses the longest in the world telescopic arrow. Thanks to lengthening of telescopic arrow tonnage is considerably increased. The application range expands the trellis extender of arrow in length 91 meter. Lifting height is 145 m., a length is 108 m. For lifting to the height of facing blocks it is necessary to use the most powerful telescopic crane in the world with the longest in the world telescopic arrow Liebherr LTM 11200-9.1. Automatic lengthening of arrow (8 sections) for the demanded length and fastening on clamps is necessary. No one of these modern machineries will not be able to finish building, it is necessary to complete last meters by means of helicopters cranes of type МИ-26Т which provides lifting and carrying over of large-sized cargoes in weight up to 20 tons. The helicopter for the one flying, use system of external suspension bracket and platform with boards, can deliver to top of building pyramid 7 blocks or one trimming block.

If 8 tower cranes plus the crane in the centre can stack in average the first rows of blocks with speed 50 blocks for an hour in further this productivity will decrease. Necessity of attraction of self-propelled cranes for installation of facing blocks considerably will reduce productivity. When self-propelled cranes with height 120 meters will be link up , speed of packing of 2-3 cranes plus the self-elevating crane will fall up to 5 blocks per hour , and the last meters, even with use of 2 helicopters-cranes, blocks will be pack not faster than 2-3 per hour Productivity of the central crane will be influenced by complexity of packing on drawings of internal premises: galleries, passages, mines, chambers of tsar and tsarina. At installation of granite plates tower cranes should stop the work temporarily. Time which is required on installation of tower cranes, it is not considered. In the average by means of such techniques it will be possible to approach to the planned figure 18 blocks per hour. The variant with maximum admissible quantity of cranes with 80 meter arrow is offered. The increase in number of cranes more than 9 because of narrowness can aggravate situation and lead to clash and productivity falling.

СHEOPS PYRAMID IS BUILT BY EUROPE.Calcareous blocks in weight in 2, 5 tons from quarry to the pyramid 8-10 pieces are transported by heavy trucks of type Scania (Sweden) with an onboard platform with length 6400 mm and height of boards 800 mm and with crane-manipulator EFFER 275-4S. The cargo weight can reach 4 tons at the maximum length of arrow 16 m. Depending on the task, cargo can move up to height 13 meters, and at installation of additional sliding sections and ogee to 26 meters. This unique automobile crane-manipulator can grasp the ready block in quarry from the height of the nine-floor house and put it on its platform. Considering productivity of the tower crane and capacity of the truck it is preferable to have for each crane one truck with the manipulator which constantly should be in quarry and transport the cut out blocks on the platform, and then to deliver group of 10 blocks to the pyramid. At the tower crane of the pyramid by means of the crane-manipulator unloading is carried out. For maintenance of works rhythm it is necessary to have at least such 10 unique trucks.

СHEOPS PYRAMID IS BUILT BY EUROPE.Ballast super tractors with capacity more than 700 h.p. are necessary to use for transportation of granite plates in weight up to 70 tons. Three years ago the French company «Nicolas Industrie» has let out 5 -axis super heavy truck Tractomas TR (10x10) D100 which has entered into the Guinness Book of Records, as the biggest tractor in the world. And autumn of this year Frenchmen have let out new super powerful model Tractomas TR (8x8) D95. On the newest heavy truck the 12-cylinder turbo diesel engine «Caterpillar C27 ACERT» is established, 950 h.p. developing capacity Tractor Tractomas TR 10x10 D100 is capable to work as a part of the lorry convoy in full weight of 600 tons. The lorry convoys consisting of four heavy trucks and two 11-axis of trailers, transport now transformers in weight on 270 tons in Southern Africa.
At exhibition BAUMA 2010 in Munich firm "SCHEUERLE" will present a novelty - the new module - a super heavy truck «InterCombi PB» with connected transmission axes and connected power station «PowerPack Unit (PPU) ». Thanks to the invention of engineers of firm SCHEUERLE necessity for the additional tractor by transportation super heavy cargoes on a cross-country terrain disappears. For loading on the platform and unloading of granite plates it is possible to use self-propelled cranes GROVE RT 890 E GROVE RT 9130 E with the maximum load-carrying capacity of 80 and 120 tons according to length of the basic arrow from 12 to 48 meters.

