Europe: Ancient cities ЦИТАНИЯ / Citania de Briteiros

PHOTO: 41°31'38.76"С 8°18'57.84"З

Наследием кельтской культуры являются загадочные каменные города Цитания и Бритейрос, состоящие из 200 домов, стен, подземных каналов, на севере Португалии близ Гуимараеса.



Midway between Guimarães and Braga is one of the most impressive and exciting archeological sites in the country, the Citânia de Briteiros. Citânias – Celtic hill settlements – lie scattered throughout the Minho: remains of 27 have been identified along the coast, plus sixteen more in the region between Braga and Guimarães alone. Most date from the arrival of northern European Celts in the Iron Age (c.600–500 BC), though some are far older, their inhabitants having merged with an existing local culture established since Neolithic times (c.2000 BC). The site at Briteiros, straddling the boulder-strewn hill of São Romão, was probably the last stronghold of the Celt-Iberians against the invading Romans, finally being taken around 20 BC and eventually abandoned in 300 AD.