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In this part we will view one more network - №3 which, as well as first two is constructed from a meridian of the Great pyramid, but through a bit different latitudes. As it was already told in the first part, latitudes of known historical objects are formed by two subsystems related among themselves. Thanks to that the Network №3 includes the Tropics, all System of Ancient Monumental STRUCTURES (СДМС) has fixation to astronomical parametres of the Earth.

So, the sequence of latitudes for this network looks as follows: by distance from equator - 0. Equator, 1. Tiwanaku, 2. Samaypata, 3. Great Zimbabwe, 4. Tropics, 5. Uluru, 6. Easter Island, 7. Great pyramid (GP), 8. Baalbek, 9. 40th latitude, 10. 60th latitude.

Diagonals of rectangles which are formed at cross of latitudes of Tiwanaku with meridians of Uluru and Tiwanaku became the initial lines setting all network. All lines of this network are inscribed in 60th latitude, it means that the maximum latitude for all Great circles is equal 60 degrees. This surprising fact in itself proves system existence in an arrangement of ancient monuments, it cannot be casual. Only thanks to that Tiwanaku and other objects are erected at the necessary latitudes, there is possible such build-up.

The network №3 breaks equator into equal parts on 10, 5 and 2.5 degrees. On the image 10 degree network at the left is shown. The ten-degree step between meridians of an Easter Island, Teotiuacan, Tiwanaku , GP and Uluru, and also interaction with tropics which are disposed between latitudes GP and Tiwanaku is well visible.

On the following image division on 2.5 degrees, all latitudes and all meridians interreacting among themselves is shown. The network №3 integrates the majority of the most significant monumental structures of an antiquity, at first sight as not related among themselves.


On an illustration it is well visible that except the basic meridians with system interreact meridians of: Por Bazhyn, Vatican , Angkor, Samaypata, Ballbek, Mecca и Nan Madol. МOn an illustration it is well visible that except the basic meridians with system meridians interreact; Bazhan's Pores, Vatican (Rome), Angkora, Samajpaty, Baalbek, Mecca and Nan Madola. Meridians of the numbered objects transit through crosses of diagonals of rectangles, and it is possible only in the event that distances between them are multiple 1.25 degrees, i.e. to the underload division of a 2.5-degree net. And it is real so. For example, the meridian of Mecca which as we remember, lies in a golden section between poles, will defend from a perpendicular to a meridian of Uluru on 1.3 degrees, between meridians of Angkor and Tiwanaku - 7.5 *, from Tiwanaku to Por Bazhyn 13.9 * that is close to 13.75* (1.25х11).

Except tropics to this network the latitude of Easter island belongs. Its interaction with system becomes appreciable at the five-degree division of the Network №3. The latitude of an Easter Island transits through crosses of diagonals lying between Tropics and latitude GP.

In the article about some features of distances between historical objects it was said that to Tiwanaku unbiased from the North Pole and from GP. The Center line образуемого an equipotential delta circuit is a tangent to 60th latitude in a point of its cross with meridian of GP. As in this place the city of St.-Petersburg a line is disposed transits and through it. In the course of build-up of the Network №3 it was straightened out that the centre line of an equipotential delta circuit the North Pole - Tiwanaku - GP is the basic diagonal of rectangles of Tiwanaku formed in the latitudes and meridians of Tiwanaku and Uluru. Thus, the line - a great circle of Tiwanaku - SPb sets all Network №3 which it is safely possible to term Setju Tiwanaku as the arrangement of this object is key at its build-up. Besides given fact once again confirms presence most SAMS relating objects two independent expedients.

Also as well as the previous networks, the arrangement of some other historical objects at overlapping with the Network №3 gets special sense. Many of them have appeared on lines and crosses of diagonals of a network. In more details all legitimacies set forth above can be seen on an interactive map in the end of this page.

Now, when we have viewed first three networks constructed from meridian GP which integrate the most known and monumental structures of an antiquity in unified system, it is possible to make prestress results and to draw some deductions.

First, presence of system in an arrangement of the most significant structures of an antiquity is unequivocally confirmed. This fact, at all pomposity of the statement, will inevitably lead in due course to official revision of the most ancient, and is possible also contemporary history of our civilisation.

For the first time it was possible to integrate objects on the basis of the accurate, terrain clearancely logical system grounded on geodetic and mathematical principles, instead of on theoretical conclusions.

SAMS possesses a series of unique and amazing properties, integrating objects so that the large quantity of requirements the part from which is featured in our section «HISTORICAL GEODESY» is executed. The system as though attunes itself, being aimed to an ideal standing. Founders of system obviously possessed uncommon knowledge and capabilities. Apparently, they thought in general on another as speak "delta circuits".

Here there is the following natural question which yet does not have the exact answer - «Who are they?». Strangely enough, the version which lately sound literally on all TV channels - about artificial making of our civilisation by certain exterior forces and the further influence on its development is represented to the most probable.

It is possible to tell about mission of system slightly more, at least, two obvious versions of its use lie on a surface. First, the system though now can be used for navigation.

All objects are well visible from a cosmos, have fine orientation on parts of the world, are made for the millenia and thanks to that in the majority are temples, constantly supported in a good state. Therefore knowing azimuths (directions) in a particular point on other objects it is possible to move easy on a planet spotting the standing in space. And if to guess that objects also radiate something, then it in general ideal fiducial points. Azimuths in this case are the lines of a great circle pairing objects among themselves. These lines are one more subsystem entering in global SAMS. All lines pairing the basic objects transit through some points of crosses of the basic latitudes and meridians, therefore system allows to spot also directions on the basic objects in any place.

Other major function of System is monitoring of a motion of continents and continental plates. Thus, having the fixed points on different continents, constantly measuring distances between them, it is possible to trace velocity and a direction of a motion of continents. If to guess, as others megalytic structures also are devices of blanket system such monitoring can be very exact.

If the monitoring version is correct, the System should have a certain ideal (primary) standing which can to try be spotted. Then, knowing approximate velocity and a direction of a motion of continents, it will be possible to try to spot time of making of System.

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