North America: Pyramids Малиналько / Malinalco

PHOTO: Ismael Rangel Gomez 18°57'11.28"С 99°30'10.85"З

Малиналько – крепость, расположенная в горах к югу-западу от Мехико. Малиналько является археологическим местом и представляет особый интерес, так как является одной из четырех монолитных руин существующих на земле. Сооружения Малиналько закреплены на вершине горы. Об образовании крепости известно только то, что в 1476 году эта территория была занята мальтазинканцами, а позднее была захвачена ацтеками.



The main structure of the site is the Temple of the Warriors, which is a short pyramid with a palm roof. At first sight is not very impressive as is not a huge building, but knowing that it was carved out of the live rock of the hill makes you wonder the technology used in the ancient times, specially as the Aztec didn't posess the knowledge of metal tools. At the entrance you find a couple of warriors seating over giant snake heads standing guard besides each side of the door, the interior if off-limits because the floor is still original, take a look and you will see a huge tongue of a snake rolled out like a red-carpet welcoming the warriors to the special ceremonies. Inside you will find benches and statues, all of them carved out of the rock of the hill, so there are no external pieces at all. Every single piece was hand carved, it was simply no margin for error, all the artisans should have been top notch and masters of their trade. This was a place were only kings, priests and warriors could enter.