Publications  The Sahara geoglyphs 16.12.2018. Part 5. Different Type Symbols.

The Sahara geoglyphs

Part 5. Different Type Symbols.

In this part, we consider symbols of different types, which are located in close proximity to each other. This circumstance is another obvious confirmation of the fact that the Sahara geoglyphs make a unit system consisting of different, but interrelated objects.

Further on we will see some combinations of different types of symbols. But there are such geoglyphs that do not occur simultaneously in one place. These are mainly SK type symbols, which are rather compactly located in the northern part of the largest group of geoglyphs. As a rule, they are combined only with S symbols of the "UFO" type, with different SR circles and sometimes with SC.

The image below shows a rare combination of two symbols SK 2409 and SK 2410 with a pair of symbols SC 66 and 67.
Геоглиф Сахары SK 2409 и SK 2410
The following pictures show two more combinations of SK symbols with S and SR symbols.

геоглифы Сахары В данном случае рядом с символом SK 14653 находятся два геоглифа, похожих на бумеранг – S 14651 и S 14652
In this case, next to the symbol SK 14653 are two geoglyphs similar to boomerang S 14651 and S 14652.

На этом изображении символ SK 14862 расположен в самом верху снимка.
In this image, symbol SK 14862 is located at the very top. 
Below to the left of the middle are two symbols SR 14860 and SR 14861, superimposed one upon the other. A little to the right of the middle at the bottom is a “boomerang” symbol -  S 14859, наложенные один на другой. А немного правее середины внизу расположен symbol - «бумеранг» – S 14859.

Below there are some more interesting examples where SK symbols are located next to SR and S ones.

Три символа разной формы – SK 2051 – 53 и один символ в виде круга – SR 2054
Three SK 2051-53 symbols of different shapes and one symbol in the form of a circle - SR 2054.

Геоглифы САхары Символ SK 14420 в окружении кругов SR
SK 14420 symbol surrounded by SR circles.

Символ SK 14141, стремящийся к кругу, и рядом символ типа «бумеранг» – S 14142
SK 14141 Symbol tending to the circle, and next to the symbol there is a “boomerang” - S 14142.

Геоглиф символ в виде подковы – S 14855 в окружении трёх символов
Another similar case. A large symbol, about 80 m, in the shape of a horseshoe - S 14855, surrounded by three symbols - SK 14856 - 58.

Геоглиф Ещё один символ – SK 14425
Another SK 14425 symbol and two circles SR 14423 and SR 14424.

Символ SK 14436 в окружении символов SR 14435 и SR 14434
SK 14436 symbol surrounded by SR 14435 and SR 14434 symbols.
Группа из трех символов. Символы SK 2512 и SR 2513
SK 2512 and SR 2513. symbols.
Геоглиф S 10142 в центре круга диаметром 40 м
SK 2531 symbol.
Next, we consider several examples where SS type symbols - “spindle” - are located next to geoglyphs of another type, mainly, as a rule, these are symbols S and SR.

The following pictures show a combination of the geoglyphs of the "spindle" with the geoglyphs of the "UFO".
Символ SS 3163 рядом с символом S 3164
SS 3163 symbol next to S 3164 symbol.

Символ SS 3165 рядом с символом подвида «спутник» – S 3166
SS 3165 symbol next to a “sputnik” type symbol - S 3166.

 геоглифы Сахары Символ SS 1442
Symbol SS 1442, which is located at the top of the picture, is adjacent to several S symbols. 
We will return to these objects when we consider the relative position of geoglyphs.

Геоглиф Рядом с символом SS 3100
Next to symbol SS 3100, which is located in the center of the satellite image, is symbol S 3099, similar to UFO images.

The two pictures below show a cluster of geoglyphs of various shapes, among which there are several SS symbols and S symbols with beams of different shapes. In the center is the symbol SS 1283.

Геоглифы Сахары
The following image shows this group in larger size.
Геоглиф Сахары Символ S 1283

Скопление геоглифов типа SS и SU в сочетании с точками
A cluster of SS and SU type geoglyphs in combination with points.
Ещё одна группа разнотипных символов
Another group of different type symbols.

Геоглифы SK 418-20 и S 17453
SK 418-20 and S 17453 geoglyphs.
Геоглифы S 18405-07 и S 18413-14
S 18405-07 and S 18413-14 geoglyphs.
Next, we consider several examples of the combination of S symbols of the “sputnik” type with geoglyphs of other types.
Basically, next to "satellites" are the symbols in the form of points or circles.
Рядом с небольшим символом S 2384 подвида «спутник» находится геоглиф в виде круга – SR 2383
Next to the small symbol S 2384 of the «sputnik» subtype there is a geoglyph in the form of a circle - SR 2383.

Ещё один похожий случай: рядом с S 3059 расположен SR 3060
Another similar case. SR 3060 is located next to S 3059.

