South America: Geoglyphs л / CANDELABRA OF PARACAS

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The natural reserve of Paracas is the only protected area of the Peruvian coastline. this wild sanctuary a few minutes from Pisco is located in northern Ica, and has an extension of 335 thousand hectareas of desert and beautiful beaches, housing endangered species such as sea wolves, the funny Humbolt penguins, the guano island birds and the Flamingo or Parihuana. this bird is the symbol of the Peninsula because the colors of its feathers inspired the national flag. despite its animal wealth, Paracas also has other wonder such as the Cathedral. This rocky slope has the shape of a religious temple created by the strength of the tidewaters. Near here to the north of the bay, on the sand of the desert across the sea is the famous image of the Candelabrum, a mysterious figure similar to the Nazca lines. for its location and size (120 meters in height), it is thought to be an emblem of orientation for the sailors of those times. Among the borders of the reserve is the site museum Julio C. Tello. this museum has one of the most important remains of knitted fabrics from the Paracas culture (600 BC) as well as the well known multicolored hand- made blankets weaved with camelidae fiber and dyed with vivid natural colors. if you want to have a close contact with the animal life of the area, we recommend visiting the Ballestas Islands. these are located a few minutes from the coast. Do not forget to visit the Tambo Colorado fortress, a magnificient military center built of adobe and the Paracas Reserve, an exciting adventure that you should not miss.


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