СHEOPS PYRAMID IS BUILT BY EUROPE.   So, we have approached to the most labor-intensive stage, to the work in quarries. For a cutting of blocks the various career equipment, such as boring machineries, the rope machineries, special cranes, and also load-lifting motor transport is used. The Italian company "Pellegrino" offers all spectrum of the necessary career equipment, lets out all machineries and the equipment, necessary for manufacturing of blocks of the correct form directly in career. According to our calculations in the beginning all stone-cutting machineries should make an order of 50 blocks per hour. Stone-cutting machineries have the rigid self-propelled frame moving usually on railway lines. On a frame drives of rotation of cutting tools and machinery moving are mounted. As cutting tools disk saws, ring mills, chain and stem bars equipped with hard-alloy teeth are used. Rope saws are intend for cutting out of large monoliths on deposits of dense limestone’s, marble and granite. As the cutting tool the steel rope in diameter 4... 6 mm.serves in a rope saw. The rope is connected in the form of a ring and is set in motion with impellent installation. For rope installation into the working position it is necessary preliminary to drill in array of stone aperture. The set of rope saw works with abrasive (quartz sand, carborundum) fractions 0, 3 … 0, 6 mm, moving together in sawcut with water. Productivity of the set for granite surfaces is 1-2 m sawcut per hour. A stone cut out from array with three consistently carried out prosaws: cross- horizontal and vertical (back), definitively separating stone from array. Rope machineries «Telediam» of the company "Pellegrini"are intended the Italian company "Pellegrini" for cutting from mountain formations of stone blocks of squared shape and plates of the various sizes. The machinery with a diamond rope is supplied with electronic devices for automatic control over speed of moving on directing rails.

СHEOPS PYRAMID IS BUILT BY EUROPE.Boring machinery «Chaintronic CH 60» is intended for cutting of sedimentary breeds. It can make both vertical and horizontal sawcut. It represents the rigid design, capable to sustain bending loadings and twisting loadings that creates perfect conditions for chain work, reducing its deterioration and energy consumption. It has length from 2 to 5.6 m, is made of high-strength wear proof steel. It is supplied with system of pipelines and channels for greasing and water cooling. These machineries are simple in use, do not need preliminary apertures, move on rails and carries out vertical and horizontal cuts. Usually them use, when a deposit is compact, not demanding high steps and when working out is conducted with long strips. Also they are effective for opening of new open-cast mines on a flat surface. The chain consists of seven tool bearing links. Each type of inserts is used not more than eight hours. Capacity of the machinery - 45 KW, water consumption - 15 l/minutes the Maximum productivity in soft calcareous breeds is 20 m / hour. The block consists of 6 sides 1м х 1м, it is necessary to cut in the basic 5 sides that is in an hour it can cut out 4 blocks as much as possible. Time for carrying over the rail, connection of electric cable, supply hoses for water, adjustment of it clearing of the block from array in the account is not accepted. We start with the greatest possible variant. To reach planned targets at initial stage (50 blocks per hour) and to provide work of 9 tower cranes, is necessary to manage to put 13 stone-cutting machineries «Chaintronic CH 60» in career. The front of work for each should be not less than 200 meters, the open-cast mine should be in length of order 3 km. As we have preliminary decided that General contractor do not have problems with the finance and consequently it without effort will get such 13-15 machineries. But the question is in other, whether it can provide them with energy and water? Energy - 45 * 13 = 600 KW and water-15*13*60 liters = 11700 cubic liters per hour. A problem is difficultly too solved. But we consider that the decision this problem will not occupy a lot of time, and we also will not take it into consideration in calculations.

We had to stop for project realization on the latest samples (the higher achievements) building techniques. The techniques widespread and introduced in practice do not possess such productivity. Without going into detail, operating with the characteristics specified in characteristics sheets, the following complete set of machineries and the equipment has been chosen:

9 - Tower cranes «Wilbert» WT1905 L (Germany);
1 - Telescopic crane Grove GTK1100 (Germany);
4 - The self-propelled crane of type LTM 1090-4.1 Liebherr LTM (Germany)
3 - Self-propelled cranes of type LG 1550 companies Liebherr (Germany).
1 - The helicopter of type МИ - 26 Т (Russia);
9 - Trucks Scania (Sweden) with crane-manipulator EFFER 275-4S;
1 - A super heavy truck of type Tractomas TR (10x10) D100 (France)
2 - Self-propelled cranes Grove RT 9130 E (Germany);
13 - Bar machineries «Chaintronic CH 60» «Pellegrini» (Italy);
1 - The rope machineries of «Telediam» series of the company «Pellegrini

