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Svetitskhoveli is a symbol of Christian Georgia and its main Shrine. This temple has absorbed the entire history of the country since ancient times. Here found rest for many Georgian kings and patriarchs of the Church. The temple is located in the ancient capital of Georgia – Mtskheta (15 km North of modern Tbilisi) and amazes with its grandeur and laconic architecture.

Like many ancient buildings of this kind, Svetitskhoveli temple has its own mystical history, which says why the Cathedral was erected in this, it turns out, is not a random place.

The size of the Cathedral, its layout and arrangement of elements correspond to the proportions of the hexagram and are inscribed in its structure. 

Svetitskhoveli Cathedral is also an important object of the SDMS, and rightly enjoys universal respect. It can also be assumed that along with other structures of this kind and megalithic objects of the Caucasus Svetitskhoveli Cathedral is part of the local navigation network, which is tied to the reference points of the system of ancient monumental structures.

Svetickhoveli Catedral In Mtskheta

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