Pacific ocean: Megalits / Marae Raiatea

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Ancient Temple in Raiatea, French Polynesia. Marae Tainuu is one of the oldest maraes on Raiatea Island in French Polynesia. Raiatea is thought of as the cradle of Polynesian civilisation and in ancient times was known as Havai'i fanau'ra fenua which means "Havai'i, the cradle". It is from here that Polynesian oral history records their voyages to Hawaii, New Zealand and other islands. A marae is an enclosed area of land used as a meeting place with sacred aspects - the focal point of a village. The Marae Tainuu was dedicated to the ancient god Taaroa. The coral perimeter stones on the seaward side of the marae stand up to 4 metres tall and abut one another. On the far side (by the exit to the island circling coastal road) are two stones with petroglyphs. A church has been built at the centre of the marae.

Marae Tainuu - Ancient Temple in Pacific Islands