News 06.11.2012.


In the previous publication «Geodesy of meridians» the regularities found in an arrangement of meridians of known historical objects were described. It became clear that meridians of such constructions, as the Great pyramid, Tiwanaku, Theotiuacan, monuments of Easter Island and Vera Island, and sacred rock Uluru in Australia are located relatively each other with a step to multiple 10 degrees. Meridians of these objects form system, in which longitudes of separate objects are a symmetry axis for other meridians. 

As it is known all meridians, unlike latitudes, have identical length and pass through planet poles. All meridians are Big circles or the ortodromias connecting on the shortest distance Northern and Southern poles.

In this article it will be a question of interaction of latitudes of the same historical objects in which arrangement even more interesting regularities allowing with full confidence to speak about existence of system in an arrangement of the most considerable and monumental constructions of an antiquity were found.