News 19.02.2010.


File "NASKA LINES ", extended on subscription is updated. It is added more than 200 geometrical figures and lines. File "NASKA LINES", extended on subscription is updated. It is added more than 200 "arrows" and lines. The file has expansion (kmz.), it opens only in a program Google Earth. For more convenient viewing of Nazca geogliphs, it is recommended to disconnect a layer, Panoramio because big quantity of the placed photos will stir. Figures are put with the maximum accuracy and repeat contours of Nazca drawings, existing in reality. At geogliph decoding space pictures Google were used.





For convenience of viewing and studying all geogliphs are conditionally divided into three big parts. Northern part - the NORTH (NORTH) (N), the central part - the CENTER (CENTRE) (C) and the southern part - the SOUTH (SOUTH) (S) These parts in their turn, also are conditionally divided into the numbered blocks, for example N-BLOCK 1. In each block there are folders with the numbered objects. For example, in block N-BLOCK 3 there are folders NB3 1-100 and NB3 101-128, it means, that in the first folder there are objects from 1 to 100, and in the second from 101 to 128. And at last, objects also have marks, for example NB3L108 or CB4L12. In first case NB3L108 means, that the object is in northern part (N), in the third block (B3). L108 means, that it is a line 108. In the second case, CB4L12 means, (C) - the central part, the fourth block (B4), a line 12. In the given classification all геоглифы deserts Nazca, whether it be the line, a polygon or drawing, are called as lines.