These are only the basic machineries, all auxiliaries and necessary tools we consider are applied to them. The chosen set of techniques can provide the given productivity of one block packing for 3, 42 minutes. But the most important thing this rhythm should be maintained by all links of long industrial chain within 20 years, 24 hours a day, without days off and holidays. Whether people, techniques can sustain such job. How many it is necessary to have labor changing not to break the planned terms, what stock of techniques, who will train new experts who will come instead of the diseased, who was lost, demanding rest? If financing is boundless, eventually, this problem will be solved. The pyramid will be constructed, but what it has demanded efforts, what means, what quantity of manpower resources. And it is now with use of the most advanced modern techniques. But I think, if such problem have put before the European Union, Europeans would refuse to undertake the project, - there would be no means for equipment purchase, of payments for energy, water, the salary to workers of all specialties within 20 years, on repair and equipment service, on overalls, a food and habitation. Never and nobody will repeat such project. It is for up-to-datedness though and executable, but it is extreme cost-in-no one.
Example from modern life. At solemn ceremony on January, 4th, 2010 in emirate Dubai the building of Burdzh Dubai, the highest tower in the world has opened. According to AFP the building’s height is 828 meters. Building of Burdzh Dubai has begun in 2004. Investments into tower building have made about 20 billion dollars. Many experts notice that building of numerous skyscrapers in the United Arab Emirates has led to bubble occurrence in the market and, besides, to increase state debts. Only Dubai owes to investors about hundred billions dollars. Thus carrying over of payments one of credits has already caused a panic in the world markets in the end of 2009. Building erection has occupied record 22 million man-hours, and during in the peak moments at building was up to 12 thousand workers. If we estimate that, using the modern techniques, for cutting down of one block, its carryings over with cranes in quarry, transportation, carryings over, lifting and installation would be spent at least 1 hour on pyramid erection at quantity of workers about 10 thousand persons it would be required 23 billion man-hours. (The quantity of workers on building of pyramid by modern techniques, as apparently from the description, should be much more 10 thousand). Impresses. That there the highest tower in the world! And still a problem. The tower was building for 5 years and if it is required in one thousand times more man-hours, how many years will last building? The offered variant is not the engineering project; it is resulted only for demonstration of uniqueness of IV dynasty pyramids. And scientists, adherents of evolutionary development, continue to inspire us that such great creation could be erected by means of bronze hatchets and platforms on the logs, harnessed by ten thousand workers. We are convinced that in III millennium BC all governors of the first states in Old and New world had a maniacal desire to erect huge monuments to themselves, involving in building all manpower and all economy. And thus these actions did not lead to exhaustion of vital society forces and to ruin in the state, and their followers managed to create not less impressing monuments to themselves. Absurdity is full.

СHEOPS PYRAMID IS BUILT BY EUROPE.In the end of the XX-th century two attempts to construct manually small enough pyramids have been carried out.
The first attempt was undertaken by Japanese researchers. Here is what write about it Internet editions:« They have told with the government of Egypt about that in several kilometers from a complex of pyramids in Giza to build with the maximum accuracy a pyramid-breadboard model in height of 10 meters from stone blocks not more hard one ton. The head of works together with two tens archeologists and technicians and ten local residents they have started building in the end of 1977. In the work they used the technologies recommended by archeologists, and, in particular, were verified with texts of Greek historian Gerodot to which Egyptians far back in the past told how they built the pyramids ». Soon builders were convinced that by means of tools from the hardened copper with which, in according to archeologists, Egyptians cut huge stone blocks, it is impossible to execute this work. It was decided to use modern machineries and not to bring processing of blocks to perfection. With moving of blocks also there were rather serious problems as well-known "skis" and rollers on sand have appeared almost uncontrollable, and on stones blocks could be damaged seriously. And again it was necessary to resort to the help of modern means.

But the most difficult it has appeared to place on the top of design pyramidon. The breadboard model of these small pyramids weighed all one thousand kgs. Some persons pushed pyramidon upwards along sandy embankment, watering a surface before its "skis» with oil, and at this time 12 persons pulled pyramidon upwards. It has appeared that on oil slid not so much "skis" of the design, but people pushing it by means of levers, and those who from above pulled pyramidon with ropes, could help them a little. And how many they did not try to lift this block in one ton on the embankment, each time they suffered failure. Eventually, they have decided to lift pyramidon with the modern elevating crane.

Other attempt has been undertaken in 15 years. In 1992 in the USA Company "NOVA" has presented a film with the name «This Ancient Pyramid». The film convinced spectators that the construction of the Great Pyramid was rather easy business. In film NOVA it was repeatedly declared that workers used only ancient tools in minipyramid building. But only three or four stones in one ton necessary for demonstration in front of the camera have been lifted manually on ministage. Other stones were towed and located into the place with a loader, transport building means with a hydraulic scoop in front. Workers levers lifted the block, raising alternately one end of the block then another, simultaneously inserting wooden boards with great difficulty under the lifted edge. In process of block lifting the wooden flooring under it became unstable. As soon as the block reached the demanded height, workers carefully moved its side on pyramid, aspiring to avoid destruction of the wooden flooring. Otherwise the block would fall downwards. It was required six hours to lift the block at tiny height of the pyramid «NOVA». Being based on own experiments with special elevating levers, engineers «NOVA» have estimated that for installation to the place of the average block in the Great pyramid it is required approximately two days. Japanese engineers of university "Waseda" who have constructed model of the Great Pyramid in scale have considered that «it is required more than thousand years for its building».

The huge weight of the material complex used in building, including exclusively difficult for processing, a granite and diorite completely deprives of the bases the version of erection of the Great pyramid with the help «instruments of labor of bronze age plus uncountable quantity of slaves». The highest quality of building, work traces of unknown at present stage techniques, allow concluding high-accuracy parameters of pyramid without any stretches that in this case we deal with a heritage of other, advanced civilization unknown to us. We should recognize one or other: or people of a bronze age build them but the building lasted millennium or if we continue to insist on the dates accepted by science we should agree that they are constructed by civilization with the level of development, surpassing our modern.

Geliy Kleymenov . Nibiriada is published. A part 4 Building of millennia.



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