Pacific ocean: Megalits / House of Taga

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Pacific Islanders have always had some mysterious attraction for monoliths. It is as if these ancient people wanted to leave for future generations their stone edifices that could stand before the withering effect of the centuries with their undecipherable message in stone. The Taga Stones may be such an example of a strange, unfathomable need to use enduring limestone for some unknown purpose. The precise use of these huge pillars, hewn from solid rock or reef coral, remains a mystery. Some believe that they may have been the foundation for large elevated structures, temples or meeting houses such as the House of Taga. Taga is said to have been a 17th century Chamorro leader of great wisdom and strength, highly respected and one who aided shipwrecked Spaniards. His geneology is lost in the haze of antiquity, however, he maintains a prominent position in Chamorro lore to the present day.


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