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Introduction in drakonography .

" Drakonography is a science studying life and behavior of dragons."

Almost according to Brem.

Recently the oral heritage of our ancestor’s draws attracts of researchers of the past more and more. For characters and plots of legends of an antiquity they try to make out real prototypes and events in the history of mankind. Sometimes it turns out: archeologists find from time to time the rests of cultures and the whole cities which it is directly mentioned in myths and legends. In these cases interest to the concrete maintenance of ancient legends flares up with new force.

However it is much more skeptics...

And it seems quite logical: is it possible to perceive differently as a fairy tale myths and the legends literally penetrated by the description of plots and heroes which are very far from an ordinary reality? Magicians and the wizards altering the world by their own whim; dwarfs and giants; the animals possessing reason and human speech, and many others all of it, from point of view of common sense, it is possible to consider only by allegory in the best case , and in the worst one by delirium of the fevered imagination.

Perhaps, one of the most exotic characters of the ancient myths, forcing to concern them as to fairy tales, the Dragon (or the Dragon) is: such combination of the external data and abilities seems impossible for meeting in real life.

Whether myths about Dragons are already far from the real events of ancient history? We will try to doubt in this...


Let's begin a little from far away....

It is known that our ancestors practically everywhere esteemed dragons.

"..from many animals which images are presented in art of Ancient Egypt, the snake was the most sacred and respected. Two snakes topped with two imperial crowns - the upper and the Lower Egypt accordingly were usually represented. Often Pharaohs were represented with a snake on a forehead. And the image of two snakes on a winged disk was the most sacred symbol..." (A.Elford, “Gods of a new millennium ").

" The snake in the country Kush next to Egypt to the south from it was also in a big honour. Kushitsky and meroitic tsars and tsarinas were represented usually got crowned with an emblem of tsars - a cobra. The symbol of a winged snake was characteristic for pottery of local manufacture" (in the same place).

"... In Tibet sacred pipes of monks are decorated with images of snakes. And in Nepal, in the district named Budanilkanta, there is the mysterious statue which is called" Sleeping Vishnu "- it lies in water pool on a couch from snakes " (in the same place).

In Iraq " to the north from Mosul, near a city the Sheikh-adi, there is the Temple of iezids where on front entrance doors drawing of snake flaunts. It is the important pilgrimage's centre of thousand nomads-iezids, iezids consider snakes the most powerful force in the world the carrier of both good, and harm" (in the same place).

In Bahrain thousand sepulchral barrows with embalmed remains of snakes are found. Age of burial grounds is 4 thousand years.

 Introduction in drakonography" In ancient Aztec capital Tenochtitlan (nowadays Mexico City) sacred places are decorated with heads of feathery snakes, and the input in a temple of Ketsalkoatlja protects an open wide mouth of a huge dragon. Such images Aztec dragons prevail in many other sacred places, for example in Teotihuacán in Mexico. Ancient Maya also worshipped to a god, to a feathery dragon whom they named Kukulkan. All over the Central America in settlements of Aztecs, the Maya and Toltec’s drawings with snake motives prevailed they can be seen there nowadays" (in the same place).

  In the North America a snake also is a key figure in beliefs of local Indians. Images of snakes dominate in Indian's art of variety tribes etc., etc.

Basically, honoring and even worship to any animal is norm for primitive ancient tribes (and sometimes for modern) people. It is considered conventional. But from all animals a dragon possesses very essential difference: honoring of snake is closely connected in ancient culture with symbolization in it not directly an ordinary, snake and certain another creature - the Snake (which difference from a usual snake we will underline a capital letter).

The image of the Snake is adjoined closely to another character of myths - the Dragon . Their images in ancient legends are so closely bound that as a matter of fact it is a question about the same. Though the Dragon sometimes reminds a snake habitual to us, but more often it differs sharply from it approaches nearer to the Dragon, which already has a little external (and furthermore - internal) similarity with an ordinary snake .

Still E.Blavatskaja noticed that behind the variety of roles of the Snake- Dragon appearing under plural names in different myths, the same essence obviously conceals..

" Beginning from Shesha, thousand-heads Snake upon whom Vishnu is based, and up to Pifona, the oracle of the Dragon all of them indicate to a secret sense of a myth. In India we find this fact mentioned in the earliest Puranah. Children of Surasa are essence powerful" Dragons ". In Vajju Purane " Dragons " - Surasa from Vishnu-Purany are replaced by Danavami, descendants of Danu from sage Kashijapy and as these Danava were giants or titans battling against Gods they are shown, thus, as identical " to Dragons " и " Snakes of " Wisdom " (E.Blavatskaja, " the Secret doctrine ").

