News 15.02.2010.


In architecture of St.-Petersburg "the Egyptian style" is one of defining and the most mysterious attributes of a city on Neva, sphinxes from university quay became long ago one of the basic symbols of the city on a level with the Peter and Paul Fortress and Admiralty. In XVIII-XIX centuries in Petersburg and suburbs "Egyptian" stylized elements were actively used in mounting of buildings, bridges, interiors of palaces (for example in Pavlovsk , suburb of Petersburg), quays - so the name "northern Thebes" or "northern Memphis", are suitable for Petersburg not less, than "northern Palmira" or "northern Venice". The Egyptian mysticism of St.-Petersburg strengthens also circumstance that the city is located practically on a meridian of the Great pyramid with a deviation from it only in 30 km, and on width of 60 degrees. If to take approximately the Great pyramid is located on 30°N 30°E, and Petersburg on 60°N 30°E. If to speak precisely co-ordinates of Alexandria column are on 59°56'20.78N, 30°18'56.83E and co-ordinates of the Great pyramid are 29°58'45.08N, 31°8'3.60E.


"St.-Petersburg EGYPTIAN"