Conditions of a paid subscription: On a subscription the files are extend with expansion kmz. which is possible to open only in free of charge extended program Google Earth. In the files, historical objects are plotted on the Earth’s map and by pressing a label, in an opening window all information will be accessible as well as on a site on the given object. In the files extended on a subscription the much bigger volume of the information, than on the given site is contained. For example, reflection of interesting objects have found in them for which there is only an image and geographic location. Some objects, for example, the lines of Naska desert can be seen only in Google Earth.

Subscription costs $4 or 120 roubles at a time. For a subscription it is necessary to point only your E-mail: the address on which you wish to receive the chosen files. Having subscribed once, in further, you can send to yourselves on an E-mail all updatings of files absolutely free of charge. GEOLINES.RU project guarantees that except the files you have chosen on your electronic address, there will not come any other information from GEOLINES.RU project.

Enter your E-mail on which you would like to send further files:

After payment by any of the ways specified here, your E-mail will be brought in our base of paid subscribers and at any time you can download on it all current updatings. Additional payments further will not be.

Ways of payment:

You can pay, if have authorised or certified rouble purse WebMoney (R-purse). To take advantage of the given way of payment on your computer the program «WebMoney Keeper Classic» or «WebMoney Keeper Light» should be established.

It is possible to fill up the personal account through the Internet by means of plastic cards of systems Visa, EuroCard/MasterCard


Inhabitants of Greece, Azerbaijan, Czechia, Great Britain, Australia, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, Armenia, Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, Belgium, Estonia, Romania and Serbia can pay a subscription sending SMS messages to a short number. For this purpose, on Russian page it is necessary to choose payment by system SMS COIN and your country. At SMS payment use the subscription only one of E-mail address is carried out. Subscription cost in this case depends on the country and makes less than 10$.



Subscription cost will make 120 roubles or 4 $

Cost of one inclusion in paid dispatch of one E-mail makes 120 roubles or 4$.