In certain cases the Snake-Dragon symbolizes those or other elements of a universe:

Introduction in drakonography"... Speaking allegorically, Astral Light, the Milky Way, and also the Sun Way to tropics of Craw-fish and the Capricorn as well as cycles of Sideralny or Tropical Year," always were called " Snakes " in mystical and allegorical terminology of Adherents " (in the same place).

" In the Zodiac of Hindus the Dragon is represented on the Tree at which foot the Maiden, Kanja-Durga, one of the most ancient Goddesses, sits on a Lion dragging a solar chariot " (in the same place).

" Among the Christian gnostics named naazeniyans, or admirers of Snake, it was the Second Person of the Trinity, the Son. The constellation of the Dragon " (in the same place).

But more often the Snake -Dragon acts in myths as alive creature :

" Animals with bones, dragons of depths and flying Sarpa have been added to reptiles. Those who crawl on the earth have received wings. Those, about the long neck, living in waters, became primogenitors of birds celestial" (" the Book of Dzian ").

" In Egypt and Chaldea there were the numerous catacombs some of them on very big extent. The most known among them were underground sanctuaries in Thebes and Memphis. The first began on West side of Nile and stretched in a direction to the Lebanese desert and were known as catacombs or passes of Snakes" (E.Blavatskaja, " the Secret doctrine ").

" In the book of Dе Burburga the Mexican demigod Votan, telling about its travel, describes a underground channel which passed under ground and ended at the basis of heavens, adding that this pass was "Snake hole," "un agujero de colubra"; also it has been admitted there because it was a " Snake Son " or " Dragon "" (in the same place).

Introduction in drakonography" The Chineses are one of the most ancient nationalities they have made from Snake an emblem of the Emperors which are, thus, the degenerated successors of " Snakes "... The Throne of the Emperor is called as " the Residence of the Dragon ", and its clothes are embroidered with images of dragons. Aphorisms in the most ancient books of China, besides, clearly say that the Dragon is human, though a divine Being. Speaking about " the Yellow Dragon " as about chief of others, Duan-intu speaks: " Its Wisdom and virtue are immeasurable... It passes lonely and does not live in crowd (it the ascetic)... It wanders in wild places outside of heavens. It comes and leaves, carrying out the decree; during appropriate times if there is a perfection, it comes to light, if is not present, it remains (invisible) "( in the same place).

This live being (i.e. the Snake-Dragon) in myths maintain rather active and various activity in myths.:

" Shesha [Snake]... According to the legend, has passed the astronomical knowledge to Garge, to the most ancient astronomer of India who has managed propitiate it and therefore learnt everything, as for Planets, as also ways of reading of omens" (in the same place).

" In Vendidade... stings of [Snake] have transformed fine eternal spring Ajrjana Vaedzho into the winter generating illnesses and death..." (In the same place).

In the Finnish epic poem " Kalevala " the origin of evil Snake is given; he was born from saliva of Sjuojjater, and the Principle of Harm, Hizi, has presented it with a soul. In a poem struggle between these two - " a creature of Harm ", Snake or the Sorcerer, and the Lahti-dragon, or white magician Lemminkejnen is described.

"... All deities of [Slavs] participate in struggle of main god Perun against the Dragon. Перун combats with either the Dragon, or the Snake tsar...." (J.V.Mizun, J.G.Mizun, " Secrets of gods and religions ").

Often in myths difference of a snake from all other fauna is underlined by direct connection as itself, and the Snake -Dragon with the most ancient humanoid gods: :

"... Quetzalcoatl, means " the Sanctuary of the Snake ". Exactly here Quetzalcoatl, with the companions has landed on the coast in the very ancient time, having arrived at Mexico from the sea on ships, " which boards shone like a snakeskin "" (G.Hancock, " Traces of gods ").

According to legends of Indians Quetzalcoatl, has left from Central America by sea, having sailed on a raft from snakes.

According to Egyptian " Book of dead " the dwelling of god Osiris " was based on water", and its walls have been made of " alive snakes ".

" The crown of [Egyptian god] Atefa represented a particular interest. Its structure included urius, an imperial symbol in the form of a snake; in Mexico this role was played with the image of a rattlesnake, in Egypt - a cobra ready to attack" (in the same place).

