Jim Alison in the article «A new view on the old project» described some interesting moments connected with an arrangement of well-known historical constructions – the Great pyramid (GP), Easter Island (EI), AngkorNazca and some other. He noticed that distances between certain objects have close values. For example, distances from GP to Rome (2132 .), to Lalibela (2146), to Persepolis (2097), to Marib (2172). From Angkor to Longman (2494), to Yonaguni (2352). To Megalits of Bud (2466), to Pranbanan (2455), to the temple Makhabotkhi (2340) and to Everest (2382). Also distances from the Antipode of the Easter Island to GP (3861) and to Angkor (3768) are approximately equal.

Continuation of researches in this direction revealed other identical distances between historical objects, and equal with higher precision. One of such distances is the distance with the approximated value of 3600 km. (see the table).

From To Distance, km
Great Pyramid Stonehenge 3599
Mohenjo-daro  3610
Vera Island 3616
Ushtogay Square 3658
Mougau Bihan 3608
Mohenjo-daro  Por Bajin 3576
Plain of Jars 3668
Çufut Qale, Mangup 3602
Kostenki 3616
Por Bajin Asuka museum 3574
Yonaguni 3645
Medvedickaya gryada 3595
Stonehenge Baalbek 3600
Great Zimbabwe Lalibela 3677
Plain of Jars Asuka museum 3622
Mecca Mausoleum of Theodoric 3597
Giants' grave 3597

One more interesting circumstance is connected with this distance. Apparently the length of an arch from GP to the Stonehendge makes 3599 km of the table, and the distance postponed on the equator, between their meridians, makes 3668 km. Length of an arch on the equator between meridians of the  Easter Island and Angkor equally 3695 km., between Mohenjo-Daro's (MD) meridians and Baalbek – 3554 km. By the way the distance between Stonehenge and Baalbek makes precisely 3600 km.

As distances between objects are equal they form on the Globe the equipotential triangles shown in drawing below.


It is curious that the basis  Ushtogay square – the Stonehendge, an equipotential triangle the Ushtogay square – GP – the Stonehendge, is exact orientation of the square to the Stonehendge.


As it is known Mecca is located precisely in a golden ratio concerning poles. T.E length of an arch the South Pole (SP) – Mecca treats an arch Mecca – the North Pole (joint venture), as a meridian half (the joint venture – SP) to an arch Mecca – SP. The distance from Mecca to SP is equal – 12372 km. or 111.3 degrees, from Mecca to the joint venture – 7632 km. or 68.7 degrees. It turns out that the distance from Mecca to SP is equal to number of degrees of an arch (111,3) kilometers increased by quantity in one degree (111.3 km.) . to a square 111.3.

It is interesting that proportional ratios with poles has not only Mecca. The great pyramid, for example, is in the ratio ½ as lies at the 30th latitude. To the joint venture – 60 degrees, to SP – 120 degrees.

Easter Island  is also located in proportion and has a ratio 7/13. The distance to the joint venture makes exactly 13000 km., and to SP – 7000 km. respectively.

The Stonehendge has a ratio 5/18 as lies at 51 latitudes. To the joint venture – 39 degrees, to SP – 141 degrees. Por Bajin as lies almost at Stonehendge latitude, has approximately the same ratio.

Baalbek has a ratio 14/31. latitude of 34 degrees, to the joint venture – 56 degrees, to SP – 124.

Teotiuacan and Great Zimbabwe (GZ) lie almost at one latitude – about 20 degrees, but on the different parties of the equator. Therefore their ratios will be almost identical and equal 7/11. From Teotiuacan to the joint venture – 70*18, to SP – 109*42, from BZ to the joint venture – 110*16, to SP – 69.44.

One more surprising fact which is obviously beyond accident, is connected with Tiwanaku. The matter is that Tiwanaku is equal long from the North Pole and from the Great pyramid with accuracy literally in some kilometers. The distance from Tiwanaku to the joint venture is equal 11833 km., from Tiwanaku to GP – 11842 km. Difference of 9 km. As distances are equal, the equipotential triangle which basis lies on GP meridian, is formed, and 1/6 circles of Earth are equal.


As GP lies at latitude of 30 degrees and to the joint venture there are 60 more degrees, the average line of this triangle, it is its height, will pass through a point of intersection of the 60th parallel with GP meridian. In this point the city of St. Petersburg (), (SPb) is located, once again emphasizing the, simply mystical connection with Egypt. Moreover the average line of a triangle of the joint venture – Tiwanaku – GP, i.e. Tiwanaku – SPb, is a tangent to the 60th latitude, and the contact occurs in a point of intersection to GP meridian, i.e. in a point of SPb.

But also it still all. If to continue Tiwanaku's line – SPB it will pass precisely through meridian crossing Uluru with Tiwanaku's latitude. To see it it is possible on an interactive map at the end of this page.

Similar triangle, only with the South Pole, two more points – the Easter Island and Nan Madol (NM). Accuracy in this triangle is a little less, the divergence of the parties makes 169 km. The distance from Nan Madol to SP is equal 10759 km., and from Nan Madol to the Easter Island – 10590 km. A deviation from average value - 0.7 %.


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Dr. John Sase 26-10-2014 19:18:05
Very good. Thank you for your contribution. Most of my early analysis focuses on locations in the West. Here is a short video summary with Closed Captions for ESL.
--John F. Sase, Ph.D. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RBedNj8S8Ww&list=PLhNW5w0h_f0jONhJ0hkyjFV9hB2NBe00U