Russia: Dolmens, Seids / A trailing stone

PHOTO: 5250'6.56" 9320'31.44"

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"A trailing stone" the most interesting and attractive sight Ergaki by right is considered. It settles down on a sloping rock, concerning with its only insignificant part of the surface. Outwardly the stone (it is obvious, weight in some tens tons) makes impression of instability, it as if just about will lose fragile balance and will slide off in a precipice. It is known that till 70th years of the last century "Trailing" was also "a shaking" Stone which could be resulted in oscillatory movement by effort of a hand. In a consequence, at numerous attempts to push off the Stone downwards, cracks in places of coupling with a rock have been hammered by small fragments, and it has ceased to shake. To “the Trailing stone” some tracks are laid, and any tourist who has arrived in Ergaki considers as the debt to see the eyes this remarkable, surprising, already become well-known, the Nature sanctuary. At the bottom of a precipice in which “the Trailing stone” eternally "aspires", there is the most beautiful lake Iridescent - one of pearls Ergaki.