" In some myths which are resulted in the collection of ancient religious texts of Maya " Book of Chilam-Balama ", it is informed that the first inhabitants of Yucatan were " People of Snake ". They have sailed up on boats from the east led by the leader Itsamanoj, " the Snake of the East " the great doctor who could treat with imposing of hands and revive of dead "" (in the same place).

Above mentioned humanoid gods are characterized by that they rather diligently cared of mankind at an early stage of its development. According to myths and legends they have given to people almost all knowledge and skills which we refer now to characteristic signs of a civilization as such. They, judging by the legends which have reached us, received this knowledge from Snake-Dragons-dragons including.

( We will add in brackets that in these myths the general characteristic of the Snake-Dragon carries considerably positive hue, from the point of view of its relation to people.)

According to G.Raulinson, " the most important titles of this deity [Snake Dragon] concern its functions, as sources of all knowledge and science ".

Knowledge of the Snake-Dragon was so great that frequently it symbolizes wisdom , - this quality is inherent to it in myths of absolutely different regions.

"... Time and again Snake and the Dragon were the names, given to the Wise men, Devoted to Adherents of ancient times " (E.Blavatskaja, " the Secret doctrine").

" At pagans and Christians, at Hindus and Chaldeans at Greeks also as at rimsko-Catholics the texts slightly are separated in the interpretation all of them were Geniuses.." (In the same place).

" A primitive Snake symbolized Divine Wisdom and Perfection and always meant the mental Renaissance and Immortality " (in the same place).

" A Dragon... is a Wisdom of Chaos " (in the same place).

" Snake joined with god of wisdom since the earliest times about which we only have the historical data " (S.Stanilend Uek).

Introduction in drakonography Connection of the Snake-Dragon with wisdom is characteristic for very ancient mythologies, leaving their roots in hoary antiquity. But for our ancestors idea " the possession with knowledge and wisdom " included concept of magic knowledge and possession by divine forces..

" Legends of all people and the tribes civilized or wild, indicate to once existing general belief in great wisdom and cunning of Snakes They " are magicians ". They hypnotize a bird with their stare, and even the man himself very often cannot resist to their fascinating influence...." (E.Blavatskaja, " the Secret doctrine ").

" In Upanishads there is a treatise about science of Snakes, in other words, about the occult science. Also nagas of exoteric Buddhism are not " fabulous creatures from the nature of snakes, surpassing the man and consequently are considered as patrons of the Buddha's law ", as believes this Shlagintvejt, but they are real alive people, and some of them surpass people thanks to the occult knowledge..." (E.Blavatskaja).

"... Ritual in exoteric cult... Deities [Guan-Shi-In -" the Great dragon of wisdom "] have been based on magic. All Mantras are taken from the special books kept by clerics in secret; and each of them makes magic action as it affirms..." (E.Blavatskaja, " The Secret doctrine ").

It is possible to remember also that in the ancient time the magic was considered as one of the most important ways of practice of doctoring , in which we find symbols again the Snake -Dragon who has reached us in the " primitive " kind on the main emblem of all physicians of the world - a bowl with a snake twines it.

" Ancient statues often represent god (Doctor) holding a bowl round which the sacred snake is twined. But association snake with doctoring is a very ancient tradition; also it is necessary to note, up to nowadays the symbol of the doctor's of trade is the snake twined around bowl though it is connected more likely with treatment with magic, instead of the scientific means of medicine" (A.Elford, " Gods of a new millenium ").

The magic of the Snake-Dragon in mythology is comparable to corresponding skills of humanoid gods. .

"" Terrible are Gods when they show themselves " - those Gods whom people name Dragons " (E.Blavatskaja, " The Secret doctrine ").

"... The Dragon though being sacred and worthy of honoring, has in its essence something more from a divine nature about which it is better to remain in ignorance " (Eliany, "De Natura Animalium").

n the most ancient mythology divine force of the Snake-Dragon is so great that it participates in process of the world creation , i.e. carries out that role which humanoid gods began to execute in later mythology.

" World Snake Shesha, representation about which leaves up to Indo-European antiquity, envelope the whole world. It is endless and consequently has an epithet Ananta (endless)... Space under the influence of the World Dragon periodically dies so that to be born immediately and bloom again" (V.Dyomin, " Secrets of the Universe ").

