Russia: Temples, Palaces / Pokrovsky Monastery

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The currently operating Pokrovsky monastery in Suzdal was found in 1364 on the other bank of the Kamenka river, just the opposite to Spaso-Evfimiev monastery. The Pokrovsky monastery was used as a place of deportation for women of notable families and even wives of the grand dukes. The local inhabitants tell a legend, that between the monasteries there was an underground secret passage which was made by monks and nuns for meetings with each other. For certain known detail affirms that women have dug 2/3 of the way, and men only 1/3. The ensemble of the monastery represents while brick walls with 9 hipped lowers, unique gateway church of the Annunciation, several monastic buildings, cathedral of the Intercession, The Zachatievskaya church.