Atlantic ocean: Megalits 市用 列文美欣 / Ring of Brodgar

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PHOTO: folkearth 59 0'6.32" 313'43.25"

暑朦鲱 琉钿汔疣 - 牮铎脲 铛 礤铍栩 磬 体轫脲礓, 襦祛 犷朦 铖蝠钼 囵蹊镥豚沐 勿觏彘耜桴 铖蝠钼钼 (仡螂囗滂). 朽耧铍铈屙 磬 箸觐 镥疱殛 戾驿 铉屦囔 羊屙礤 锗痧彘. 洛痤蝽, 猁 镱耱痤屙 戾驿 2500 2000 泐溧扈 漕 . ., 眍 蝾黜 忸琊囫 钽 爨聒蜞犴钽 戾汔腓蜩麇耜钽 耦铕箧屙 礤桤忮耱屙. 杨汶囫眍 襻铕龛牦 脲沐礓 铗 G.F.Black (1903.) 铗 戾汔腓蜩麇耜栝 祛眢戾眚 磬琨忄腭 躔囔铎 杨腠鲟. 礤 耦忮瘌嚯囫 祗骜赅 (怛铕) 鬣耱 蝠艴囡眍泐 钺溧 钺痼麇龛. 襄疴铐圜嚯 牮筱 怩钿桦 60 赅祉彘, 眍 磬觐礤 20 忮赅 桴 铖蜞腩顸 怦邈 27. 枢祉 篑蜞眍怆屙 忭篁痂 牮筱钼钽 疴 漕 3- 戾蝠钼 汶筢桧 9 痂眢. 项耠邃龛 邈 桉耠邃钼囗 猁腩 70- 泐溧, 鲥眚疱 钽 牮筱 铐 忸钺 龛觐沅 礤 镳钼钿桦桉. 署筱 琉钿汔疣 - 蝠弪栝 镱 忮腓麒礤 牮铎脲 琉栩囗耜桴 铖蝠钼钼.



Ring of Brodgar is a Neolithic henge and stone circle in Orkney, Scotland. Most henges don't contain stone circles; Brodgar is a striking exception, ranking with Avebury (and to a lesser extent Stonehenge) among the greatest of such sites. The ring of stones stands on a small isthmus between the Lochs of Stenness and Harray. These are the northernmost examples of circle henges in Britain. Unlike similar structures such as Avebury, there are no obvious stones inside the circle, but since the interior of the circle has never been excavated by archaeologists, the possibility remains that wooden items, for example, may be present. The site has resisted attempts at scientific dating and the monument's age remains uncertain. However, it is generally thought to have been erected between 2500 BC and 2000 BC, and was, therefore, the last of the great Neolithic monuments built on the Ness. A project called The Ring of Brodgar Excavation 2008 was undertaken in the summer of the year in an attempt to settle the age issue and help answer other questions about a site that remains relatively poorly understood.

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