" To the east from Central America, on island Haiti, legends about the snakes, ascending to time of the creation beginning have remained. Vodouids tribes believe in God by name of Damballa Vedo who is represented in a kind of a dragon. Damballa Vedo is respected as the Great Dragon, the Founder of the Universe, the Sky and the Earth. According to a curious legend of the voodoo about the Flood, the Dragon has inundate the Earth with water, but then there was a Rainbow, and the Dragon has taken the Rainbow as a wife with a name of Ajida Vedo" (A.Elford, " Gods of a new millenium ").

" Natives of Australia carefully keep legends about snakes in " the myths of Dreams ", where it is told about world creation. In the central areas of Australia it is possible to find images of the Snake-rainbow which passed along a legendary route from northern coast and on this way created rivers, mountains and people" (in the same place).

Introduction in drakonography" In a big cycle of iroquois myths... It was represented that up to cultural condition existed in the world above which as it was told, was the bride tempted with dragon. As a result of its seducing the heavens open and her feet appear" hanging down in a precipice "; as it slides down to the real world of a society and culture, the dragon itself passes necessary grain and house utensils...." (Birhorst).

" In the beginning... The Fiery Dragon rushed in loneliness in Boundlessness " ("Sarparajni").

" Ancient cosmogonic myths assert that in the beginning was only cold fog (Father) and fruitful silt (Mather...) from which World Dragon (Matter)" (E.Blavatskaja, " the Secret doctrine ").

In certain cases the Snake-Dragon participates not only in world creation, but also in creation of man directly..

" In myths of Aztecs in Central America scenes of creation of man by god in the form of a feathery dragon of Quetzalcoatl are described, and Woman-dragon Chihuacoatl " (A.Elford, " Gods of a new millennium ").

The attentive analysis of literally particles of the data containing in mythology, elicits rather interesting fact: the Snake Dragon was a being which developmentally proceeded not only to people, but also humanoid gods.

Snakes - Dragons, according to myths, by the time of humanoid gods occurrence have already reached the big level of " wisdom ", but it is possible only in case of later evolution of gods

To the same a certain sequence in the course of the world creation which is traced in ancient cosmogonies specifies, in particular: demons - gods - people points in particularly. This sequence can be perceived in a simple chronological order of civilization occurrence...

Such " An evolutionary order " remains and when the role in world creation passes to humanoid gods: the Snake- Dragon began to associate with the world of dead and spiritual revival , what is most boldly traced in example of the Egyptian mythology (i.e. again became the first who has taken a place in which all leaves nowadays live).

So Egyptian Shai is an initial deity of kind destiny, luck and wealth the patron and the keeper of man was represented in the form of a snake and the person. Later its began to connect with a beyond the grave one.

Images of god Mehenta and the goddess Merit-Seger also underline representations about connection of snakes with a kingdom of the dead. Merit-Seger often was represented in the form of a simple snake or a lioness with a snake head.

" The snake associated with spiritual revival and resurrection. In ancient-Egyptian text it reminds of it: " I am a snake, I die and I am born again "" (M.Kasperavichjus, " Mystical anatomy ").

The given " the evolutionary order " remains even in those later myths in which Snakes-Dragons bear obviously negative characteristic and in which humanoid gods start to battle with the Snakes-Dragons personifying already evil.

Introduction in drakonography It is necessary to notice that in the described transformation of Snake-Dragon role in mythology the interesting law is found: the age of a myth is less, the worse Snakes-Dragons become and that their relation both with people and with humanoid gods becomes worse

The earliest myths leaving with roots in hoary antiquity, do not divide bad and good, good and evil in habitual understanding for us. Gods in these myths possess simultaneously all qualities: can be both kind and malicious, to change mood, the relation to people, etc. In the same myths the Snake- Dragon is first of all the wisdom and knowledge symbol bearing obviously positive hue..

In later myths gods are divided into bad and good, the good has separated from evil. There already the Snake-Dragon gets negative qualities, personifies evil , and against it " good " humanoid gods and heroes battle against it .

Introduction in drakonography" In the earliest cosmogonies of the World does not meet neither " Creations of darkness ", nor " the Dragon of evil ", won by a Solar God. Even Acadian, Great Depth - a water Chasm or Space was a place of birth and abode of Ea, Wisdom, and an incognizable boundless Deity. But at Semites and the latest Chaldean bottomless depth of Wisdom becomes a rough matter, a sinful substance, and Ea turns in Teammate, a Dragon struck by Medora, or to the Satan in astral waves" (E.Blavatskaja, " The Secret doctrine ").

