Australia: Ancient cities / Ancient Village Mungo

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Mungo National Park is the site of one of the most important archaeological developments in Australia’s history. It was here that erosion unearthed positive evidence of human occupation in Australia dating back 40,000 years. The most visually spectacular feature of the park is the “Walls of China” – dazzling white sand dunes more than 30 metres high curving for over 30 kilometres around part of the now dry Lake Mungo, leaving a foreground likened to a lunar landscape. Mungo National Park is a semi-arid landscape in the Willandra Lakes World Heritage Area, a system of lakes, which were once fed by Willandra Creek but dried up 15,000 years ago. The road to Lake Mungo takes the traveller across the dry, salt-bush covered lake beds of lakes Arumpo, Leaghur and Garnpung.


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