Publications  The Sahara geoglyphs 16.12.2018. Part 3. SK Symbols. (Keyhole)

The Sahara geoglyphs

Part 3. SK Symbols. (Keyhole)

The English word «keyhole» has given the reason to denote this type of symbols in the general file with letters SK and a green character made up by two circles.

The space image below shows two typical characters. The size of the large geoglyph is about 120x50 meters, and that of the small one is 20x25 m.
Символы SK 731 и SK 732
SK 731 and SK 732 Symbols
This image is good enough to characterize most of the classic SK symbols. In size  it gives about the maximum and minimum value. In shape, they can be oval, elongated, close to a circle, have a different orientation of the corridor, but they are always a point in a circle with the corridor beginning from the point, and all of it  encircled into an ellipse. There are about one and a half thousand such symbols.

The majority of SK geoglyphs are concentrated in the eastern part of the Tassili’n-Ajjer Plateau, in various places. These are mainly the “shores” of sandy rivers and the slopes of small hills.

The following images give some more classic examples.

Символ SK 980.
SK 980 Symbol.
This geoglyph is precisely oriented along the East-West axis.

Символы SK 2326 и SK 2327
SK 2326 and SK 2327. Symbols.

Символы SK 926, SK 927, SK 928
SK 926, SK 927, SK 928. Symbols

Геоглиф SU 192
SK 754. Symbol
Символ SK 18451
SK 18451 Symbol

   Символ SK 18468
SK 18468 Symbol
Символ SK 18481
SK 18481 Symbol

Символ SK 18557
SK 18557 Symbol
Символы SK 18434 – SK 18436
SK 18434 – SK 18436 Symbols

Символы SK 18472 – SK 18474
SK 18472 – SK 18474 symbols
Символ SK 2023
SK 2023 Symbol
Символы SK 2650 и SK 2651
SK 2650 и SK 2651 Symbols

There are several more photographs of geoglyphs of this type, made in the immediate vicinity of them. These objects are also laid out of stones, which were most likely collected in the vicinity.
Геоглиф Сахары
Photo Michel Bec 
Геоглифы Сахары
геоглиф сахары
Photo Michel Bec

As you can see in the first photo, this geoglyph has another designated center. And this is not an isolated case. In addition to the center point, the SK symbols may contain one more or several points.

Sometimes there are combinations of SK symbols together with outlined circles. Such symbols are denoted by the letters SKR. Below  some typical examples are given.
геоглифы Сахары Символ SKR 482
SKR 482 symbol

 геоглиф сахары Символ SKR 915
SKR 915  symbol

 геоглиф Сахары Символ SKR 13
SKR 13  symbol

Символы SK 14443 и SKR 14444
SK 14443 и SKR 14444  symbols

Символ SKR 249
SKR 249  symbol

Символы SKR 248 и SKR 249
 SKR 248 и SKR 249  symbols

геоглифы Сахары Символ SKR 2308
SKR 2308  symbol

Символ SK 499
 SK 499  symbol
There is another, slightly modified, subspecies of SK symbols. There are a few such geoglyphs found so far, about 2 dozen. 

The point from which a narrow straight passage begins, for these symbols, starts from the edge of the oval and ends on the opposite side. 

Such geoglyphs are designated by the letters SKM.

Символ SKМ 194
SKМ 194  symbol

Символ SK 147,
SKМ 147  symbol

Symbols of this type are located quite compactly and are actually found in one place. They have different roundness and different directions, but towards the east.

There are only a few dozen such geoglyphs, but they are very unusual and, apparently, play a special role.

Геоглиф сахары Геоглиф SKM 188.
SKM 188 geoglyph. 

In this case, the orientation of the symbol corresponds to a pentagram angle of 108 ° measured from the direction to the north.
Геоглифы SKM 18904 и SKM 18905
SKM 18904 и SKM 18905 geoglyph. 
Looking at these geoglyphs, we can say that the SK symbol gradually tends to turn into a symbol of another type, whose basis is made up of a point and two rays departing from it. These symbols begin to appear next to the SK symbols as you move south. We will consider them in the next section.
By clicking on the links you can see photos of some geoglyphs such as keyhole.