" As for Indra [the hero Indian mythologies] its main feat is a victory over a huge monster a Dragon Vritra is considered who captivated waters of all rivers and caused a terrible drought on the earth. All, even gods, in fear escaped, having heard hissing of the dragon, blocked river channels and having coiled up into ninety nine rings. And only Indra, with the help of Vajra, the weapon forged by divine master Tvashtar, has killed a monster..." (V.Pimenov, " Returning to a Dharma ").

"... All deities of [Slavs] participate in struggle of main god Peruna against the Dragon. Перун combats either the Dragon, or with the Dragon, tsar..." (J.V.Mizun, J.G.Mizun, " Secrets of gods and religions ").

" Encouraged by [the Egyptian god] Ra, people kill its enemies-demons: hippopotamuses, crocodiles and snakes.... The huge Dragon Apep, wished to dethrone and kill a solar deity was the most harmful dragon bothering to Ra at the time of its stay on the earth. Struggle against it proceeded all the day from rising to sunset, and though Apep was thrown down, it has managed to survive and disappear in underground kingdom where since then it nightly attacks a boat of Ra" (V.Sinelchenko, M.Borisov, " In the world of myths and legends ").

" The leader of a clan of [Sumer god] Enlil was god Ninurta, first-born Enlilja who led with a battle... With support of brother Iskur and niece Inane, he attacked the forces of the enemy headed by " the Great Dragon ". In annals this war which, possibly, left far beyond the initial purposes is described and has led to extirpation of the whole armies of people..." (A.Elford, " Gods of a new millennium ").

" In times of Shumers god Enlil was the winner of a Dragon; then, in times of hegemony akkadians this role has passed to Marduku; during the epoch of hegemony of Assyrians the highest divinity became Ashur and then the name of Marduka on tablets has been erased, and its place in official annals of heroic fulfillments was occupied by Ashur. On the Palestinian ground god of a thunder-storm, as they believe fought with a monstrous Dragon Illuyanka Jahve is the lineal heir of these heroes who has entered fight with monstrous Leviafan" (V.Sinelchenko, M.Borisov, " In the world of myths and legends ").

( It is interesting that enough concrete way, is properly to give a drink with wine a Dragon and then, having finished it to a helpless condition, to kill it is traced from mythology hetts to coast of Japanese islands...)

In modern world religions evil also as well as good, reaches its perfection. Thus the embodiment of evil- the Devil also is frequently allocated with many external signs of the Dragon-dragon.

Thus it is amazing that numerous roles of the Snake Dragon in various myths are accompanied with the strongest similarity of external images .

Well, it is practically all... Now we will try to pass from "fairy tales" to the scientifically-logic analysis of the given myths...


Introduction in drakonography In mythological images of the Snake-Dragon it amazes not only absence of a real alive prototype in the modern fauna, but also plural characters of Snake-Dragon similarity with a long ago died out dinosaurs.. First of all ,there is purely external similarity: the large sizes of a body with serpentine lineament; a long tail; a scaly skin or a segment shell with plural thorns and growth; large jaws with sharp teeth; powerful feet with claws; sometimes - webbed wings. All this is familiar to us on the reconstructed images of predatory dinosaurs. In the most ancient cultures the Snake-Dragon in one way or another connects with snakes or crocodiles, and in the more general case with reptiles. But after all dinosaurs are ancient reptiles…

Introduction in drakonography Similarity takes place and on " evolutionary parameters ". So, by ancient cosmogonies (as it was already mentioned), humanoid gods have appeared after the Snake-Dragon. But also humanoids, at least in the history of the Earth, have occurred in the world considerably later dinosaurs.

From the point of evolution view, dinosaurs follow for amphibious and are the first in a chain of animals especially " terrestrial ", definitively come off the water environment. A mention of it, only already concerning the Snake-Dragon is possible to find in mythology

"... From primary ocean Nun stood out a was god of eternity of Atum. It represented in figure of a winged dragon " (J.V.Mizun, J.G.Mizun, " Secrets of gods and religions ").

Whether it can exist a close connection of the Snake-Dragon image of ancient myths with dinosaurs?.. The question is not so trivial, how it can be seem...

Introduction in drakonography Let's tell, according to one of the most widespread official versions, the mythological Snake-Dragon is obliged its origin to real finds by our ancestors of fossil remains of dinosaurs. Like it is simple and clear... But more attentive analysis of this version reveals variety of its lacks

First, myths about the Snake-Dragon are extended everywhere, and " easily accessible " remains of dinosaurs are found only in deserted areas of the Central Asia (in other regions fossil remains are found only under powerful layers of deposits hardly ancient people dug so deeply ).

