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Kailash is a sacred Tibetan mountain shrouded in mystery and legends. Perhaps, this is the only currently peak which no man has gone before. Approach Kailash not only prohibited, but dangerous. In the immediate vicinity of mountains time flows much faster, and people have gone to the mountain, often not returned.

Kailash has a pyramidal shape, close to the right, and there is little doubt that this is the pyramid. For the first time that the Pyramid Kailash can be linked with other pyramids on our planet began to speak in the 80s. Indefatigable researcher Ernest Muldashev proposed his own system of pyramids and described it in his book «In search of the city of the Gods». But probably because in those days there was no program Google Earth, to build the lines he had to use a globe and thread, and «system» to put it mildly, was conditional. But in the main he was right. The Kailas Mountain really is the important point of the System Ancient Monumental Structures (SAMS), it is directly connected with the main pyramids of Earth and other key objects.

But probably would be correct to say on the contrary, this ancient structures and pyramids are associated with the mount Kailash, because it existed long before the pyramids. No doubt that, via a certain points, the System of connected to the mount Kailash.

 World system pyramidsLook at the location Kailash relative to other objects. The first thing we see is the location Кайласа on the Meridian of Teotihuacan. Meridian Mexican pyramids on the reverse side of the Earth passes through the Sacred mountain with an error of less than 14 km.

Therefore (see the article «Geodesy meridians») Meridian Kailash - Teotihuacan is separated from the Meridian of the Great Pyramid (GP) at 50 degrees East along the equator. In addition, point Kailash divides the segment on the Meridian Teotihuacan in the ratio 5:13. This means that from mount Kailas to antipode Teotihuacan over an arc of the Meridian - 50(50,5) degrees, and to the complex Teotihuacan - 130(to 129.3) degrees.

Moreover, the equator divides the distance between the antipode of Teotihuacan and mount Kailas in the ratio 2:3. And this point Kailash lies at the latitude of 31* in the daytime that on 1 degree above the latitude of the Great pyramid.

СИСТЕМА ПИРАМИД World system pyramidsNext, we consider the interaction point of Kailash with Тriangles of Giza. Perm point of this system is equidistant from Kailash and Mohenjo-Daro, and is the apex of an equilateral triangle formed by these points. In this triangle side PERM - KAILASH is 3640 km, and is the base for a distance of Triangles Giza.

Also the base of the triangle - Kailash - Mohenjo-Daro, length 1,346 km, is exactly 12 degrees along the arc of the globe. Thus, the distance from Mohenjo-Daro to Kailash is exactly 1/30 of the circumference of the Earth. The line itself Kailash - Mohenjo-Daro also has very interesting properties, which we will discuss later.

СИСТЕМА ПИРАМИД World system pyramidsNow pay attention to the side of Perm - Kailash. This line passes through exactly Turgojak lake with an island Vera, which are the famous megaliths. And island Vera also equidistant from Kailash and from Mohenjo-Daro, forming another equilateral triangle with sides of 3160 and 3157 km respectively.

This combination of triangles once again confirms the validity of the construction point of Perm in the triangle of Giza, moreover absolutely independent manner, using point - Kailash.

СИСТЕМА ПИРАМИД World system pyramidsBut let's go further. Now the side of the triangle island Vera - Kailash becomes the basis for another isosceles triangle with a vertex in another mysterious place Russia - Fortress Por-Bajin, which is equidistant from the island Vera and Kailash. Distances are 2530 and 2546 km respectively.

СИСТЕМА ПИРАМИД World system pyramidsCompletes combination of triangles Kailash is a unique isosceles triangle, the presence of which completely eliminates the random arrangement of all these objects.

It turned out that of Kailas, in turn, are equidistant Por-Bajin and White Pyramid (Qianling Tomb) - the biggest pyramid in China. Together, they form an isosceles triangle with the apex at Kailash. In the middle line of the triangle, it is his height, is the direction of the Great Zimbabwe in Africa - a key point of SAMS.

Moreover the base of the triangle that is Line of Por-Bajin - White pyramid is the direction to yet other reference point systems - Uluru.

The image below shows how the whole system looks triangles Kailash.

СИСТЕМА ПИРАМИД World system pyramids
Now back to the line of Mohenjo-Daro - Kailash. In the picture above we see that in fact, the continuation of this line is the side of the triangle Kailash - White Pyramid. But this is not the case.

СИСТЕМА ПИРАМИД World system pyramidsIt is known that in China hundreds of pyramids and all of them compactly located south of the city Xian. White pyramid (Qianling Tomb), which forms a right triangle with the Kailas and Por-Bajin located further south and a little farther north.

It turned out that the line (orthodromy) Mohenjo-Daro - Kailash is tangent to the latitude of Baalbek (ie, reaches its maximum breadth at the latitude of Baalbek), and touch is just near the main cluster of Chinese pyramids.

The line crosses the latitude of Baalbek simultaneously with the meridians of the Nazca lines and Tiwanaku. All these nuances are best seen on the interactive map at the end of this page.

In addition the line crosses the tropics on the meridian of Nan Madol, latitude of Teotihuacan on the meridian GP 135* (90*+45*), the meridian of Lalibela on the latitude of Angkor, latitude the Nazca geoglyphs (15*) on the perpendicular to the meridian of Uluru.

It is easy to see that in this construction appear almost share the same objects that interact with each other. If we remember that the road dead at Teotihuacan precisely oriented towards the Mohenjo-Daro, it will be further evidence of a direct link between these historical buildings.

СИСТЕМА ПИРАМИД World system pyramidsLine of Kailash - Great Zimbabwe, is the height of an isosceles triangle, and also has very interesting properties, is clearly related to the 45-degree parameters of the Earth.

This image is centered on the meridian, deferred by 45 degrees to the east of the Great Pyramid. Line of Kailash - Great Zimbabwe crosses the meridian at this "anti" latitude of Easter Island. Meridian GP +35 degrees crosses the line at the "anti" latitude Samaipata, the meridian of GP+55* on latitude of Baalbek.

Of course, on the back side of the planet line crosses of latitude of real objects. Latitude 45 degrees, line intersects with on the meridian of Tiwanaku, and the meridian of Baalbek on the latitude of the Nazca lines.

In addition, the line of Kailash - Great Zimbabwe is crossed by "anti" the latitude of Great Zimbabwe and the perpendicular to the meridian of Nan Madol, on which is situated the city of Mohenjo-Daro.

You might also notice that the middle line of the triangle Island Verа - Por-Bajin - Kailash intersects with the meridian of GP+45* on the 45th latitude and the meridian at GP+35*, line Perm - Mohenjo-Daro intersects with the breadth of Baalbek.

In this article, we looked at one more subsystem equilateral triangles that form along with Kailas key sites and its interaction with the main system. It turned out that Mount Kailas, thanks to the Island Verа, Por-Bajin and Chinese pyramids connects of Giza Triangles with Western triangles by combining them into a single system of ancient monumental structures (SАMS).

If we assume that such an inter arrangement of objects random, it is contrary to common sense. But the fact of having a legitimate system in the location of ancient structures looks even more fantastic. If you accept it, will have to reconsider the very basis of our history. But, nevertheless, it is. In a word, "Believe your eyes".

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