Atlantic ocean: Rocky villages / Cueva los Verdes

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Cueva de los Verdes (in Spanish it means "Greens' cave", because in the past its owners were the "Verdes" family) is a lava tube located in the island of Lanzarote in the Canary Islands. The cave is a protected area of the Canary Islands. The cave was created around 3,000 years ago from a volcanic eruption in La Corona. An enormous lava stream flowed over the Malpais de la Corona. For a long time, the lava stream flowed which left the top part to become a cave. In about 20 spots, the cover of the cave collapsed and formed. Cueva de los Verdes is formed from parts of the volcanic soils and extends from 1 km to 6 kilometres of old lava streams. The streams are the second longest in the world. In earlier centuries, inhabitants throughout Lanzarote hid in this cave to protect themselves from pirates. Two kilometres, altogether seven kilometres of the cave system are developed. The cave walls are colorful. The seats in the concert has about 15 to 20 rows and has 13 seats in two parts totaling 26. The concert can hold up to about 500 people. Parts of the cave are deep. Parts of the caves are covered with sea water. The cave is famous for its concert hall which is located near the entrance and the exit of the cave. It also has a surprise for visitors at the furthest point of the guided visit which is a carefully guarded secret!


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