Secondly, very close similarity of various images of the Snake-Dragon in different myths takes place against background extreme variety of fossil remains. Certainly, remains of predatory dinosaurs with huge teeth make the greatest impression upon imagination of the person, but after all in the nature it is much less predators, than herbivorous . Why it is in that case absolutely anywhere (!) in myths for us there is no image of the Snake-Dragon as" peace vegetarian "?.. The Discrepancy is....

And thirdly, reconstruction of an initial image on fossil remains is not such simple business even for modern paleontologists. How then our far ancestors with their rudimentary " knowledge " of natural sciences could not only reproduce close enough the Snake-Dragon image of a dinosaur, but also confidently to classify it as a reptile??.. Again is a discrepancy....

Introduction in drakonography Now we will pass from a question of the external form to the internal matter.

One of the heavy arguments to own advantage supporters consider myths and legends as certain " fairy tales " and regard that in ancient legends the Snake-Dragon thinks and talks as the person. After all " making image of man " for animals, attributing of people behavior to them is rather characteristic feature of fairy tales. But also it is not all so simple here

In fairy tales of almost all nations in the world it is possible to notice certain law: the human lineament, attributed to this or that animal, very accurately correspond to characteristic behavior of this animal in nature . The artful fox, the silly ram, a proud eagle, a hardworking hedgehog, an obstinate donkey, a cowardly hare think and operate in fairy tales thus what is offered to them with the corresponding characteristic generated obviously under the influence of the external form of behavior of given animals in the real world. From where did so the stable connection of the Snake-Dragon (and symbolizing its snakes and crocodiles) with wisdom and knowledge undertake? There are no any preconditions to this and there enough...are more considerable applicants for this role in fauna....

Let's return to dinosaurs. The modern science is ever less inclined to consider their absolutely primitive " as reptiles creeping ". On the basis of paleontologists finds for last decades the thought sounds more often that some kinds of dinosaurs formed collective groups (a family, herd, troops), and this is the powerful factor of consciousness development itself as demands development of communication media (i.e. dialogue) and learning young individuals to collective forms of behavior.

Certainly, conclusions of paleontologists in enormous degree are based on logic constructions and conjectures, but the general tendency is indicative: in the process of knowledge increase about ancient inhabitants of the Earth the estimation of level of their development increases also.

Introduction in drakonography However collective ways of existence are only necessary, but not sufficient condition of consciousness development up to its higher form self-consciousness lying in such concepts as " knowledge " and " wisdom ". Whether dinosaurs could approach close to self-consciousness it is hardly some time archeology and paleontology can confidently define: too much time has passed from the moment of their disappearance from the Earth. Ten millions years erase overwhelming quantity of traces from the surface of our planet…

Anyway, certain preconditions for break to the higher forms of consciousness of dinosaurs were.. And for evolution, basically, it is all the same: the reptiles or mammals... The form here is not important: in the nature the general tendency of living development towards consciousness complication dominates and who will particularly reach its tops from the point of evolution view has no value.

Dinosaurs even had a certain advantage in this: the time of their evolution at least several times surpasses one of mammals. Mammals have reached tops, and about achievements of dinosaurs it is not known... Also it is not known, what all would end with, if they have not died out 65 million years ago.

By the way, so ancient disappearance of dinosaurs from the surface of the Earth is reason of one more " absurdity ". Even the most ancient man could not see personally of alive dinosaur representative in any way, by the most optimistic estimations of a modern science " age " of the primitive ancestor of the man does not exceed three millions years. However, in myths Snakes-Dragons are quite alive and healthy...

So that to understand, how it is possible to overcome this " absurdity ", we will address directly to the fact of sudden disappearance of dinosaurs from the surface of our planet. In details of this event there is a lot of a curious...

According to the modern version a cause of dinosaur’s death, prospering and even dominating on the Earth Earth was the global change of environmental conditions caused by falling of a huge meteorite about 65 million years ago around present Mexico. Because of collision with the Earth this heavenly body has come so-called " shock winter ", to which dinosaurs absolutely were not ready.

Scientists practically do not doubt the fact of the given accident already for a long time as there is enormous quantity of its geological and archaeological facts. But there was small " discrepancy " with time and scales of dinosaurs dying by theoretical estimations, physiological features of reptiles really could lead to their dying as a result of a sharp cold spell, however, it could occur for much longer period than that for which it has actually occurred according to the archaeological data. And besides, for this more long period, by idea, the much bigger quantity of dinosaurs kinds should manage to adapt to changed environmental conditions as modern representatives of reptiles could realize it in due time.

