Publications  The Sahara geoglyphs 16.12.2018. Part 12. Directions between Symbols. Octagon and Nonagon.

The Sahara geoglyphs

Part 12. Directions between Symbols. Octagon and Nonagon

In this part, we consider the directions between individual geoglyphs of the Sahara, which correspond to the angles of octagon and nonagon, oriented to the cardinal points. We observe the same correspondences in the directions between the key points of the SAMS. For example, the direction from the Great Pyramid at Tiwanaku has an azimuth of 260.06°, i.e. corresponds to the angle of nonagon, oriented to the cardinal points. The direction from Tiwanaku to Samaipata, has the azimuth of 110.03°, and also corresponds to the nonagon angle.

The image below shows the direction from the point of Uluru to the point of Greater Zimbabwe, which with an error of 0.05° corresponds to an octagon angle of 247.5 °, measured from the direction to the north. These two objects and their antipodes divide their Great Circle into exactly 4 parts.
направление на Большой Зимбабве
At the point of Samaipata, the direction to Angkor has the azimuth of 110.01°, and to Nan Madol - 260.09°. So, standing on the Great Pyramid and looking at Tiwanaku, is the same as looking at Nan Madol from Samaipata.

Also, looking from Tiwanaku at Samaipata, is the same as looking from Samaipata at Angkor. There are many such examples, and they are described in more detail in the section “Azimuths of Historical Objects”.
Let's start with the 8-gon.

направление между геоглифами Сахары
Direction between geoglyph S 679 и SK 680

The azimuth of the direction from the center of the symbol of the "sputnik" type S 679 to the center of symbol SK 680 corresponds to an octagon angle of 67.5° counted from the direction to the north.

Some more similar examples.

 геоглифы Сахары направление между символами
Direction S 2166 – SK 14493. Azimuth 67.5°.
 геоглифы символы
Direction S 3048 – SS 3050. Azimuth 45°

 геоглифы  Сахары
Direction SR 9772 – SR 9773. Azimuth 45°.
The image below shows a combination of three symbols of the SR type, which are small circles, lined with stones - points. The angle between the two directions corresponds to the angle of octagon 157.5°.
направления между геоглифами Сахары
Next, we consider several combinations in which the directions between the symbols correspond to the angles of the 9-gon — nonagon. Since the circle is divided into 9 parts, the nonagon lines “yield” angles multiples of 10°. The internal lines give even angles of 20°, 40°, 60°, etc., the external borders - odd ones - 10°, 20°, 30°, etc.

In the image below, the circle is divided by 10°, starting from the north direction.
In the left part of the picture is symbol SK 680, which we have already considered at the very beginning of this part. The direction between points S 679 - SK 680, as it has turned out, corresponds to the octagon angle of 67.5°. Here we see that the direction from SK 680 to the neighboring point SR 14498 corresponds to the angle of nonagon 110°.

Thus, at the point SK 680, using octagon and nonagon, it is possible to determine the location of the cardinal points very accurately in two ways.

геоглиф Сахары 680
The following image shows three points SR 14503, SR 14505 and SR 10308. The direction from SR 14505 to SR 10308 corresponds to the nonagon angle of 50°.

The scale of the 9-gon is taken in such a way that the size of its face is equal to the distance between the symbols. At this scale, symbol SR 14503 is connected to the combination, with the line of nonagon and hexagram passing through it  - 240°.

 геоглифы направление между символами
This combination is an excellent illustration of how information can be encoded using the mutual arrangement of objects.

Two more similar combinations are shown below. In the first picture, one of the directions corresponds to the east-west direction, in the second one, the direction between the centers of two of the same SS (“spindle”) type symbols is shown.
геоглиф Сахары
Direction SК 725 – SК 723. Azimuth 230°. Direction SК 725 – SК 724. Azimuth 270°.
 геоглиф Сахары
Direction SК 14681 – SК 14680. Azimuth 70°.
Another combination is shown below, when the directions from one symbol to the two adjacent ones correspond to the angles of nonagon, oriented to the cardinal points. In this case, these are the directions from the SR 14494 point to the SR 6503 and SR 6500 points. The direction to the SR 6500 point, which is not visible in this photograph, is shown by the green line.
геоглиф Сахары
In the next part we will look at combinations of symbols, which, with the help of angles of regular geometric figures, allow us to determine the directions to key points of the System of Ancient Monumental Structures.