In the Republic of Tuva, almost on the border with Mongolia, in the mountains at an altitude of 1300 meters above sea level is Lake Tere-Khol. Mountain pond, which in Russia can count thousands. But this lake is unique in that in the middle of it on a small island, the ruins of an ancient fortress Por Bajin. Who built it, when, and most importantly why, is not known.

Fortress (presumably VIII century A.D.) Was built on a grand scale - four acres of land surrounded by walls as high as 25, and a thickness of up to 9 meters.

Ancient builders had to deliver on the island thousands of tons of clay and the burned brick, the wood. Why? From whom it was necessary to defend in this desolate and rugged terrain? Tuvan shamans offer its own version: the fortress stands on the site of the northern entrance to the underground legendary land of Shambhala. But where did he specifically say right now is impossible.

If we consider Por Bajin as a landmark that is visible from any great height, its existence appears clear and specific meaning. Which confirms the location of the fortress in relation to other reference points of the ancient monumental buildings (SDMS).

ПОР БАЖЫН. ГЕКСАГРАММА. СИСТЕМА ПИРАМИД АЗИМУТ меридиан широта ориентация © GeoLines.ruWe will begin our research with the hexagram oriented on parts of the world. In this position, we immediately obtain a unique combination of azimuths Uluru and the Great Zimbabwe (GZ), which at Por Bajin perpendicular to each other.

In the article "Hexagram to the location of the pyramids and other megalithic structures" we talked about the fact that between Uluru and GZ 10014 km or exactly 90 *. Thus Uluru GZ and divide the circumference of the globe into 4 equal parts, and their axes are directed towards the center of the earth to be perpendicular.

So if, for example, choose a point of Uluru as a conditional pole, the GZ will be on conditional equator Uluru. Conversely, if a pole is GZ, the Uluru will lie on the equator conditional Great Zimbabwe. In other words, all the lines coming out of the poles, as meridians, are perpendicular to the equator Uluru or GZ.

The fact that at the point of Por Bajin azimuths Uluru and GZ perpendicular, can only mean one thing - Por Bajin must lie on one of the equator. In this case, at the equator GZ. In principle, with an error of a little more than a degree, taking into account the possible flattened planet, so it is. From GZ to Uluru - 10014 km, and from GZ to Por Bajin - 10170 km.

In addition, all three objects are directly related to Kailas, (see. Article "Kailash and system of the pyramid") and the Chinese pyramids, which also lie on the line Por Bajin - Uluru.

ПОР БАЖЫН. ГЕКСАГРАММА. СИСТЕМА ПИРАМИД АЗИМУТ меридиан широта ориентация © GeoLines.ruIf to turn a hexagram on 12.5 * clockwise shooters, we find that the angle between the Stonehenge and Lalibela close to 60 *. Accuracy is + 0.37 *.
ПОР БАЖЫН. ГЕКСАГРАММА. СИСТЕМА ПИРАМИД АЗИМУТ меридиан широта ориентация © GeoLines.ruWe will turn further a hexagram against an hour hand. Turn at 4 * gives the azimuth of the island Vera, from which 15 *, with an error of -0.39 * different azimuth of St. Petersburg.

In principle, this combination can enable azimuth of Solomon temple, which, together with the island of Vera and Por Bajin lie almost on the same line. Azimuth about. Faith is - 296.1 * azimuth of Solomon's Temple - 296.7 *.

ПОР БАЖЫН. ГЕКСАГРАММА. СИСТЕМА ПИРАМИД АЗИМУТ меридиан широта ориентация © GeoLines.ruNow we will turn a hexagram on 6 * counterclockwise. In such a situation can be clearly seen that the angle between the Mohenjo-Daro and Sigiriya near 36 *, but the error is almost +0.96 degrees.

Here you can add that the distance from Por Bajin to Sigiriya is 49.73 km, or 44.7 * on the arc of the globe, ie, with a small error of 45 *.

ПОР БАЖЫН. ГЕКСАГРАММА. СИСТЕМА ПИРАМИД АЗИМУТ меридиан широта ориентация © GeoLines.ruHaving turned 6 square on 11 * counterclockwise, we get an error of 0.11 * azimuth of Nan Madol, from which the corners of the hexagram settled azimuths Angkor and Mecca.

Angles between the directions are:
Between Angkor and Nan Madol - 60.74 * (+0.74).
Between Mecca and Nan Madol - * 30.3 (+0.3).

In addition, the direction of Angkor - is the direction of the Valley of the pitchers in Laos, as together with Por Bajin all three objects lie on the same line. Azimuth Plain of Jars at Por Bajin is 169.54 * 169.63 * Angkor azimuth. And between Angkor and the Plain of Jars exactly 6 * on the arc of the globe. Cm. Table.


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