Introduction in drakonography However not so long ago the discovery which has sorted all things out has been made: researches some of turtles kinds and crocodiles (being, as it is known, " typical " reptiles) have revealed the strongest dependence of posterity sex from temperature , of environment in which eggs of these turtles and crocodiles are. This fact has allowed finishing a picture of dinosaurs to logic completeness.

As a result of meteorite falling 65 million years ago could be appear such conditions that in " shock winter " has become so bitter cold that at the overwhelming majority of the dinosaurs who have survived in direct accident (as " typical " reptiles) from eggs " hatched out " only one gender. It could create preconditions for " natural " dying without any rest of enormous quantity of kinds during only one-two generations.

Thus, it is possible to notice that dying of dinosaurs reigning on the Earth for 200 million years was, from one hand, natural owing to their " evolutionary lacks ", and from another one by the fact absolutely irregular (well, simply they had no luck with a meteorite). And if there was no world accident it is quite possible (moreover rather and rather possibly), that the higher forms of consciousness would be reached not mammal, but reptiles. And then we, dear reader, with you, perfectly would feel ourselves in a scaly skin, would enjoy terrestrial landscapes from height of the flight on webbed wings or would decorate for a holiday with multi-colored ribbons our long tails...

But not all have " luck " with meteorites... Therefore the following hypothesis : is quite admissible: on some planet with the conditions, similar to that which reigned on the Earth 100-200 million years ago there were no any accidents analogous to our, remoteness in 65 million of years .And there the higher forms of consciousness have reached. Those which were much closer to appearance and physiology of reptiles, than to humanoids.

Introduction in drakonography Moreover (if to continue a logic chain), these reasonable pangolins could master flights in space and visit our " unlucky "(from their point of view) planet in not so distant past (only the millennium ago). Can you imagine what interest our Earth could arouse as for fate avoided by their native world?

Here is quite real prototype and a source of the Snake-Dragon image in myths of mankind

As for ...unreality of the offered hypothesis hardly somebody will argue that it is logically consistent. And in this quality it has one important consequence for us: the given hypothesis allows reducing the most exotic character of myths to level of an ordinary reality. . And this in turn, allows looking at mythology not only as to certain imaginations, but also as to probable annals of our ancient history.

" The Dragon instead of be a creature generated by imagination of the Aryan, as consequence of contemplation of lightning’s illuminating cave in which it lived as it is believed by some mythologist there is an animal who lived once and dragged the heavy rings-windings, and, maybe, even flied..." (C.Guld. " Mythical Monsters ").

"... I doubt in usual origin of myths "It seems to me that it is easier to assume that time has smoothed statements of those often repeated fairy tales to full unrecognizability of their initial form, than to admit that uncivilized savages could possess force of imagination and the poetic fiction, far surpassing those by which the most educated people of the present are endowed. It is much easier to believe that these wonderful stories about gods and demigods, about giants and dwarfs, about dragons and monsters of every possible descriptions, are transformations, rather than to believe that they only fictions" (in the same place).

The stated hypothesis partly indirectly proves by myths, in which obviously is underlined to " heavenly " (in our perusal - from other planets) an origin of Snake-Dragons . However, according to the most often met version, visiting of the Earth by Snakes-Dragons was not independent action.

Introduction in drakonography" It happened a war in the sky: Michael and Angela They battled against the Dragon and the Dragon and its angels battled against them; but have not resisted, and there was no already place in the sky for them. And a great Dragon was thrown down , ancient змий, named the Devil and Satan seducing all the Universe, thrown down to the Earth, and its angels were thrown down with it" (Revelation).

" The flying Dragon, fine and risen, suffers nowadays, and pride of its order; it thought to reign in the Sky, but it reigns only on the Earth " (" I-Tsing ").

In this case becomes an interesting a reason of " falling ", which has been rather carefully analyzed E.Blavatskaja, having investigated ancient descriptions of " revolt " of the Snake-Dragon.

"... From the point of view cosmology all Dragons and the Snakes killed by " Winners ", by their origin are the rebellious, violent, chaotic beginnings in Chaos which are put in order by Solar Gods or the Creative forces " (E.Blavatskaja, " the Secret doctrine ").

