Publications  The Sahara geoglyphs 16.12.2018. Part 6. Combined Types.

The Sahara geoglyphs

Part 6. Combined Types.

In this part we will consider geoglyphs, combining several typical shapes we have considered in the previous parts. Sometimes, geoglyphs are superimposed one on another, sometimes a shape of one type flows into another, sometimes a symbol simply contains them in itself. The presence of such objects in an obvious way proves the unity of the whole system. Perhaps, combined symbols link different groups of geoglyphs to each other.

There are not many such geoglyphs, and, as a rule, they are found in places where one dominant type borders with another. Below are the most interesting examples with a few comments. Let's start with the symbiosis of symbols SK and SR.
Геоглиф Сахары Символ SKR 482. Один из ярких примеров двух совмещённых символов
Symbol SKR 482. One of the vivid examples of two combined symbols.

геоглифы Сахары Символ SK 2438, к которому примыкает символ SR
SK 2438 Symbol with SR symbol adjacent to it.

Символ SK 2510. Внутри две конусных точки с углублениями по центру
SK 2510 symbol. Inside there are two conical points with recessions in the center.

Символ SK 2429, на который наложен символ в виде круга
Symbol SK 2429, with a round shaped symbol superimposed.

Геоглифы САхары Символы SR 2587 и SR 2588 наложены один на другой
Symbols SR 2587 and SR 2588, superimposed on one another.

Below there are a few more interesting combinations of circles with points and other symbols.

Символ SКR 641
Symbol SКR 641

Геоглиф Символ SR 8784
Symbol SR 8784

Геоглиф Символ SК 2706
Symbol SК 2706

Группа разнообразных символов. В центре геоглиф SКR 515
A group of various symbols. SKR 515 geoglyph is in the center.
Группа из трех символов. В центре геоглиф S 10132
A group of 3 symbols. S 10132 geoglyph is In the center.
Геоглиф S 10142 в центре круга диаметром 40 м
Geoglyph S 10142 in the center of a circle with a diameter of 40 m.
The following image shows a combination of 3 different types of symbols, which we will return to when considering relative positions of objects.

In the center of the group is the symbol S 2506, which can be attributed to the S type, since it has beams, though not obvious. In the center there is an explicit reference point.

This symbol is superimposed on symbol SK 2505, which still has remnants of the straight part.
С запада к центральной фигуре примыкает символ подвида «спутник» – S 2507
A «sputnik» symbol S 2507 attached to the central figure from the west.
A «sputnik» symbol S 2507 attached to the central figure from the west.

This combination is the best confirmation of the interrelation of symbols of different types and, accordingly, the entire system of geoglyphs.

Two geoglyphs of the  SS type (spindle) are shown below, which remove all doubts as to the unity of different types of symbols and as to the fact they are proper geoglyphs.

There are only two such geoglyphs. The distance between them is exactly 35 km and 15 meters. The azimuth from the center of SS 1440 to the center of SS 1159 is 102.65°.

Внутри символа SS 1440 находится символ типа S подвида «НЛО»
There is a symbol of S type, the UFO subtype, inside symbol SS 1440.

 геоглифы Сахары Символ SS 1159
Symbol - SS 1159.
The image below shows another similar object - S 3048, in the center of which there is a geoglyph resembling a UFO, with two opposing beams going out of it, like with  symbols of the spindle subtype. It seems that one geoglyph is superimposed on the other. Such an object has been discovered so far in the single instance.

Геоглиф S 3048
S 3048 geoglyph

The following image shows another interesting object, which is a symbiosis of symbols S of the UFO subtype and SKM.

Геоглифы Сахары
Next, we consider several symbols consisting of a combination of rounds (circles) and S type geoglyphs resembling a crescent shape.
Геоглиф Сахары Символ S 9666
Symbol S 9666.
Геоглиф – Символ S 12075
Symbol S 12075.
Геоглиф Символ S 13524
Symbol S 13524.

Геоглифы Символ S 1023
Symbol S 1023
Next, we consider a few more symbols that can be attributed to type S. Their outlines have streamlined shapes, but there are also distinct beams.

Below is an interesting geoglyph S 9672, approximately 40x40m in size. Inside the symbol there is a designated starting point.
Геоглиф Геоглиф S 9672
Geoglyph S 9672
The next two images show a huge geoglyph S 1160, the size of which in the south-east direction exceeds 280 m, and in the widest part - 40 m. The object's perimeter exceeds 570 m, and the area is 4750 m2. Inside the geoglyph there are several small circles with a diameter of 2-3 meters.

The symbol is located on a rocky plateau at the foot of low mountains. In 400 meters to the south there is a symbol SC, which we will discuss in the next section. Other nearest symbols are located at a distance of more than 3 kilometers.

Apparently, this object is a transitional form from symbols of SS (spindle) type to symbols of S type, with two curved beams. In the second image for better perception, the contour of the geoglyph is circled in a dark line.
Группа геоглифов Геоглиф S 1160 размером более 200 метров

Геоглиф S 1160 размером более 200 метров выполнен на сложном рельефе в небольшой долине между двумя хребтами
The s1160 geoglyph measuring more than 200 meters is made on a complex relief in a small valley between two ridges

There are not many similar symbols, just a few objects, and they all have a straight shape with a thickening in the middle. These geoglyphs are rather compact in one area.

Some more examples are given below.

Геоглиф S 3028

Ещё один Геоглиф S 3028
Geoglyph S 3028
Then another couple of examples. Practically they are all geoglyphs of this type.

Геоглиф S 3023, расположенный на склоне холма
Geoglyph S 3023, located on a hillside.

Геоглифы Сахары Геоглиф S 3078
Geoglyph S 3023
This space image shows two geoglyphs. The first small symbol - S 3077 - a UFO subtype (top left), and the second large one - S 3078 - of the "spindle" subtype.
Фотогалереи нетипичных символов.


In the next part, we will consider atypical geoglyphs that are not found in groups, except for one type, and are unlike each other.