Russia: Rocky villages "" / Krasnoyarskie Stolby

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Krasnoyarsk "Pillars" - a unique nature reserve, the pride of the residents of Krasnoyarsk, which for more than 150 years, visit the "Pillars" with the purpose of active recreation and sport.

The main attraction of the reserve are the rocks that have a common name — the pillars. Their names have not only rock, but also some large stones. There are actually "Posts" — open to the public rock, and "Wild pillars" — located in the heart of the reserve where access is restricted.

The pillars represent a very unusual rock formations of syenite, resembling giant sandcastles. And the analogy is quite appropriate. When you look at the Poles, it creates an overall impression that huge chunks of plastic cut out of the rock, layer by layer, superimposed on each other.

That is why, among the supporters of a different view of the past of our civilization, actively discussed the version about the artificial origin of Krasnoyarsk Stolby. Indeed, there are many examples which are very difficult to explain by natural erosion of rock. Numerous curved surfaces and mating, spherical cracks in the polycrystalline structure of the stone and many other anomalies say about it is softened, the plastic mass.


Skala Per`ya / Quills Rock