The following image shows the satellite subspecies symbol S 14478 and the atypical geoglyph SR 14477, which contains two other small symbols.

символ подвида «спутник» S 14478 и нетипичный геоглиф SRМ 14477
This image shows a «sputnik» subtype symbol S 14478 and an atypical geoglyph SRM 14477, with two more small symbols inside it.

рядом с символом S 2497
In this case, next to the symbol S 2497 there is a circle SR 2495 with a point in the center. A little to the east there are remains of SK 2498 symbol.

Геоглифы S 18212 и S 18213
Geoglyphs S 18212 and S 18213 of different types and a typical point.
This image shows at least 6 geoglyphs. One of them is a large and well-marked circle S 19766, to the east of which there is a small group of atypical symbols - АS 95. Below, along the extended ridge, there are a few S symbols.

Геоглифы Сахары Геоглиф S 3078

Рядом с небольшим символом SU 3110 находится другой сим-вол – SU 3130, похожий на силуэт медузы или НЛО
Next to a small symbol SU 3110 there is another symbol SU 3130, resembling the silhouette of a jellyfish or UFO.
Another similar case. Next to S 1158 symbol is S 1157 symbol.

рядом с символом S 1158 находится символ S 1157
S 1158 и S 1157 geoglyph
Next, we consider symbols of the SR form, which have an additional semicircle consisting of individual points. These geoglyphs are combined mainly with S symbols  of the classical shape.

Символы S 13078 и SR 13079
S 13078 и SR 13079 symbols

Соседние геоглифы 
Neighboring geoglyphs

символ SR 13067
Another similar group located nearby. SR 13067 symbol and surrounding S symbols.

Символ S 10855
Symbol S 10855, located between symbols SR 10856 and SR 10857.

The image below shows another section of the Sahara Desert, containing a lot of point-symbols in combination with S-type symbols.

Such areas, consisting mainly of individual points, very much. They cover quite large areas of the desert.

Геоглиф Сахары 10865

The two following images show SR symbols with points next to large S-shape symbols.

Символ S 11527 в окружении кругов и точек разного вида
Symbol S 11527 surrounded by circles and points of different types
The image above shows a large geoglyph similar to the bow shaft. It is surrounded by points of different sizes, one of which, in turn, is surrounded by smaller points. A little to the East there is another similar circle, next to which there is another small symbol S and a few separate points.

Символы SR 11775, S 11776 и S 11777
Symbols SR 11776, S 11775 and S 11777.
The image below shows an interesting geoglyph - S 10692 sizing more than 100 meters, which is surrounded by many points of different types, including semicircles of individual points. The entire central part of the symbol also consists of small circles. In addition, there is another small symbol, resembling a UFO, "flying" to the west. All these objects are interconnected, both among themselves and with other geoglyphs.

Геоглиф – S 10692
Symbols S 10692,

Next, we consider some combinations of different shape S-type geoglyphs, both among themselves and with other types. Below some typical examples are given.
Символы S 3856 – S 3862
Symbols S 3856 – S 3862.

Скопление символов S 5298 – SR 5321 разной формы и размера
A cluster of symbols S 5298 - SR 5321 of various shapes and sizes

Символы S 8131 – SR 8145
Symbols S 8131 – SR 8145.

Символы S 11764 – S 11773
Symbols S 11764 – S 11773.

The image below shows another cluster of S symbols, among which there are 3 types of geoglyphs. The most beautiful symbol is in the center - S 15250, measuring over 200 meters.

Геоглифы Сахары
A few more similar clusters.
Самый большой геоглиф – S 15390
The largest geoglyph - S 15390.
Next, we consider several combinations of geoglyphs from the western zone. These objects differ in shape, but still, one can distinguish in them the central part, and two outgoing beams, similar to tentacles. Geoglyphs in the western part are of different preservation level and are often difficult to discern. Therefore, alongside with a natural image those with a circled outline are given, suchch that in reality can only be seen at a very large scale.

Символы S10009 – S10011
Symbols S10009 - S10011.

A cluster of geoglyphs S 12681 – S 12688.

Скопление геоглифов S 12681 – S 12688
The same group with circled contours.

Геоглифы S 12875 и S 12876
Geogly[hs S 12875 and S 12876.

Символы S 12875 – S 12876 с обведёнными контурами
Symbols S12875 – S 12876 with circled contours.

Символы S10125 – S 10127
Symbols S10125 – S 10127.

Thus, we have seen that geoglyphs of different shapes can occur in groups in different combinations. But at the same time, for example, among western geoglyphs there is not a single symbol of  SK type or some other types. In their turn, western symbols clearly resemble separate objects from the central part of the Sahara.

Photo galleries of different types of symbols located close to each other.


In the next part, we will consider geoglyphs, which consist of different types of symbols directly superimposed on one another.