Russia: Rocky villages Инкерман / Inkerman

PHOTO: Vladymyr Bysov 44°36'12.73"С 33°36'28.30"В

Инкерман — это крайний юго-запад Крымского полуострова, территория города Севастополя. Инкерман - "пещерный город" на Монастырской скале, возникший в VI в. В прошлом - морской форпост средневекового княжества Феодоро. В нижней части Монастырской скалы находится пещерный монастырь Святых Климента и Мартина, возникший в VIII - XI вв.



Inkerman cave monastery is situated on the right bank of the river Black, where it falls into the North Bay in the neighbourhood of Sevastopol. The monastery was founded in the 8-9th centuries by monks-iconoworshipers, who fled from Byzantine to escape the persecution of iconoclasts. At that time the monastery consisted of some churches and a complex of inhabited and utility caves. All of them are connected by passages, cut out in the rock, and by the fort Kalamita, which is situated on the rock. This fort was built by Byzantines in the 6th century to defend the approaches to the city of Chersones. The entrance to the monastery was made near the church under the rock, a long corridor ended with a little hall with stone benches. The hall led to the Kliment church. On the outside of the rock cave premises are marked with arched windows united by triangle tympana.