News 09.03.2011.


Hopeless attempts continue somehow to explain the fact of existence of Giza pyramids complex without involving extraterrestrial reason, and being based only on human race possibilities, but the more attempts of substantiation of such point of view are the more noticeable principle impossibility of similar building by forces of people, never mind slaves of Pharaohs or mythical atlantes The Greek historian Gerodot informed that this pyramid of Heops was under construction for 20 years, and in its building 100.000 persons who were replaced each three months were busy. As soon as a new Pharaoh ascended to the throne... he started to prepare at once to death. That is, to build the doleful dwelling - a pyramid. They found a place for pyramid. Then in mountains started to prepare stone blocks. From above in stone apertures along perimeter of the future block were drilled and wooden bars were driven in into them. Bars were watered every day, the tree inflated, and the stone cracked along the necessary perimeter. Then the block for long time was very carefully processed, and then it was transported to the place of the pyramid construction .Only the people pulled it on special wooden runners on the laid road. When the first stones were delivered to the place, first row was laid together from them. Then it was filed up with sand so that on the surface there was a top of the first row. Then on the sandy embankment the second row of blocks was delivered. So, with each number the sandy embankment became higher and longer. Stone blocks were installed with the big accuracy. Between them it was impossible even to push a knife blade. As soon as the pyramid was ready, it covered with granite plates and cleaned a sandy embankment. The modern Egyptology explains technological successes of an early Egyptian civilization with simple mechanical use of large quantity of cheap labor. Building of the Great pyramid, according to the scientists, has been carried out thanks to attraction of hundreds thousand slaves, copper tools, wooden adaptations and the most severe organization of work. However the facts which to surprise the official science does not want to recognize, say about the use of technology in some cases inaccessible to modern one.