Publications  The Sahara geoglyphs 16.12.2018. Part 4-2. Scalar Type Symbols.

The Sahara geoglyphs

бумерангPart 4-2. Scalar Type Symbols.

There is another not numerous subtype of semicircular symbols, with the shape  resembling a boomerang or a horseshoe. Such symbols have been found both in the central and in the western part.
Пара «бумерангов» из западной группы геоглифов
A pair of "boomerangs" from the western group of geoglyphs.

Два «бумеранга» – большой и маленький. Рядом точки.
Two "boomerangs" - a large and a small one, with the characteristic points nearby.

геоглиф Сахары бумеранг

The next subtype of S geoglyphs consists of a designated point and two curved beams of a semicircular shape. They look like a new moon, but with a thickening in the center, where, as a rule, there is a point. Sometimes the point is located next to the crescent. There are a lot of such symbols, at least several thousand.

The images of these symbols tell volumes about them.

Symbols of this type are common in all territories where there are geoglyphs. Sometimes the distance between the most far-apart objects is more than 2000 km.

Геоглиф S 6707 с характерной точкой поблизости
S 6707 geoglyph with a characteristic point nearby.
Геоглиф S 10486 с характерной точкой в центре
S 10486 geoglyph with a characteristic point in the center.

   группа геоглифов Сахары
S 10168 geoglyph can be attributed to both UFO subtype and scalar type.
Геоглифы S 8564 и S 8565
S 8564 and S 8565 geoglyphs.

 геоглифы сахары
S 14224 geoglyph.
 Скопление геоглифов типа S
A cluster of S-type geoglyphs.
Геоглиф Сахары S 2839
S 2839 geoglyph.

Геоглифы S 3404-07
S 3404-07 geoglyphs.
Геоглиф S 4587
S 4587 geoglyph.
геоглиф Сахары
S 8368 and S 8369 geoglyphs.
Геоглиф S 7198
S 7198 geoglyph.
геоглиф Сахары Геоглифы S 5722 и S 5723
S 5722 and S 5723 geoglyphs.

геоглиф сахары Геоглиф S 7052
S 7052 geoglyph.

парабола гипербола Next, we consider another numerous subtype of the Sahara geoglyphs, which is very similar to the previous one, but the crescent rays are much more subtle and elongated. In shape these symbols resemble a parabola or one of the parts of a hyperbola.

As a rule, the open part of the parabola is directed eastward, but there are also oppositely directed symbols. There is even one hyperbola in its pure form, which is shown in the second image below.

In the first image, there is an almost perfect parabola, moreover, it is symmetrical about the west-east axis. It is somewhat hard to believe that this may be fa burial. But for some reason such things have been made, and in a huge number.

геоглифы Сахары Геоглиф S 13925. «Парабола»
S 13925 geoglyph. A parabola.
Next to this symbol is another, exactly the same.

 геоглиф сахары
S 4840 and S 4841 geoglyphs. A hyperbola.

 геоглиф Сахары S 6873. Длина более 1 км
S 6873 geoglyph. The length is more than 1 km.

Скопление  геоглифов. Геоглифы S 4012 и S 4013
S 4012 and S 4013 geoglyphs.

Скопление  геоглифов. Геоглиф S 4641. Длина около 200 м
S 4641 geoglyph. The length is about 200 m.

Геоглиф S 4795. Длина более 400 м
S 4795 geoglyph. The length is more than 400 m.

геоглифы Сахары Геоглиф S 3715. Периметр 1 км
S 3715 geoglyph. The perimeter is 1 km.

Геоглиф S 4928. Длина более 300 м
S 4928 geoglyph. The length is more than 300 m.
нлоMany symbols resemble the contours of the unknown object noticed in the sky over China. Some geoglyphs even have characteristic curlicues at the ends of the beams. Moreover, the ends of the beams, which can only be seen with a very large scale and good vision, sometimes continue for quite considerable distances, gradually being lost in the sands. Therefore, the massive, clearly visible central part is far from the true size of the geoglyph.

There are a lot of such geoglyphs, at least more than 3 thousand. They are located in different places, both on highlands and on plains. There are very large objects among them, with the perimeter sometimes exceeding 1 kilometer. But the size of the bulk of the objects ranges around 100 meters.

Типичное скопление таких геоглифов
A typical cluster of geoglyphs.

Below are some more interesting examples. The contours of the individual geoglyphs are circled for better perception. The dimensions of some symbols are such that they simply cannot be seen without it.

Длина каждого из лучей у этого объекта – более 60 м
The length of each beam of this object is more than 60 m.
A group of very large geoglyphs over 300 m long.

Группа больших геоглифов размером более 300 м
One of the masterpieces. S 3348 – 50 geoglyphs.

Геоглифы S 3348 – 50
S 4605 geoglyph. The perimeter is more than 250 m.

Геоглиф S 4605. Периметр более 250 м
S 4605 geoglyph. The perimeter is more than 250 m.

Among S-type geoglyphs another subtype of symbols can be singled out, which are the real works of design. The shape, thickness and bending of the beams of these objects are chosen so that they are nice to look a.

The image below shows one of such geoglyphs - S 15317. Its perimeter is more than 2 kilometers. In the widest part there are several marked centers.
один из таких геоглифов – S 15317

The next image shows another similar symbol - S 15380, with several other artificial objects of different sizes next to it.

геоглифы сахары

In the immediate vicinity, inside the parabola, there are 3 more S-type symbols, slightly different in shape, and 2 points.

At the end of the southern beam there is a small symbol S 15373, and in the east symbol S 15375 with one more point. This group is surrounded by several more objects of different shapes that are not visible at this scale. They are shown in the image below.

группу окружает ещё несколько объектов

Парные геоглифы
By clicking on the links you can see photos of some geoglyphs scalar type.

Further photos of the geoglyphs scalar type with fine rays resembling a parabola.





In the next part, we are going to consider groups of geoglyphs, combining different types of symbols, located in close proximity to each other.