But what is, in this case, understood as Chaos?. In the considered mythology concerning by time to the conflict of the Snake-Dragon with humanoid gods. The order was absolute, implicit submission based on belief to a certain Supreme Deity and its laws. It is naturally that any counteraction and simply insubordination to these laws has been declared by contrast to the Order - Chaos.

If to collect together " sins " of Snakes-Dragons against " a divine order ", it is found out that they supported in their actions to be guided by the wisdom, to make conscious decisions, instead of to submit to blind belief and the established religious laws. Snakes-Dragons declared that they have self-consciousness and own will !!!

It is clear that in the conditions of totalitarian (as we would name it now) regime of submission of all community life to a rigid Supreme Order any attempts of democracy assumption any manifestations of own will inevitably declare by evil which it is necessary to extirpate by any cost.

" I am crocodile predominating over fear. I am God a crocodile at arrival of his soul among people. I am a God-crocodile revealed for eradication " (" the Book of dead ", Egypt).

In the given citation expression " revealing for eradication " can have straight sense...

What it has been executed, judging by the available data in mythology.

Come out of the conflict by winner’s humanoid gods, naturally, have assigned for their orders and actions concept of Good, and on all opposite ones have stuck the Evil label...

But the conflict has not avoided the man , who has turned out involved in " battles " » of one god with others (after all Snakes-Dragons as it was already indicated possessed " divine force ").

"... He [person] is created perfect ...but then he connects with Dragon of the Chasm, animal of Teammate, spirit of Chaos and offends his god who damns him and calls on his head all evil and disaster of mankind. It is followed by war between a Dragon and evil forces or chaos, from the one hand, and gods, from another one. Gods have the weapon which has been hammered out for them, and Merodah (Archangel Michael in Revelation) accepts guidance over heavenly troops against the Dragon. The war described in this spirit, of course, comes to the end by celebration of principles of good" (G.Smith, " the Haldejsky statement of the Genesis ").

Introduction in drakonography The decision reasons of the Snake-Dragon to address to a man are not clear up to the end but are quite possible that it was attempt of principles realization (Dragon-dragon) for which he struggled freedom of principles . Choosing Anyhow, but the Snake-Dragon has opened to a man his eyes that there is other life, other world-order.. It has revealed a secret of an alternative way...

"... In literal meaning of the Hebrew word designating in the Bible of Snake - (Nahash). A root of this word NHSH that means " to find out, open true "... " opener of secrets "..." (A.Elford, " Gods of a new millennium ").

But, as we know from mythology, it has brought to the person few advantage: the victory of humanoid gods in war with the Snake-Dragon has led not only to sterility of this " knowledge ", but also has drawn upon mankind anger of " winners " for participation of " knowledge "...

Among details of " battles " of Snakes-Dragons with humanoid gods, from the point of view of the hypothesis offered by the author, attracts attention the following text (in which under Daitjami, Asurami, Demons and Devils obviously are meant Snakes-Dragons):

"When Daities and Asurs performed duties of their own Degrees and followed the way, ordered by the Holy Writ, bearing also penitential vows it is strange employment for Demons if they are identical to our Devils as it affirms, - Gods were unable to kill them. The prayers turned by Gods to Vishnu, as the expressing an idea concerning to anthropomorphically Deity are curious. Escaping after their" defeat on the Northern coast of Lacteal Ocean (Atlantic ocean) ", defeated Gods send numerous prayers to " the first of Beings, Divine Vishnu " and among them the following: "... :"... Glory to you who is uniform with Snake race bilingual, ardent, cruel, insatiable in pleasures and abounding with riches.."" (E.Blavatskaja, " The Secret doctrine ").

hat enormous quantity of the information contains the given text!!! It appears that divine Vishnu (the Supreme deity of the Indian pantheon) " uniform with Snake race "!!! he Snake race " abounds with riches " (i.e. it quite prospers) and " is insatiable in pleasures " (is not the law of increasing requirements)!!! And fight occurs " on Northern coast of Lacteal Ocean "!!!

E.Blavatskaja considered that the Lacteal Ocean is named Atlantic Ocean. But why do not admit that can be other treatment (texts allow this): as Lacteal Ocean can quite figure our Galaxy, which visible part is called since the most ancient times" Milky Way "...

* * *

Introduction in drakonography And the last. Whatever fantastic the given hypothesis seemed and however were disputable arguments of the version supporters of plural mankind contacts with other civilizations it is impossible to dismiss that fact that descriptions of " newcomers " from other worlds slip those or other lineament of dinosaurs.


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